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  1. J

    Help identify a sound in my house

    Alright SVTP, I'm hoping someone here might be able to make some sense of this noise that I heard in my house. Thankfully, our baby monitor records when it picks up audio, so I was able to get it on film. Background: I've been in my house 6 years and just heard this noise the first time in...
  2. J

    Anyone receive random texts this morning? Messages delayed for years

    Looks like there was a fun little bug within the text messaging infrastructure that caused some havoc this morning. Texts sent out months to years ago were delivered to the carriers, but never to the intended person. That is until this morning. Made for a fun morning at work today for sure...
  3. J

    Any Operations Engineers here?

    Question to my SVTP folks. Anyone work as an Operations Engineer? I'm looking to move internally at my company and have an opportunity to move over to our Operations team. I've spoken to coworkers within my company already, but looking to get perspective from others.
  4. J

    Let's talk trucks

    I'm considering adding a truck to the stable as my DD. Problem is, I've never owned a truck before and have never really considered one, so I feel a bit blind. I know SVTP is a bit biased towards Fords (for obvious reasons), but I'd like to get opinions as I've seen many members with trucks...
  5. J

    7.0 earthquake in Alaska

    Looks like a 7.0 just hit right by Anchorage. The damage looks decent so far. Any AK members here? Live updates: Earthquake rattles Anchorage, Alaska - CNN
  6. J

    Scammers: The steps I take to protect myself when buying online

    Hey All, With the holiday season coming up, the prevalence of scammers will also increase. After seeing a few threads discussing members being scammed here, I figured it would be worth while to put pen and paper on the process I go through before I buy anything online from a private party...
  7. J

    RZR & Side by Side ATV's

    The wife and I have been thinking of getting an ATV to play around with, but it's completely new territory to me. Those with one or experience, what's there to look for when searching? Pismo Beach is ~1:45 from my place and there are a few off road parks much closer. I was figuring a few year...
  8. J (openELECT etc) - add-ons for sports

    I'm getting my Kodi device back up and running to use on my outdoor TV, but want to know what add-ons you all are using for streaming sports. In the past, I used Sportsdevil, but have read nothing but negative reviews about how the streams often don't work. What are you all using for sports?
  9. J

    Company is hiring part time positions - if anyone is interested

    Hey SVTP, I know it's a bit specific, but my company is looking to hire two people to backfill a position for entry level customer support. I figured I'd toss up some information here to see if any of my SVTP'ers are looking for some part time work. Key points: Profitable, growing company in...
  10. J

    New Daily - Charger content

    Over Memorial Weekend, I was offered a deal that I couldn't pass up on; a 2018 Charger Daytona aka the land yacht. I was planning on purchasing a 2017 Mustang PP 6 speed, but preferred the Charger. I know it won't be a popular opinion here, but for me it was a more fun car stoplight to...
  11. J

    Best android phone

    I know there’s lots of Android people on the forum, and wanted to solicit some feedback. I’m looking to move from my iPhone X to an Android for a while. I had the S8 and thought it was ok. If price isn’t a concern, what would be your recommendation?
  12. J

    Opinions on new DD

    Well, the time is coming where I might be upgrading my daily. I have a 2018 Charger Scatpack optioned out with the dynamics package (6 piston brembos & 9.5" rims) for right around $40k. However, I know there are quite a few options in that price range, so I figured I'd open it up to discussion...
  13. J

    Foam Cannon Recomendations

    The wife gave me a pressure washer for christmas and I've been looking into foam cannons. It will be used lightly. The pressure washer I have is SunJoe 2030 (2030 PSI/1.76 GPM). What recommendations do you all have?
  14. J

    Trial by Written Declaration - CA

    Hey All, Last month I got hit with a speeding ticket in California (where I'm located). I was planning on contesting via trial by declaration. However, I was on vacation when I got pulled over and am about 5 hours from the court. If I lose the trial by declaration, I know that I'm still able...
  15. J

    Any love for a Classic? New to me 67 Coupe

    Hey SVTP, It's been about 4 years since I sold my 03 Cobra, but I'm finally back in a Mustang. This time I was looking for something fun to cruise around town in. I settled on a 1967 Coupe with a cammed big block 390. IMG_3834 by James Randazzo, on Flickr IMG_3830.5 by James Randazzo...
  16. J

    67 Mustang - Most Gauges Don't Work

    Hey all, I recently just picked up 67 Mustang with most of the gauges not working. I'm going to be replacing the IVR as this seems like most likely issue. However, one thing that is...
  17. J

    Buying Classic Mustang in California - but it's not registered or insured

    Hey Guys, I have a question about a car that I'm looking to buy. The seller (private party) and I have been going back and forth and I'm going to go check it out this weekend. However, it appears as though the car is not registered or insured. Good news is that he does have the title which...
  18. J

    Smart Home / Home Automation

    About 6 months ago my wife and I moved into our new house. As with any other house move, it has been quite the project. The next thing on my list was looking into adding some smart home / home automation items. However it seems like there is quite a bit of variety of products and the reviews...
  19. J

    TV Recommendations Needed

    I bought a new house and with it comes a serious need for an upgraded TV from my old 46" LG. Some considerations: 65" and up Trying to keep it $2,000 and under I would like to purchase via Amazon Smart would be preferred, but is not a deal breaker Doesn't need to be 4k So SVTP...
  20. J

    What New Phone

    Well, the time has come to change from Verizon to ATT. With that, I have to get a new phone. I used to be an android user years ago, then jumped ship to an iPhone (currently iPhone 5). I have been thinking of going back to android, but have no clue what phones to look into. Any input would...
  21. J

    Shot in the dark: Odd HP printer question IT guys come inside!!

    I figured there are a good bit of IT professions on this site, so it couldn't hurt to ask. I am running into a situation that hopefully someone has encountered before. The printer is configured with three paper drawers, with three different paper medias. While trying to print a three page...
  22. J

    Home Theater Budget Projector

    I'm looking to get a bit of insight from people on a solid projector for a home theater. This will be my first home theater build so I'm not looking to go all out. It isn't going to be anything crazy, and I'm looking to do it relatively cheap. I am willing to sacrifice some quality to save some...
  23. J

    Focus ST drivers come in!

    I'm considering picking up a Focus ST this weekend and was hoping to get some insight from those that have bought one. I know there are at least a few members here with them. I will be going Saturday to check them out and drive one. How do you like it? Anything you wish you would have known...
  24. J

    Zotac Z-Box Mini PC - Used for XBMC Media Server

    I bought a Zotac ZBox off Amazon about 6 months ago to use as an XBMC media server. I haven't even turned the thing on in the last 2 months, so I figured I would put it up for sale as I'm not using it. Here is the Amazon link for the computer itself: Zotac ZBOX Intel Atom D525 1.8...
  25. J

    Zotac Z-Box Mini PC - Used for XBMC Media Server

    I bought a Zotac ZBox off Amazon about 6 months ago to use as an XBMC media server. I haven't even turned the thing on in the last 2 months, so I figured I would put it up for sale as I'm not using it. Here is the Amazon link for the computer itself: Zotac ZBOX Intel Atom D525...