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  1. 99MystiC

    Whos running Big Brake Kit with CCW Replicas

    I tried to do some searching and couldnt find anything. Looking to see if anyone is running a big brake kit with some of the CCW Replica wheels out there. Please let me know what brakes and wheels you are running. Thank you
  2. 99MystiC

    FR500 Steering Wheel

    I have a real FR500 steering wheel in excellent shape. No scuffs or scratches of any sort. Just interested in another wheel. Air bag not included. Asking 500 plus shipping and fees. Sent from my iPhone using the mobile app
  3. 99MystiC

    FS FR500 Heads

    Selling my FR500 heads. Never ended up using them. Sold my car so have no use for them. They are clean and have a valve job. They are unported. These are rare heads and do not come up often. Looking to get 1000 plus shipping and fees. Located in Los Angeles. Sent from my iPhone using the...
  4. 99MystiC

    WTB: Metco 6.55 lower pulley

    Looking for a metco 6.55 lower pulley for my 03 cobra. Thanks.
  5. 99MystiC

    Procharger P1 w/Intercooler polished

  6. 99MystiC

    Manley Diamond Flattop Pistons .020 Brand New

    I have a set of BNIB Diamond Flattop pistons .020 over. decided to go a different route. Great for a boosted setup. Asking 600 shipped plus paypal fees. These are 700 new.
  7. 99MystiC

    Any one in Fort Lauderdale area???

    Seeking someone to check out a car for me in Pompano Beach. Would need it done in next couple of days. I will reimburse through PayPal. Help a fellow mustang fellow out please!!! You can txt me at 3472480078 Greatly appreciate it guys!
  8. 99MystiC

    96-98 Cobra Cams

  9. 99MystiC

    Team Z LCA

    Would anyone be interested in Team Z LCA but they are not complete. They will come without the Heim Joints. Recent visit to the track a bolt snapped on the driver side LCA frame location and ended up bending the heim Joints. Atleast one is visibly bent and the other cant quite tell. I will...
  10. 99MystiC

    Walboro 255 Inline pump

    Like title says. Been sitting around since the carb swap. 55 Shipped!!
  11. 99MystiC

    FS Chicago: 03 cobra oem catback

    Got the cobra back in 09 with 4700 miles and owner gave me the exh for it. I sold the car and had the exh in storage. Im located in the chicago area.I have a truck so i can work out a deal. Still almost new. Pm me offers.
  12. 99MystiC

    Autometer Fuel Pressure Gauge 3563

    I have a fuel pressure gauge 3563 sport comp with black face. I only used it to check fuel pressure on a car a while back. Has been sitting for a while. Comes with everything. Sending unit, harness. Looking to get 160 shipped. OBO
  13. 99MystiC

    e85 gas?? Chicago land area

    Hello im getting ready to move soon. Last time i lived in Chicago was when i was a kid. Are there any e85 stations in the north shore area or by route 66 raceway or by any of the tracks?
  14. 99MystiC

    Hahaha this state sux!!!

    SGV's Irwindale Speedway Will Close and Be Redeveloped - DevelopmentWatch - Curbed LA Thank god im moving to a state that actually has a real track and NMRA!! Enjoy fellas
  15. 99MystiC

    Need a part!!!

    I am looking for the main cap bolts with the studs for the oem windage tray. I need 4 of them. Any chance of getting them? Need it ASAP!
  16. 99MystiC

    Oil filter Adapter without oil cooler

    I have the OEM oil filter manifold without the oil cooler. Came off a 95 Mark viii. Good shape. Looking to get 40 shipped.
  17. 99MystiC

    CA: Teksid Bare Block FS

    have a 99 Teksid bare block. Will need a cleaning prob a bore but small. Had 60k on it. Issue was a spun bearing and loss of oil pressure. Located in SoCal. Looking for 125. Also have a set of 99 cams exh and int. Those can be shipped looking for same price.
  18. 99MystiC

    99 heads

    Any interest in bare 99 heads in good shape with 60k
  19. 99MystiC

    99 Heads

    Any interests for 99 bare heads? Nothing wrong with them.
  20. 99MystiC

    Teksid Block

    Got a teksid block stock bore. Needs clean up. 125 pickup in Hollywood.
  21. 99MystiC

    99 Cobra Cams 60K miles

    Any interest in 99 cobra cams complete set. I can do 150 Shipped.
  22. 99MystiC

    Quote please

    need oem head bolts for 99 cobra. Only the bolts.
  23. 99MystiC

    Since you guys like the last one :)
  24. 99MystiC


    Interested to see if anyone has Shorty headers. Trade Mac LTs for your shorty headers. Plus shipping my way since the LTs are a lot bigger to ship. They have been sandblasted and painted black. No pics at the moment just want to see if there are interests. They have the bungs for both o2...
  25. 99MystiC

    99Mystic color change...any suggestions?

    OK so last time at the track when i blew the engine the front 03 bumper got messed up. I decided to go with a 99 front bumper instead, back to its roots. So i got an even swap with some one. Bad news was could not find my shade of mystichrome to repaint the bumper so now im stuck. Came across a...