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  1. DoneItDeliberate

    2 months into owning a 2013 GT.

    MGW for the MT82 is fantastic, highly recommended.
  2. DoneItDeliberate

    Whipple Stage 1 Upgrade for the Gen 2 F-150 Raptor | Installed/Reviewed

    They just need a Stage 2 option that mounts behind the grille for people with frame cut front bumpers.
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    MGW vs pro 5.0 with steeda tri-ax handle

    I had a Pro 5.0 on my T45 in my 98 GT, my Dad had a Tri-ax in his 05 GT and I just installed an MGW in my 2012. MGW is the nicest shifter I have touched. Best shifting too.
  4. DoneItDeliberate

    Ordered an MT82 shifter

    I'll get pictures and details on the Nomad this week. I want to go back on the lift and check every bolt and eyeball everything to make sure it is okay.
  5. DoneItDeliberate

    Ordered an MT82 shifter

    A new acquaintance, my parents joined the Benevolent and Protective Order of Elks and a fellow member had a lift in his garage. Great guy, saw him at the Boulder City car show today. He has a tri 5 Chevy Nomad wagon, a super clean cruiser.
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    Ordered an MT82 shifter

    The vertical one at the top of the trans. Had to get a flathead to lift up the underside of the head of the bolt as I used an air ratchet to spin it out.
  7. DoneItDeliberate

    Upcoming Raptor R

    TRX is about to be extinct.
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    Ordered an MT82 shifter

    Installed the MGW shifter the other day. Took 4 hours on a drive up lift, 45 minutes to remove one bolt or it would have been done a lot sooner. I also added a Whiteline polyurethane transmission mount insert while I was there. I am extremely happy with the finished product. I'll check...
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    Engine builder needed for my dad's Fox

    I'm looking for a reputable engine builder to build a reliable street engine for my dad's 1991 LX coupe. Here's what we're looking for: Standard 8.2 deck height, 4.125x3.250, 347ci Less than 450HP Hot weather and 91 octane pump gas friendly long block/crate engine Holley EFI Everyone I have...
  10. DoneItDeliberate

    275s Up Front

    I ran a 275/40/17 on a 17x9 2003/2004 Cobra wheel and had no issues with my 1998 GT.
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    Fuel prices near you

    $4.99 for 91 at Costco in Vegas. $71.92 to fill the Mustang.
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    Tuner Recommendations

    My preference would be an SCT device (I had an X3 and X4 in the past) with custom tune support from a reputable tuner. My car is a stock 2012 Mustang GT, mt82, and axle back exhaust is the only "performance" mod. I don't have any plans for a power adder, likely future mods would be CAI, intake...
  13. DoneItDeliberate

    Ordered an MT82 shifter

    I ordered an MGW shifter, X-spec and new shift knob too. Anyone have any tips for installation that aren't covered in their install video? Anything else I should buy an install at the same time? If I don't have access to a lift how much will this job suck to to on jack stands?
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    2021 Gen-3 Ford F-150 Raptor | Undercarriage Inspection | Weird Stuff Found

    Yep, factory bump stops are super sick... Hyrdo bumps > solid bumps in all off road applications
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    Please haaaaalp

    I'm sorry if this is in the wrong place I figured this was the best spot. I'm going to be updating my resume and applying for a job in the performance industry and I was told by a friend who works there to brush up on GT500/Predator 5.2L knowledge before heading in. Can anyone supply me with...
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    wild motorcycle pursuit and crash caught on video

    Oh he dead. My friend's brother in law responded to the crash, said dude lost his pants during the crash. Yikes.
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    Ported VS Stock Intake Manifold - Tech Tips | Here, at Lethal Performance!

    Are there any differences between the 2020 and 2018 intake manifolds?
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    Leaving CA

    Just ignore the whiners and get the hell out of CA as quickly as possible. My life improved immediately after escaping the CA shithole.
  19. DoneItDeliberate

    Leaving CA

    Why? New Mexico blows. I'll be leaving Nevada and moving to AZ in 2023. Maricopa County here I come.
  20. DoneItDeliberate

    Leaving CA

    I can't believe OP is getting so much shit for wanting to leave Cali. If you are okay with the heat, AZ is still a free state and there are lots of commercial HVAC jobs in the Phoenix area.
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    Next design for the Mustang?

    It shouldn't be 100k. If GM can build 60K C6 Z06s then Ford can build affordable Mustangs with composite body parts and an aluminum unibody. Ford is already building aluminum body trucks, shouldn't be difficult to swap the Mustang from steel to aluminum. The hood, roof and decklid could all be...
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    Next design for the Mustang?

    Not sure why the Mustang doesn't have an aluminum unibody with a plethora of carbon parts on it yet. Chevy stuffed the C6 Z06/ZR1/Grand Sport with carbon body parts, Ford should do the same.
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    Iconic singer Meat Loaf has passed at age 74.

    Meat Loaf proved that talent will take you further than looks. Project Mayhem will need a new recruit.
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    This will be a test of how silly the car market is

    Seeing this reminded me how much I regret selling my 86 4Runner. My parents bought it new in 86 and we put about 276k on it.
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    Intel Update from S2 Underground

    Today's update on the inevitable Ukrainian war: