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  1. lobra97

    Post one newer pic of your ride (EVERYONE!!)

    Finally got the dream bike, BMW S1000RR. Can’t believe I waited so long. Hell of a machine, very happy with her.
  2. lobra97

    Any Jeep guys in here?

    98 TJ, love my baby! its def a lifestyle once you join. don't be a douche make sure you jeep wave back to people lol
  3. lobra97

    People who stream TV, come in pls.

    i jailbroke my fire stick and use my own modem/outer. cheaper bro, pros and cons but i don't miss the $150 cable bill lol
  4. lobra97

    Chick Fil A is overrated, change my mind.

    been to a few cities with them, its literally every store. breakfast, lunch, dinner, always stupid packed but i can get a $7 meal in and out in 5 mins and its tasty. love that place! +1 on pastel shorts and hairless legs lol leave me alone ha
  5. lobra97

    Do you collect things?

    I collect beaver pelts every Saturday night...
  6. lobra97

    Vehicles you owned or drove that pleasantly surprised you...

    drove a newer Malibu as a rental last month. super smooth, blue tooth, super comfy, I was like man this is nice. then I remembered im coming from a 98 wrangler that rides hard lol
  7. lobra97

    Thinking about buying a Jeep...

    I was like uhhhhhh correct lol
  8. lobra97

    Thinking about buying a Jeep...

    gas mileage sucks but I tellll you hwwwat it saved my ass more than a handful of times in bad weather. I love my 98 TJ Sahara. rusty with faded paint but shes strong and reliable. its def a lifestyle, crossing over from cobras to a Jeep was so different but kind of the same if it makes sense. I...
  9. lobra97

    Is my House Haunted: Poll: SVTP will decide.

    ghost is a bitch for not tightening the detergent cap after he washed clothes.washed his ****ing sheets and spilled it on carpet.
  10. lobra97

    Is my House Haunted: Poll: SVTP will decide.

    seems like your ghost as ice.
  11. lobra97

    Name your celeb crush...

    none y'all heauxs put planter/hannah? lying ass heauxs...
  12. lobra97

    who rides motorcycles and what do you ride?

  13. lobra97

    The housing market

    let that ****ing bubble burst, i have some deployment money to use to pick up stupid cheap homes to rent later lol
  14. lobra97

    who rides motorcycles and what do you ride?

    CBR 1000RR I had a 600 theres a huge diff between the two. Get a 6 and upgrade.
  15. lobra97

    Anyone get a new JLU Wrangler?

    i have 4.0 TJ, not a fan of the new ones, too round.
  16. lobra97

    Anybody Own or Work On Porsches?

    6speedonline and pelican parts are a big help. looked into it a couple years ago. write ups etc if you don't mind turning wrenches.
  17. lobra97

    lets see all the hot girlfriends/wives!

    Rudder you lucky mudder, always good to see your posts.
  18. lobra97

    What is the best concert you’ve ever been to?

    toss up NIN(Fav band) and Rammstein (lot of fire)
  19. lobra97

    Tax Season - Whatcha grabbing?

    Jeep parts!
  20. lobra97

    Most reliable $2000-2500 beaters

    honda accord all day.
  21. lobra97

    Overstocked :: Anyone Want an SVTP T-Shirt

    is med still available for the shirts?
  22. lobra97

    Credit Card Recommendations?

    i have the capital one venture card, $59 annual fee and love it. I have used it to travel a few times.
  23. lobra97

    What's a Good Movie I Probably Haven't Seen?

    Mesrine pt 1 and 2. its the french version of scarface, awesome movie