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  1. major187

    03 cobra anniversary floor mats great condition

    If your still interested in a set, I believe I have one boxed up still I will part with.
  2. major187

    03 MG Coupe FOR SALE

    Anymore photos available?
  3. major187

    Borla Atak

    Borla Ataks off my cobra. Start the price at $600 plus shipping. Slights surface scratches but have polished most of them out. Will send pictures of anything that's not 100%. Pipes were only ran with me for a month. Too loud for my taste. Exhaust is in great shape and I'm super picky. I'll send...
  4. major187

    Third Hook Quadrant

    Previous owner installed a three hook quadrant. He also put the cable on the third (last) hook. The cable's way too tight and needs placed on the second hook. Will I need to jack the car up and remove the inspection cover as if I am replacing the whole cable? Or is there an easier way to...
  5. major187

    Clutch Issues

    Hey guys, 2003 Cobra 10th. Getting a squealing sound when releasing the clutch. Once its fully released, the sounds goes away. If there's no pressure on the clutch pedal, theres no sounds. Literally the only time there is a squealing sound is when your in the motion of releasing the clutch...
  6. major187

    Clutch Problems?

    Alright guys, I've got a 10th convertible. Car has a fidanza 4.3 clutch and MGW shifter. The clutch engages at the very top of the pedal. When I say very top, I mean barely having to push it in at all. Upon disengaging, the clutch makes a "squeak" "whiney" sound. Happens going into first gear...
  7. major187

    New to posting

    Hey guys, not exactly new here. I've been browsing this website for the last few years. Gone through a few different mustangs in that time. Current ride is a 2003 Cobra 10th. Figured I would finally introduce myself and get into the habit of posting more. This website is great, lots of great info.
  8. major187

    WTB 17x9/17x10.5

    Looking to buy a set of 17x9 or 17x10.5. I'm not stuck on one particular style as of now, so I would be open to anything you have. Prefer it to already be wrapped in rubber, looking for a staggered set with 315s on the back. Either shoot me a message or text me at 419-234-2051. You can send...