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  1. helloWorld

    Next Car Recommendation?

    I sold my 2018 Mustang GT and I have been looking around for my next "sports" car. I want AWD, automatic, and four doors. I can't keep a car stock, so I don't want a car that is going to be fuel limited by having only direct injection either. I have my eyes set on a used 2017-2019 Audi RS3...
  2. helloWorld

    The New Koenigsegg Jesko

    Here is a nice technical video for you guys about the new Koenigsegg Jesko. It is almost 37 minutes long, but trust me, it never gets boring. Also, if you don't like Shmee, it wouldn't matter as he really doesn't talk much during this video. You get a really good detailed look at what all goes...
  3. helloWorld

    My V2 At A Roll Race Event

    I made a video of my automatic 2012 CTS-V at a roll race event that was sponsored by a local car group at the Raceway Park of the Midlands in Pacific Junction, Iowa back in the early parts of last month. Mods (very detailed in my signature): Dyno Tuned M/T ET Streets E-85 (flex fuel) Upper...
  4. helloWorld

    Race Fuel with Pump Gas Stoich

    I am tuned for pump 93 and am going to a roll racing event later today and I was wanting to mix some good fuel in my tank just for safety. I was told MS109 was perfect for what I am wanting, but my local VP distributor does not have any. Are there any other suggestions for a VP or Sunoco race...
  5. helloWorld

    Link To Forums From Front Page Broken

    If you are on and then click the button that says "Join Our Discussion Forums" it does not send you to the forums. Remove the "/forum.php" from the link and that will fix it.
  6. helloWorld

    Best Cash Back / Rewards Credit Cards?

    I currently have a credit card through USAA who uses Visa that does 1.5% cash back on every purchase. There has to be better than that out there. What do you guys use?
  7. helloWorld

    Picked Up A New Daily Driver

    I traded in my 2013 Mustang GT for a 2012 Cadillac CTS-V Sedan :burnout: It's an automatic, has 34,500 miles on it, Airaid intake, sunroof, and Recaro seats :coolman: I also purchased a DashLogic that way I can make my dashboard display information that is useful to me. I currently have it set...
  8. helloWorld

    California - Regulation Of Cow Farts Doing all they can do to save the earth!!!
  9. helloWorld

    FS: 2013 5.0 - Lincoln, Nebraska - Automatic - 67,000 Miles - $20,000 OBO

    *** This vehicle is NO longer available for sale. *** For sale is my 2013 Mustang GT. I am asking $20,000 or your best offer. The vehicle is located in Lincoln, Nebraska. I prefer the buyer pick the vehicle up in person. The buyer is fully responsible if they want to have the vehicle shipped...
  10. helloWorld

    Would You Buy A Car Without A Test Drive?

    I am really wanting to sell my '13 5.0 and get into a 2nd Gen ('09 to '14 sedan) CTS-V and I just can't find any local to me that aren't ridiculously expensive with a lot of mileage on them. However, I have found a lot of what I want at much better prices in states that are quite far from me. A...
  11. helloWorld

    Random Check Fuel Fill Inlet Message

    I got a random "Check Fuel Fill Inlet" message today. No DTC codes present visually or checking with my X4. Car has about 65,000 miles on it and all of the mods are in my description. I got out and checked the fuel door, cleaned around the gasket, stuck the funnel into the fuel inlet several...
  12. helloWorld

    E-85 + Parked For 17 Days

    I have a 2013 5.0 and I am going to need to park my car outside for 17 straight days. The car won't move or turn on during those 17 days. There will be about 3/4 tank full of pump E-85 in the car during those 17 days. Do you guys think that this will be an issue? The plan is on the 17th day...
  13. helloWorld

    Speedo Calibration Theory

    Hello guys. I am just trying to think something through and am wanting some other opinions. I know the analog speedometer in the dash is run off of the rear tires. I also know that Ford uses a positive 1.3403 % offset (Source: for the revs/mile...
  14. helloWorld

    Legal To Sell/Trade Car In Without Cats

    Where I live, there is no emissions testing, so my cats are off of my vehicle. I am thinking about getting rid of my car sometime this year. I don't know where I will sell or trade it in so my question is, regardless of whether whatever state I get rid of it in has emissions testing, can I let...
  15. helloWorld

    Re-plumbing Catch Can Wiring

    Would you guys use this tubing to re-plumb my catch can wiring: My current setup is leaking oil, due to gravity when the car is turned off, onto my headers. This of course...
  16. helloWorld

    Trouble Starting, E-85 + Warm Weather

    Have any of you experienced noticeably longer cranks and struggling to stay on after cold starts when it is warm outside with E-85? I know its backwards since E-85 is supposed to have issue when it is cold outside. However, my car will cold-start beautifully when its 20 F outside. When it was...
  17. helloWorld

    Will SCT X4 Drain Battery?

    Does anyone here leave their SCT X4's connected to the obd port with the ignition off and key out, lets say overnight? I am sure the device will recognize when the car is turned off, but I do not want to test it out myself.
  18. helloWorld

    My E-85 Mileage Experiment Report

    I have to make quite a drive monthly for my Reserve obligations and I was curious how E-85 would perform mileage range wise. I thought I would report so that others can see for themselves. It should also be known that all highway driving was done using cruise control. * While included into...
  19. helloWorld

    Question About E-85 Mileage Range

    Do you guys think that I will be able to make 200 miles on a full tank of E-85 with the coyote? All highway driving, going to be 70 and 75 mph this trip.
  20. helloWorld

    Question About Catch Can Contents

    My car is in my description. About 57,000 miles on the engine. I have completely converted over to E-85 less than 250 miles ago. I was going to do my routine catch can dumping, when I noticed that my oil mixture seriously looked like coffee with a lot of creamer in it. Is this cause for...
  21. helloWorld

    Dyno + Tire Speed Rating Question

    As many of you guys know, a lot of tuners like fourth gear runs during datalogs. I currently have snow tires on my car with speed rating of H (130 MPH.) I assume that fourth gear in a 3.15 geared car is going to be over 130 mph. Do you guys think it will be safe to do a fourth gear run on a...
  22. helloWorld

    My O/R H-Pipe Dyno Run

    First, I would like to thank Shaun at AED for his exceptional customer service and calibrating skills. I would also like to thank Jeff Smith at Central Texas Performance for his exceptional customer service and in-depth knowledge. I was going to go in and get a dyno tune from Jeff. I told him I...
  23. helloWorld

    E85 As A Cleaner?

    I have the stock 2013 coyote fuel injectors and no boost-a-pump. I have massive carbon buildup in all eight cylinders, which needs to be removed. What do you guys think about me running E-85 for 3,000 miles as long as I keep the car below 3500 rpm? Of course, I will get a tune rewrite for the...
  24. helloWorld

    Rear Sway Links

    Hello guys, on my latest Ford service, I was told that my "rear sway links" are loose and noisey. This is my first car and I know nothing about suspension. They quoted me about $250 total to replace them. Do you guys think this is a good deal or is there something better aftermarket for my car?
  25. helloWorld

    Ford IDS Question

    Hello guys, I have my car at Ford right now to check out some misfire issues and they called me and said that their scan tool can not get into my car and read anything. Something about access can not be had. I have a tune from AED administered through my SCT X4 handheld. Is there something the...