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  1. J

    WTB: Stock mid pipes

    Looking for a stock set of midpipes. PM me
  2. J

    WTB: Stock door panels

    Looking for a set of door panels. Needs to be in excellent shape.
  3. J

    SVT Chrome Center Caps

    OK guys, I have 1 full set of Aftermarket Chrome center caps (The ones with the lightning bolts on them) and 2 sets of OEM Chrome "SVT" Center caps (1 full perfect set and one set with 1 damaged cap.) I can post pictures a little later today. New never used OEM set of Chrome "SVT" Center...
  4. J

    Adopted Puppy Update

    Few weeks back I asked which dog I should adopt. Figured I'd update you all. Not sure what breed he is. I have been told Terrier, Lab, Beagle, and even Pug, so who know... Anyway, he was found on the side of the road in South Carolina with another puppy, who my girlfriend adopted at the same...
  5. J

    Adopting a puppy: Pick it for me.

    I am seeing all of these pups tomorrow for the first time. Very Excited. :banana: Let me know which one you guys think is the coolest. :beer::coolman: 1. Iggy - Beagle/Pug Mix Age: 10 Weeks Weight: 15 lbs Found on the side of the road in South Carolina with a smaller dog that my...
  6. J

    New console lid *pics*

    I know this isn't anything that you guys haven't seen before, but I had to share. I got my lid from Eric today. I LOVE it. My interior is finally coming together how I want it. Here it is:
  7. J

    Haven't taken pictures in a while

    Figured I would share some really quick pictures I took. Winter mods are black interior and painted my tailgate handle. Now it's the time of year to enjoy it! Also, I need some opinions on the a-pillars. I bought some new paint new get them black like everything else, but I kind of got to...
  8. J

    Need 03/04 wheels ASAP

    Need to pick up a set of stock 03/04 wheels ASAP. Lemme know what you got.
  9. J

    FS: SVT Bra

    I have an SVT Bra that just sits. I bought it when I just bought the truck thinking that I would use it, but I never did. It's in great condition. I don't even know how much to ask for... $100 + shipping?
  10. J

    How do my plugs look?

    This is the first time I'm changing plugs since I've modded the truck, and I don't know how to read plugs. Truck has a 4 lb lower with an email tune. About 15,000 miles on the plugs. Driver's side on the right. Thanks
  11. J

    FS: SVT Bra

    I have an SVT Bra that just sits. I bought it when I just bought the truck thinking that I would use it, but I never did. It's in great condition. I don't even know how much to ask for... $100 + shipping?
  12. J

    WTB: Stock armrest

    Does anyone have their stock armrest after they cut their seat for an expedition center console?
  13. J

    Anyone in an aerobics class??? *VID*

    I'm thinking of joining one after watching this. :banana: I aspire to be that guy. YouTube- Broadcast Yourself.
  14. J

    Need more advice about stalling issue

    OK here is what I know about my problem. It only happens after the truck has been running for a while, and didn't happen at all in the colder weather. When it happens, the truck tries to stall, and the fuel pressure drops to almost 0. Sometimes the fuel pressure comes back up, other times it...
  15. J

    Looking for 03/04 stockers

    I'm looking for some as near to perfect as possible 03/04 stockers. Stock silver finish only. Need to get some ASAP.
  16. J

    Help with fuel pressure

    Hey guys, Here's the problem. The truck rides fine for a while, but after a while of driving, the fuel pressure will drop to almost zero. Sometimes it'll stall, and sometimes it'll try to boost the pressure back up. It seems like its only when I'm hitting the throttle. I can get it to stall...
  17. J

    WTB: Stock leafs

    Looking for a set of stock leafs from a 99-02.
  18. J

    And the award for the fastest dash removal ever goes to...

    This is my 3rd time removing my dash, so I'm starting to get the hang of it. 36 minutes total to get off :rockon: Took it off at 9:00 am yesterday, had it back on by 5 pm. Lemme know what you think. Maybe I'll go all black eventually, maybe not. Excuse the missing pieces, they're...
  19. J

    Here we go again...

    Well I guess that time of year has come again. I'm tired of my interior again. I was playing around with photoshop before. Here are the four options: HD dash HD Dash with black console All black Keep it how it is
  20. J

    Looking for a fuel pump resistor

    Anybody have an extra fuel pump resistor they wanna get rid of?
  21. J

    Had to get rid of the truck...

    Sorry guys, I had to get rid of the truck after I realized what I could replace it with. Here's the new vehicle. I've actually had it for a couple weeks but have been busy and haven't taken any pics until now. It was getting dark so the pictures aren't very good. Just kidding...
  22. J

    WTB: 03-04 stock wheels

    Looking for a set in as near perfect conndition as possible. I have a buyer lined up for my replicas, so I need to find stockers to replace.
  23. J

    WTT: 01-02 Chrome stock reps for Near perfect 03-04 Stockers

    I have a set of 01-02 Chrome replicas that I want to trade for 03-04 Stockers that are as near to perfect as possible. I would be willing to trade straight up. Let me know if your interested
  24. J

    Just some quick pics

    I thought my truck was looking extra sexy today, so I snapped 2 quick pictures. I raised the front of the truck last week by changing out my hotchkis coils for FRPP ones.
  25. J

    Stalling problem...Please help

    OK guys, I've had this problem for a while now. Anytime I drive my truck for a long distance. Here is what I know: 1) stalls after an hour or so of driving, drives fine before that 2) Didn't happen once all winter and is now starting again 3) Started around the time that I deleted my EGR...