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  1. sxecobra

    wtb 1 toyo r888 in 315/30/18

    looking to buy 1 r888 in 315/30/18
  2. sxecobra

    need spindle asap

    found. please delete
  3. sxecobra

    FS: UPR off road x

  4. sxecobra

    Fs: H&r 25mm hubcentric spacers

    H&R trak+ hubcentric 25mm spacers have around 2,000 miles on them $100.00 shipped.
  5. sxecobra

    torch red on chrome afs amateur shoot

    here's some cell phone pics I took a couple weeks ago of my buddy's cobra. it was really sunny out and I couldn't see my screen so I just pointed and shot. car had a layer of dust on it and still looked super clean :bowdown:
  6. sxecobra

    FS smoked headlights

    headlights off the market.. still got maximum motorsports full length subframes in bare steel brand new in box $120 local sale
  7. sxecobra

    The two places my money goes into (lowered cobra inside)

    svtp! lowered the car (finally) today. With the help of a buddy (fst04snk) actually he did all the work while I sat and watched with a brew in hand. :beer: just kidding haha. anyways.. new set up is; H&R race springs top isos only, steeda x2 ball joints (no spacers), steeda bump steer, MM sway...
  8. sxecobra

    NWS Pics that make you :lol: every time you see them NWS

    t4PTtXIQ3vs :pepper: :pepper: :pepper: :pepper: :pepper:
  9. sxecobra

    FS 100mm idler kit

    For sale Metco? 100mm idler kit (pulley, bracket, hardware). don't know if single or double bearing. $115 shipped. :coolman:
  10. sxecobra

    For sale bfg kdw2

  11. sxecobra

    Fs bfg kdw2 ( so cal )

  12. sxecobra

    FS Borla Stingers (so cal)

    SPECIAL Borla Stingers (so cal) MLK DAY SPECIAL! TODAY ONLY! $400 CASH PICKED UP CALL ME 310 425 6695 :banana: :banana: :banana: 2.5" stinger catback 500 obo picked up in Inglewood. Local sale, cash or paypal. only what's visible mounted is polished. tips are plasti dipped...
  13. sxecobra

    Cruise to RET

    Who from the south bay Inglewood area want to cruise to the RET GTG tomorrow morning? it would be early like 8am. We'd meet anywhere off the 105. I have 2 or 3 cobras. :banana: :banana: :banana:
  14. sxecobra

    spec stage 2 and 3 clutch

    just want to know why the spec stage 2 cost more than the stage 3 on lethalperformance stage 2 is $359.99 n stage 3 is 350.99
  15. sxecobra

    2.76 pulley n 100mm idler plus extended shifter handle

    i have a 2.76 pulley n 100mm idler with bracket... also an extended shifter handle... make me offers..
  16. sxecobra

    how much are they worth?

    posted this in exhaust.. no replies. about how much is a 04 stock catback worth?? im looking to do a trade plus cash for my borla stinger catback. i.wld give him my borla for his stock... how much is my borla worth? thanks.
  17. sxecobra

    stock catback worth?

    about how much is a 04 stock catback worth?? im looking to do a trade plus cash for my borla stinger catback. i.wld give him my borla for his stock... how much is my borla worth? thanks.
  18. sxecobra

    5th gear hesitation ?

    tonight i was driving home (38°F).* im in 6th gear doing 65-70 mph at 2200 rpm. i down shift to 5th and WOT rpm hits around 3500 and the car felt really really weak, i see the rpm needle go from 3500 down to about 3100 and it dances* around 3100 - 3500 while im still WOT ?? ! i scratch my head n...
  19. sxecobra

    old man 67 fastback

    rcgH8SnFH3U&feature=colike us in 20-50 years :rockon:
  20. sxecobra

    night driving with HID fogs only

    you guys with 5k+ hid fogs ever drive at night with your headlights off n fogs on? I did last night.. is it legal? just did it to look cool I guess. I had perfect visibility n other cars could clearly see me.
  21. sxecobra

    bodyless viper burnout

    sorry if its a repost e05Ow7blcac :banana:
  22. sxecobra

    just ordered hid kit

    I bought a kit 2 days ago ..from ddm tuning... they are based out of california... just checked the tracking n this is where its at... :rockon: :dw:
  23. sxecobra

    LEDs in footwells

    I have this strip of LEDs. I had seen a thread where the OP installed lighting in the footwells. how can I wire them up so they turn on when the dome light comes on ??
  24. sxecobra

    roses are red violets are Sonic Blue <3

    every time I see a Sonic Blue cobra, I get urge to paint mine SB =/ would u guys flame on me if I did ??
  25. sxecobra

    Boosted Board !

    Introducing Boosted Boards, The World's Lightest Electric Vehicle - YouTube :rockon: