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  1. Ace5Oh

    Fidanza 96-04 Mustang Aluminum Flywheel (8 Bolt Crank)

    Fidanza 96-04 Mustang Aluminum Flywheel (8 Bolt Crank) Ran it for about 1,000 miles, went auto. I replaced the insert. $250 Shipped + Paypal Fees. Txt me 909-344-9101 IG- Ace_Svt
  2. Ace5Oh

    Injector Dynamics ID1000's

    Selling my ID1000's. Recently had them cleaned by RC Fuel Injection. New filters, O-Rings where installed and have before and after flow results. 3 Injectors are stained but doesn't affect the performance of them. SOLD
  3. Ace5Oh

    WTB: 03/04 Crank

    Searching for a 03/04 cobra crank in good condition. If you have one plz shoot me a txt to 9093449101. Thanks.
  4. Ace5Oh

    03 Cobra stock parts

    All parts off my 03 cobra. 39k miles. Differential cover $ 75 Fuel rails $125 Injectors 39lb $125 Maf 90mm $75 Irs toe links $55 Ic box reservoir $50 Heat Exchanger hard lines. SOLD Bilsteins rear shocks. $135 Everything is Shipped. Include PayPal 3% fees. Pics will be posted tonight. Any...
  5. Ace5Oh

    FS: 2.3 Whipple Gen 2

    For sale: 2.3 Whipple Gen 2 ; made 750 on last setup. (Cammed/LT/E85) $2500 obo Located in Ontario, Ca. LOCAL sale only. PM me for details. Thanks.
  6. Ace5Oh

    03/04 COBRA Bassani/Flowmaster

    •Bassani OR X Stainless Steel $225 Couple scratches and I ran over a bag so it melted on it. OBO •Bassani OR X with gutted cats, Aluminum $125 OBO • 03/04 IRS Cobra Flowmaster CB Stainless Steel BNIB $450 FIRM Will post pics later on or shoot me a pm. Adrian
  7. Ace5Oh

    WTB: reichard racing pulley tensioner

    Like title says, looking for a reichard racing pulley tensioner (manual) kit. I know there hard to come by. Let me know what you guys have. PayPal ready. Adrian.
  8. Ace5Oh

    LFP Big Mouth Single Blade Throttle Body

    Doing a build for my Cobra and bought this unit last week. I got my hands on a Dragon Throttle body which I rather use. Brand new just opened box. Never installed, comes with gasket. $300 Shipped . Here are a couple pics. [ BUMP! Price updated.
  9. Ace5Oh

    WTB: GT500 Heads

    Looking for 07/14 GT500 heads. With cams or no cams is fine. No damaged heads, no damage cam journals. Let me know what you have. Thanks.
  10. Ace5Oh

    WTB: Weld Alumastar

    Looking for a clean set of weld alumastar's 17x4.5. With or without tires. -Adrian
  11. Ace5Oh

    03 Cobra Stock InterCooler Res & Stock Vents

    1. Stock Intercooler Reservoir + cap off my 03 Cobra with 36k miles. Went with a icebox in trunk. Super clean. No cracks. Ready to ship. $75 2. Stock vents off my 03 went LFP. Good condition. $50 Prices are shipped. Will post pics as soon as I get home in a few. Adrian
  12. Ace5Oh

    Sonic Blue Track Pics

    Wanted to share couple pics of a TNT at a track out here. I was data logging most of the passes so my tuner was adjusting as we went making sure it ran good. Couple sick pics my buddy got of me. MY FAVORITE PIC :rockon: My best 1/8th is 7.623 @ 92.44 with a 1.6 60ft. Stock IRS...
  13. Ace5Oh

    FS: Diamond Star Racing 16x10 Rims

    Selling my Diamond Star Racing rims. There 16x10 with 6" bs. Direct fit for 03/04 IRS Cobras. No modifications required. I was able to cut 1.6's 60ft with these. They are steel material so a little heavy, There powder coated black. Have a 26x10.5x16 Mickey Thompson ET STREET on it. Good tire...
  14. Ace5Oh

    Photoshoot: OW Vert- TF CHICANES Content PIC HEAVY

    My buddy (Myponyjose) got TF Chicanes for his super clean OW Vert. Specs on car are 2.3 Whipple E85 tuned by Bob Kurgan. These rims just complete the look. 18x9 and 18x11. Here are the pics:
  15. Ace5Oh

    FS : 11-14 GT500 Lethal Performance ORX

    Buddy took off this clean x pipe that was on his 11 GT500. No damage what's so ever, he stepped up to Kooks LT, n OR H so this is up for sale. Lethal performance off road x 3" fits 11-14 GT500. Features: 3" Mandrel Bent Tubing Aluminized Steel Construction Direct Bolt-On (Requires no...
  16. Ace5Oh

    2014 Shelby GT500 Shoot

    Met up with my buddy and snapped pics of his sick Shelby. It put down a little over 800rwhp. :banana: OWNER is 19chrome98 2014 on TF Chicanes
  17. Ace5Oh

    Silver & Sonic Blue Downtown LA

    Went out with the homie sxecobra
  18. Ace5Oh

    Cars & Coffee Irvine, Ca 5-3-14

    Wanted to share a couple pics of yesterday mornings Cars N Coffee… Met up with a couple SVTP Peeps and had a great time.
  19. Ace5Oh

    FS: 03/04 Cobra Mangaflow CB

    03/04 Cobra Magnaflow catback. Had on car for approximately 7k miles. Pipes are stainless steel 2.5. Would look super great polished. No dents/damages. Driver side muffler has super minor scratches. Will post up pics tonight. Looking at $450 obo. -Adrian
  20. Ace5Oh

    SVTP/LS1Tech 14' Meet Pic Heavy!

    Had our annually SVTP/Ls1Tech meet in beautiful So Cal! Weather was perfect and a lot of cars came out.
  21. Ace5Oh

    Silver 03 Cobra Vert Photoshoot

    We finished up my buddies Miguels Cobra (SVTP user: Miggs.03.termn8r) So we decided to have a little photoshoot Here are the pics: The Money SHOT!
  22. Ace5Oh

    Sonic Blue with Varrstoens Es7's

    My buddies car is down for upgrades so we decided to throw them on my SB to see how they would look. I think it looks pretty mean. :beer:
  23. Ace5Oh

    Famoso Feb 15th TNT

    February- 15 - Open Test & Tune Gates 8am - Track 10am - 5pm $60 Car & Driver $20 Crew/Spectator Will be heading out to this with a couple friends on here. Just wanted to share with you guys.
  24. Ace5Oh

    Stock 03/04 Cobra springs

    Did H&R Race Springs a while back ago and just have these in the garage. Taking up space so throwing them up for sale. Local sale only, no shipping. Got springs, and iso's together. $100 obo. Shoot me a pm for pics. -Adrian
  25. Ace5Oh

    New pics SB Content

    Washed the Cobra and went out for a couple pics. :banana::beer: