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  1. Mpoitrast87

    When I bought a car out of state I wanted to use an escrow service but heard bad reviews. So instead I mailed out a bank check. Not to smart in hindsight but it worked out lol.
  2. Mpoitrast87

    Looking for a lost Notch

    Do you know what part of Mass? I’m near the cape and it doesn’t look familiar
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    Powerball Pool?

    I’m in if no winner tonight
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    Ford Service Center *Rant

    It was with Nissans shit CVTs. We won both cases because neither owner had history or proof of changing the fluid.
  5. Mpoitrast87

    Ford Service Center *Rant

    Yeah, manufacturer as in dealership. If your sending the part to the manufacturer that means you’ve already replaced it at no cost at which is pointless because the customer got the free part. And I was involved in 2 lawsuits regarding transmissions that customers thought should have been...
  6. Mpoitrast87

    Ford Service Center *Rant

    Most people who choose not to use a dealer decide to do the work themselves, like you. And most people who do work themselves typically do not document the work they do meaning keeping receipts. The problem with doing your own work or going to a independent shop is people are not up to date on...
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    Ford Service Center *Rant

    Depends on what the issue is. But, as long as you can provide proof you’ve had service done outside of a dealership then warranty is usually still good. If you came to my dealer with a blown engine at 30k miles and demanded a new engine but couldn’t provide proof youve had oil changes because...
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    I did a thing…..

    Nice color. Never understood the appeal of wranglers.
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    Meal Prep Services - Who is the Best?

    My family did freshly for awhile. Taste good at first but as time went on we got sick of eating it. I’m looking for an alternative as I hate cooking with a burning passion.
  10. Mpoitrast87

    Ford Service Center *Rant

    Most dealers keep old parts for 24 hours after a repair just in case a customer wants to see or take old parts. I doubt the tech took it to keep. It’s just an air filter. Not worth keeping.
  11. Mpoitrast87

    Ford Service Center *Rant

    giving times out for service was always a major struggle at the dealer I worked at. We(the advisors) would tell BDC and the receptionist how long services take then managers would catch wind of it then tell BDC and receptionist to shorten the times. Any time I told a customer how much time it...
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    learned order of operations in school as PEMDAS. Please Excuse My Dear Aunt Sally
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    Savage Geese 2023 Z06 Review

    I love the sound. But, I find it very off putting that it’s coming out of that car. American v8 shouldn’t sound like a Ferrari.
  14. Mpoitrast87

    What is the modern definition of making “Big Money”?

    Had an in ground pool growing up at my parents house. It was awesome for me and my brother as kids. We were the “cool house” because of it. Then we became teenagers and got drivers licenses and never touched the pool. Parents eventually filled it in because it was a money pit.
  15. Mpoitrast87

    What is the modern definition of making “Big Money”?

    @Intervention302 could probably answer that better
  16. Mpoitrast87

    What is the modern definition of making “Big Money”?

    That’s a horrible return for how much work franchises are
  17. Mpoitrast87

    What is the modern definition of making “Big Money”?

    Can’t buy 0.2 acres of land for less than 100k where I live
  18. Mpoitrast87

    What is the modern definition of making “Big Money”?

    1M+ to be killing it. 250k is the new 100k IMO.
  19. Mpoitrast87

    Loved Ones

    This came up at an interesting time. I just got news my mother was diagnosed with stage 3 possibly 4 kidney disease which is not curable. At her age (62) she has roughly 10 years left before complete kidney failure. She’s the type of person to always eat healthy and she exercises every single...
  20. Mpoitrast87

    pay cash vs finance 2022

    Depends on interest rates. But other peoples money is Always the way to go if interest rate is low
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    Apple vacations

    That’s a thing?
  22. Mpoitrast87

    Mortgage Rates north of 7%

    COVID is the sole reason prices are what they are. If the Rona didn’t happen then real estate or anything for that matter would not have jumped 20%
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    Which to choose

    Terminator or gt500. You won’t lose money on either of them
  24. Mpoitrast87

    The Grand Tour-Newest Season

    Or go quickly one after another so the lights don’t turn off. Those lights gotta stay on for at least a couple minutes I’d guess
  25. Mpoitrast87

    The Grand Tour-Newest Season

    Yeah. Not a big fan of the fake stuff. The flamethrower coming from the Audi exhaust was a major turn off for me