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  1. baylorbear98GT

    IMMACULATE 2007 Yamaha YZF R1

    I don't want my bike anymore. This thing is gorgeous and comes with leather Alpinstars jacket ($300+) and matching gloves ($100+) I still owe $9,800 so make your reasonable offer somewhat below that. Pics are available upon demand. This bike is for sale locally here in the Houston Area if you...
  2. baylorbear98GT

    5.4 NA Question

    I know this is the Forced Induction forum but this is about as a technical section as this site has. And since stroking and or increasing displacement can loosely be described as a power adder I thought it was appropriate. After nearly three years with no performance mods to my car I am about...
  3. baylorbear98GT

    Lets See all the Boats!

    I am at work on this beautiful day and all I can think of is skiing and fishing. Spring is here (at least here in the south) and I am starting to get my boat ready for the summer season. I want to see all of your boats, from a jon boat to 45 ft Yacht. I'm sure my boat is not as nice as most...
  4. baylorbear98GT

    NWS Pics that make you :lol: every time you see them NWS

    Whoa.....Does anybody know anything about this? Is it for real? A genetic disorder or just beatan and nearly killed with the ol ugly stick? :xpl:
  5. baylorbear98GT

    Lets hear cammed 4.6's!!

    We've heard cammed 5.0s what about 4.6s?? Lets hear'em!!!
  6. baylorbear98GT

    Hellion or HP Performance for a 4V?

    I am planning on getting a turbo system from one of these two companies in the near future what do y'all reccomend? I know that HP is twins and Hellion is single what are the pros/cons of each (like spool time& top power production) Who here has one of these systems installed on your car? Were...
  7. baylorbear98GT

    Turbocharged Saturn Sky

    Have y'all seen this yet? I never imagined myself buying any car except for a V8 rwd drive but this is pretty cool. I mean an american rwd daily driver that can get good gas mileage and run in the 12's? That sounds pretty cool. What y'all think...
  8. baylorbear98GT

    Baylor Car Show

    This weekend on Saturday (April 8) the Baylor Car Club is having a car show here in Waco. We already have over 20 cars signed up, there are several trophy categories, and cost is minimal. Y'all need to get your cars all cleaned up and bring 'em down here. Proceeds go to our charity to prevent...
  9. baylorbear98GT

    The MaGT at HRP

    Here are some vids from my latest trip to the track. In the vid I only ran a 13.0 at 108 vs. a Mopar Stage II SRT-4. (He ran a 13.1) but at this same outing a ran a 12.9 with a little better launch. As you can see the car launches hard and then bogs with the slicks. I need to launch harder but I...
  10. baylorbear98GT

    Finally...the 12's

    I went to Houston Raceway Park the other night and was only able to make two runs due to a necessary track cleanup after some dude windshield went all over the track. My first was 2.090 8.529 (@86.15) 11.013 13.099 @ 108.12 My second was 1.886 8.346 @ 85.47 10.844 12.940 @...
  11. baylorbear98GT

    MAGT vs. Mach

    I was rolling down the road in front of campus last night and I roll up next to a guy in a bone stock competition orange mach (beutiful car) and he has two of his buddy's and a girl in there and he wants to race but complains about the extra weight. I just tell him that it will give him better...
  12. baylorbear98GT

    New Time

    I just put some steeda adjustable weight jacker lower control arms and the 275 Goodyear F1's off my brothers cobra and this is was my best run R/T .043 60' 2.080 1/8 8.5 MPH 85.28 1/4 13.129 MPH 107.89 I still think there is a 12 in there with some drag radials, or simply a better...
  13. baylorbear98GT

    What should I be running?

    I personally hate threads that ask "can I beat this or that such and such" I just want to know what people with similiar setups as mine (bolt on Mach's) are running. My best so far (on bald street tires) was a 13.9 at 108.7.
  14. baylorbear98GT

    Celica GT Kill!!!

    This is the funnest race I have had in a looong time. I have a 96 Saturn SL2 for a daily driver. I have had it since I was 16 and it has 230,000 miles on the clock. I was at a stoplight and a fart-canned Celica with a wanna be wangsta rolls up next to me, sneering at my UGLY worn out Saturn. I...
  15. baylorbear98GT

    Baylor Won!!

    What y'all think of that a 22 point lead over MSU! Everybody here is so excited. I just wonder what its like to go to a school that can actually win its football games..... NEXT YEAR! :beer:
  16. baylorbear98GT

    05 M3 Stomp

    I was just leaving my apartment to go help my buddy put racing stripes on his lightening, and these two kids in a new M3 come up behind me. As we make the turn onto a larger street (LaSalle Ave.) He changes lanes and punches it. Bye the time he is even with me has a lot more mph than i have. I...
  17. baylorbear98GT

    Baylor Car Show

    The 26th of February the Baylor High Performance Driving Club is having a car show. The entry price is only $6.00 and three of that will go to society against drunk drivers. If y'all are interested email [email protected], or you could send me a message. The more the merrier so y'all come!