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  1. CobraBob

    My ~700whp M4 vs. 03/04 Redfire Cobra w/ unknown mods

    I'm not surprised by your reply, Mike. It reminds me back when I had my '03 Cobra (ported Eaton) and I compared it to my son-in-law's 2006 Z06 which was making almost the same power (and was more refined) but I much more enjoyed the rawness of my Cobra. So if I owned that Z06 as well, I would...
  2. CobraBob

    Rivian's slow death has commenced

    I saw my first one two days ago leaving a local church parking lot. I'm not a big fan of the headlights, but other than that, it's not bad.
  3. CobraBob

    Help me identify which Whipple this is please

    Blower swaps are pretty common on GT-500s (and Terminators). I'd be more concerned about the general overall condition of this GT-500. I totally understand why you're asking the question, though. If you think you're liking this one, make the 4 hour drive to check the car out thoroughly.
  4. CobraBob

    Friday Joke

    :ROFLMAO: SO many dog lovers out there. Some love their pups more than than wives. LOL.
  5. CobraBob

    Whipple Tuned and Shattering Records | Bronco Raptor Hits the Dyno and the Track

    That Raptor WOKE up. LOL. But seriously, that is an impressive power boost. And helps it live up to its name. I'm looking forward to hearing what's next. ;)
  6. CobraBob

    All-New Ford Transit Custom

    Just browsing this site, it appears that how the Transit is insured varies from state to state.
  7. CobraBob

    NMRA Homecoming to feature SVT Reunion

    I'd love to go but it's too far, and like you I'd have to fly. Plus my wife and I are going on vacation for a week in mid-June.
  8. CobraBob

    My ~700whp M4 vs. 03/04 Redfire Cobra w/ unknown mods

    Do you like driving your M4 more than your Whippled '04 Cobra? Probably, since it's a 2015, faster, and has more tech. You're fortunate to own both. (y)
  9. CobraBob

    Buying a car in 1993 (Mustang Related)

    Nice driving gloves. LOL. That's a cool video, and took me back a bit. Thanks for posting it.
  10. CobraBob

    FOR SALE: JLT Discontinued Carbon Fiber RAI

    Nice sale! Congrats!
  11. CobraBob

    Bad vibrations

    My understanding, as well. Which is why I'm leaning towards and engine issue since it seems to be RPM related.
  12. CobraBob

    Post one newer pic of your ride (EVERYONE!!)

    I like the new wheels, Rich. They look perfect on a Charger and the show off that nice brake package. Awesome Charger Redeye!
  13. CobraBob

    T.50 Final Sign Off by Gordon Murray

    Well said! This gem is about as good as it gets. But yeah, the sound of that V12 is absolutely mesmerizing. Stunningly beautiful all around IMO.
  14. CobraBob

    2022 Porsche Taycan GTS | MotorWeek Track Test

    I like the GTS but the Sport Turismo model does look especially hot.
  15. CobraBob

    Post one newer pic of your ride (EVERYONE!!)

    Yes, your Ford GT is AWESOME! The stuff most of us dream about. (y)
  16. CobraBob

    2006 Dodge Charger SRT-8 | Retro Review

    Nice video. Cool to think how "hot" these SRTs were back in the day, and now we have Hellcats and Red Eyes making much bigger power. Realizing this is a 2006, I'm reminded how long this platform has been around. And it still looks nice on the exterior.
  17. CobraBob

    Back to stock ride height

    You got some very good lowering spring options that shouldn't be too low. A ton of Terminator owners here have installed lowering springs so I'd choose a set that gives you the minimum drop. Research coil-overs before you commit to them. You may prefer lowering springs. Less costly and a...
  18. CobraBob

    Anyone on Long Island out there?

    Here's a link to the Mid-Atlantic regional sub-forum.
  19. CobraBob

    Back to stock ride height

    How much did you lower your car, cutting the springs?
  20. CobraBob

    FOR SALE: 2013 Shelby GT500 Absolutely Beautiful!

    Looks great with the window tint. I'm liking white cars more and more. :)
  21. CobraBob

    Bad vibrations

    This sounds like it might be engine related to me. So if you're in 3rd gear at 60mph (steady speed), you're experiencing vibration? What happens at that speed if you quickly put the transmission in Neutral? Does the vibration disappear?
  22. CobraBob

    Ponies In The Smokies 2023- From Start To Finish

    That was one heck of a fine Mustang venue. I wish I was closer and could have visited as well.
  23. CobraBob

    Wednesday Joke

    Oh man, that's a good one. :ROFLMAO:
  24. CobraBob

    What did you do for your Terminator today?

    Your 10th Anniversary car show sign is nice, and focuses on the original 10th Anniversary specs/features. (y) Here's the one that I used to use, made of brushed aluminum. I love seeing Terminator car show/cruise signs. Is yours metal or plastic?
  25. CobraBob

    FOR SALE: 2015 Dodge Challenger SRT Hellcat (6 Speed) - Black w/ Red Interior - Demon/Redeye Long Block , Cam, 7,501 Miles, Clean Title in Hand (CT)

    Wow, Ray, I was shocked when I saw that you had listed your Hellcat for sale. Life does sometimes get in the way of things, so totally understand. Someone is going to get one the baddest and nicest Hellcats on the planet. You put a lot of sweat and money into this one. And you're fanatical...