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  1. Tob

    Russian anti-US propaganda video.

    The Chinese and the Russians are laughing at us. We are doing the work for them.
  2. Tob

    My FRPP Recaro's just came in...

    Ten years ago when I kicked this one off. Seems like fifty. I still have the original 2009 GT500 skinned seats undercover and on the Recaro pallet in the basement and the Gary Disney skins I had made in a box in a closet.
  3. Tob

    Possible move to Miami - Educate Me

    Do tell, please!
  4. Tob

    Mustang GT3 Race Car

    DCT and less than 200k MSRP? Interesting to keep seeing reference of the race version as having a displacement of 5.4L (Ford talks about the engine being Coyote based but isn't specific on displacement). With bore center limitations I thought the biggest we'd see was 5.2L...
  5. Tob

    Would you pay $300K+ for this?

    Who would pay 300K for a car you can't drive on the street? Me.
  6. Tob

    2020 vs 2013 Shelby GT500 Comparision: An Owners Perspective.

    Having a fully automated manual (or an "automatic" for the clueless) makes me sick every time I get behind the wheel. I so miss being locked out of gear at just the wrong time, every time. #bringbackthetr6060andburntclutches Can't wait for round two of "I would have bought one if it didn't have...
  7. Tob

    2023 Dodge Challenger Black Ghost; One of the Last Hellcats | MotorWeek Track Test

    The 500 was a fatass too, no doubt.
  8. Tob

    Post one newer pic of your ride (EVERYONE!!)

    That is awesome!
  9. Tob

    2007-09 GT500 Hood Vents

    Feels like a lifetime ago.
  10. Tob

    Beefcake Racing - AED S550 Knuckles - LIMITED PRODUCTION RUN

    That is a gorgeous piece.
  11. Tob

    Thoughts on the GT350

    A "traditional" throw crank that doesn't try to vibrate itself to death.
  12. Tob

    2020 GT500 chin spoiler

    Are you talking about the splitter? If so, the GT500 and GT350 splitters are not the same and can't be used in place of one another.
  13. Tob

    Thoughts on the GT350

    Boosting a Voodoo is a great way to make a time bomb. I'd convert to a CPC first, then get silly.
  14. Tob

    2020 vs 2013 Shelby GT500 Comparision: An Owners Perspective.

    The S197 GT500 I had was a beast and modded throughout - love, love, loved it. The S550 version is just a different animal with the DCT. Different strokes, all of them good.
  15. Tob

    2020 vs 2013 Shelby GT500 Comparision: An Owners Perspective.

    The '13/'14 was 16 seconds slower in a single lap. The latest GT500 is in another league.
  16. Tob

    Thoughts on the GT350

    I loved my GT350. Went to a good home.:)
  17. Tob

    Beef jerky recommendation

    My struggle is when it gets stuck between your teeth. Swollen gums make flossing it out a challenge.
  18. Tob

    Post most recent Pics of your '20-'22 GT500...

    Who owns the red Fox?
  19. Tob

    News blackout - Ohio cloud of Polyvinyl chloride death

    While on the subject...
  20. Tob

    The HARD TRUTH about EVs

    True story.
  21. Tob

    The HARD TRUTH about EVs

    Moot point. Sorry, mute points are nails on a chalkboard for this aging grammar nazi...
  22. Tob

    Something new

    You sure your factory rear wheels are 12.5" wide and not 12"?