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    Ray's Project "UNDERTAKER"...

    Excellent thread mundo... car looks badass, was cool to see the clear bra pics what an art and patience... so no repro wide mags? Custom jaabs? Hot
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    Is my hydroboost normal?

    The hiss you are experiencing is from the booster being bad. time to replace. You will never get rid of that soft spongy feeling. sure it will stop and works but it will be very weak. Its losing vacuum. Its not whining its the hiss of air/vacuum leaking out. Replace the booster/hydroboost set up.
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    Picked up a notchback roller.....Coyote or Terminator swap?

    Coyote, i work at Power by the Hour so i can get you all the brackets and harnesses etc needed!
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    2017 GMC Denali Special Edition

    So 570 hp n/a obviously? I didnt see a blower. Thats stout for bolt ons/tune in that big boat
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    2011 Porsche Boxster Spyder

    great work, that is a sweet Boxster ive never said that but i just did now... Next nice car i get ill take the ride over your way.
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    Who’s blue fox w/ CCW Classics is this??

    My friend Mike has a set as well he will sell
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    Viper ACR vs Viper TA - 1/4 mile drag vid

    Same mathality that turns current men into women.
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    Viper ACR vs Viper TA - 1/4 mile drag vid

    Yea but then you would have to rename the car the Prowler... the viper is a Viper because it is a BAMF not a car for the Yacht club guy to do stupid paddle shifts in traffic. My .02 of course. One of the last remaining man cars on the planet Earf
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    2019 Ram 1500 unveiled

    would have to see in person to give final opinion but that looks aids..
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    Looking to buy a Ford GT...

    ^^ He is clearly up and up on the market or he lost his way from the F body forums
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    Just rolled 180,000 miles in my 08

    I think the usual issues are just Alternators and maybe the blower if not maintained (i.e Fluid flushed etc) but from what I have seen/owned they really do not break much especially his being Stock until 2k miles ago.
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    Gt-500 Automatic swap.

    Going to be a while in my opinion. The 6r80 has been out since 2011 and it took a few years to get it to adapt to the GT500 and swaps, so I think it will be a while for the A10...
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    Englishtown Raceway Park Shuts Down 1/4 and 1/8th Mile Racing 18 wheelers trucking in and out of there on the daily by the peoples houses is way better than the occasional event ...
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    Just rolled 180,000 miles in my 08

    impressed, good for you love to see this!
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    Maybe my next 14 GT500.

    super jelly, that's one of the best color combos.. goodluck!
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    Failsafe back!!! 2008 gt500

    Agreed, Bill is an excellent tuner and has tuned 8+ vehicles for me and never an issue. I was just stating Bill also tuned my 07 GT500 with similar mods and had the same problem on the highway with it. Keep us posted, goodluck.
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    Have a Toyota sr5 4.7 on the hook

    I'm Sure he means tundra unless typo... either way both the Taco and the Tundra are reliable trucks... the Tundra gets D**K gas mileage and watch the rust on both, see if the frame was replaced by Toyota at some point... should show up physically look nice or on the carfox.
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    Gt-500 Automatic swap.

    To my Knowledge and what has been performed the "issue cars" are the 07-09 ... the 10-14 Cars (specifically 11-14) are the easier bolt in and go with control pack cars. So if anything a 13/14 with the 6R80 harness, FRPP brake pedal, PBH pcm, one piece driveshaft, flexplate, OEM shifter set up...
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    Failsafe back!!! 2008 gt500

    I'm going to say the throttle body is your issue. Bill Tuned my 07 GT500 and it had a twin 65 on it and it would fail safe in the exact same conditions at the top of 3rd or 4th whatever I let out after a pull and then fail safe.. put a stock known working good TB on it and never gave me an issue...
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    Off-road X + KR mufflers Trumpeting fix?

    put 2 hi flow cats in, or go to exhaust shop and have a resonator put in on each flow tube.... otherwise you need to change the axlebacks ( however most axlebacks have the bro gurgle truck noise) unless you buy a 10+ GT500 axleback paired to the o/r x and that is the best all around sound/no...
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    Blower reccomendations / dead horse beating

    Gen2r = Same thing you just took off (yes not the same but close enough) VMP Gen 3 wont be for a while and who knows the pricing anyways... id go for the Whipple 2.9 if you have to go any direction.. the 2.8L KB are junk and leak and need rebuilds quite often.
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    Just picked up a 2008 GT500 coupe...

    Congrats on the purchase, I have personally used 2011 struts from a PP 11-12 car and ran FRPP C springs (or could of been b I forgot) from a GT (same for a GT500 just different weight in the beak but makes it sit perfect) and it handles a hell of a lot better, you will need a panhard bar and...
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    Fail safe mode on GT500 2011

    TB issue gets my vote. I Had same issues with mine
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    Gt-500 Automatic swap.

    Only issues thus far is getting the instrument cluster to work ( with the factory gt500 gauges on 07-09 Cars) but with Dakota Digital gauge packages we can get it to work and a few other items. We have done the swap several times here at the Shop on GT500s and have 2 Manual Coyote cars here now...