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    Battery's Keep Dying

    I took inspiration from this thread and finally dug into my cars electrical system to find the phantom draw. Here's what it looked like before. This draw would kill the battery in a bout a week. The culprits I found were: Dual Aeroforce Interceptor gauges: 35 mA Voltage display on the...
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    Mishimoto new rad

    The Mishimoto rad fits but you will probably have to bend the a/c lines slightly and move the abs module a little by slotting the mounting holes. I've had this rad in my car for 10 years and it's been great.
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    Back in the 90's our little town was infested with crows. Hundreds of them making all sorts of noise at all hours of the day. The town hired pest control who spent a summer shooting them. Nearly 30 years later they haven't come back.
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    Be careful with them spring compressors....

    Buy a hydraulic strut compressor. Much less pucker factor.
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    Random Picture Thread

    My cousin posted on Facebook a receipt he found in some of his grandfathers papers. I think the best part is the 2 digit phone number.
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    Battery's Keep Dying

    Mine does it too, runs the battery dead in a week if I forget to attach the battery maintainer.
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    Just trying to have nice things. Initial part swap project has gone on too long.

    How many times did you turn it lock to lock? When I bled my system I think I did it 30-40 times with the engine off.
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    Help with SC upgrade

    The Whipple idler can help with belt slip problems, plus it's adjustable to help dial in proper belt tension. But you shouldn't have any belt slip issues running a >3" upper and moderate boost levels.
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    Help with SC upgrade

    The Whipple idler has a really small pulley so it may need a shorter belt, plus it adds quite a bit of adjustability. If you're just buying belts from the parts store down the street then start with an 80". It's easy enough to take it back and swap for a different size. If you need it to be...
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    Help with SC upgrade

    I use a 78" belt with a stock sized Metco lower, 4 piece Metco idler and 3.25" upper. A 2lb lower would add 2" and a 3.5 upper would add 0.5". So 80.5" should be in the ball park. As for plugs, NGK TR7IX is popular if you prefer Iridium, BR7EF for copper. Start the gap at 0.035" and go down...
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    Help with SC upgrade

    You could leave the 2lb lower and just use the 3.5" upper pully that comes with the blower. Should make 16-17lb and will have better belt wrap.
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    Lets see those trucks!

    The truck sat in the garage all last year due to a botched paint job(really bad orange peel). Finding a paint shop to do it correctly proved impossible so I wet sanded it all down smooth and am getting it wrapped instead. The truck is 100% done otherwise and I'm looking forward to driving it...
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    Lets see those trucks!

    The tow mule and the Turbo F150 in one picture. Dropping the F150 off at a vinyl shop to get wrapped.
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    Help with SC upgrade

    A 2.3L Whipple will only make ~15psi with a stock lower and the 3.5" upper that comes with the blower. It's the 2.9L that makes 18psi stock. The 2.3L is more than adequate for a pump gas car. Throw a 3" upper pulley on it and you'll be at the limit for 93 octane.
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    What is your rev limit set to?

    Mine is 7K but it's a built motor with aftermarket cams.