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    A man an his dog part 2

    I've spent a good part of my life on this forum and shared some good and bad times with you guys. Some may remember this thread, Well part 2 has come to realization. His sister Journey is now near the end. I never thought it...

    We've lost a good one at SVTP. R I P Larry

    We’ve lost a long time member/staff member and I have lost a good friend. I got the call yesterday and I’m still trying to process it all. LL was a great guy. He was a great friend to myself and several other members and staff members. There are some who don’t see it that way but if you...

    I found this one slightly entertaining.....

    While checking out the Ohio Dreams Slip and fly I came across this one. Some I laughed, Some I cringed. That poor girl somewhere around 4:04..... Enjoy,, or not.

    If you get the chance to see Rob Holland live,

    By all means go. My friends know I love air shows. I try to catch 2 a year at least. We all love the Blue Angels and T-birds but the prop aerobatics can be somewhat boring. Until I saw this guy live. The stunts are great and the plane itself is a work of art. This vid (Not mine btw) does not do...

    Dominican Republic in a couple weeks.

    Yes or No? I'm inclined to say yes. State department figures show this year to be no worse than others. I believe 1 story blew up and now the rest are just copy cat and or getting blown out of proportion. Just my opinion, What do you say? Keep in mind, Bought and paid for already. Would lose a...

    For you guys not from around Louisiana.

    I saw this and thought it to be true enough and interesting enough to share with you. And also, 1. If you are passing through on I10 stop and try it. 2. on a weekend nights with friends watch this and drink every time they say Boudin. This is real south Louisiana.

    It's almost boring but you can't stop watching.

    Title explains it all.

    Thoughts on this? Legit or not?

    Tools & Hardware: Buy Power Tools, Hand Tools, Drills & Tool Kits Online at Low Prices Prices seem too good to be true. Reconditioned?


    Test Sent from my iPhone using the mobile app

    Need part made. Who has machine access? lol

    Not even sure how to begin this process. I have an example I can send but basically I need this part machined with the spines 1/4 inch longer. Any ideas on where/how and cost would be helpful.

    Aggrivated with coating.

    The wifes C6 was coated and I loved it. Not sure of brand because it was done when we bought it. When we bought her TLX I decided to have it coated. I knew who I was going to use because I've seen his work. Car needed light (1-2 steps) correction. Went with Gtechniq Crystal Serum Ultra. 7 year...

    So, who has Geico,,,,,,

    And how satisfied are you? After switching to State farm from Allstate about 10 years ago because Allstate kept going up for no reason it appears State Farm is doing the same. Same coverage on my Civic is $154 at SF and only $67 a month at Geico. I switched only that one as it is my work car...

    2005 C6 base. 67K miles $19k

    Sold My wife's auto C6. Well maintained but as all corvettes has a few minor quirks. Cup holder cover broke/removed Wheel finish blemish around valve stem on 1 back wheel Slight discoloration on bottom of inside door panel. If serious I will discuss all this and more. Torque tube changed. All...

    Used the wifes car for a promo.

    A good friend does Video production for a living. They are putting together a promo for a film festival or something and wanted to showcase the new drone. This will be part of a longer vid but this is some of what we shot yesterday. It almost looks animated but was shot in 4K I think. Drone is...

    Cell phone?

    opinions? I ended up getting my 5S wet. I do NOT want a 6 or 6 plus or anything bigger than a 5 Would you trust something like this? Or for 150 more just by the new ME outright for 399 from ATT? The iphone ME appears to be the same size as the 5S but with...

    My Guitarist thread.

    Yep, that's right. My SVTP Drop box. lol Upon discussion of music and guitarist in the Prince thread I'm creating this to drop things for anyone interested in guitarist to check out. Every day or few days I intend on dropping another vid or 2 in. Of course opinion on this type of stuff really...

    Local boy on the big stage. Literally

    So dig this, As a musician in south La with a dad who is also a musician and a brother who is one of the best sound engineers in the area you tend to know most other musicians. I, being out of the industry for several years only know Travis a little. Travis Thibodeaux is a musician/songwriter...

    Today's life lesson,

    Sometimes we forget in life that things aren't always what they seem or there are other reasons. I had something remind me of this recently. A teacher was teaching her class of students when she relayed a story about a cruise ship capsized at sea. Although I can’t confirm whether...

    Security camera Tornado footage.

    We had some severe storms come through last week. Gonna need FB but here are some security cam vids from my buddy's hardware store that was destroyed by the tornado last week, Keep your eye out for the Fed Ex lady who runs to the front door. The door was locked so she latches on to the...

    R I P David Bowie

    Lost his battle with cancer at 69 yesterday.

    13 hours

    Didn't see a thread for it but I thought we had one,,,,,, Can not wait to see it although I already know I will be upset and come out pissed off like never before. It releases in a week or so. I won't get to see it till a few days after release so no spoilers dammit. The trailer looks...

    Mothers instinct. Yes, I'm posting a sappy vid.

    I just thought it was cool. Short version Long version

    I have no words,,,

    While I really want to say the cheating chick got what she deserved I'm not sure I can.

    Want to have some fun?

    If not then no big deal. My daughter was scammed out of her brand new tablet that she decided she didn't like. Yea, I know. Dumbass. However, this is the dudes number. 9189233995 Comes back to Tulsa Ok. I actually have the name and addresses it was listed to. lol To bad she shipped it to...

    Marital Misunderstanding

    Marital Misunderstanding Wife's Diary: Tonight, I thought my husband was acting weird. We had made plans to meet at a nice restaurant for dinner. I was shopping with my friends all day long, so I thought he was upset at the fact that I was a bit late, but he made no comment on it...