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  1. TheSinner

    FS: Maximum Motorsports IRS Coil Over Kit 550lb Springs

    SOLD! New never used MM IRS coilover kit with Hyperco 550lb springs. Bought these to use with the MM Sport shocks and never got around to buying shocks, now parting it out. $400 shipped
  2. TheSinner

    FS: Mishimoto Aluminum Radiator, 14" Slim Fan and Shroud

    FS: Mishimoto Aluminum Radiator, 14" Slim Fan and Shroud SOLD! Put this on last summer and ran for 2 or 3 months. The 97-04 Mishimoto fan and shroud, believe it or not, did not fit the 97-04 Mishimoto Aluminum radiator... so I cut the shroud to fit. Looking to get $400 for this.
  3. TheSinner

    FS: 99-01 Cobra Coolant Crossover - Lethal HCM - Inline Thermostat

    Only the Lethal HCM is still for sale $80 shipped **If a mod could change the title of the for sale post to save me from writing a new one I would appreciate it** Looking to see if a turbo guy wants this as a whole before I split it up. Coolant crossover from my '99 with the bypass plugged...
  4. TheSinner

    FS: Eibach Pro-Kit Rear IRS Springs

    SOLD! Not sure what to ask for these. $60?
  5. TheSinner

    FS: UPR Extreme Bumpsteer

    SOLD! Looking to get $50 shipped.
  6. TheSinner

    FS: Strange 10-way Adjustable Struts

    SOLD! Had these on my car for about 2 years, maybe 3k miles. I'll include new lock nuts for them as well. Looking to get $200 shipped
  7. TheSinner

    FS: Team-Z Caster/Camber Plates

    SOLD! Slightly used Team Z C/C plates. Bought these to try to quiet down my Strange struts last summer. Looking to get $125 shipped
  8. TheSinner

    FS: UPR K-Member & Coil Over Kit

    K-Member SOLD! A-Arm's & Coilovers still for sale! UPR's mild steel k-member, a-arms, coil over kit with 12" 350lb springs, and I'll throw in my MM bumpstops. Only has a couple thousand miles on it. As shown in the photo's I did have to shim out the motor mount plate for proper fitment, was a...
  9. TheSinner

    FS: On 3 Performance Gen II 4v Forward Facing Single Turbo Kit w/ upgrades

    SOLD! Selling my On3P forward facing single turbo kit for 4v cars. I ran 6psi through this kit for 2 years with no issues. Mostly everything is there but expect needing some odd's and end's. All the piping is a little roughed up, should clean up pretty easily. Complete hotside and coldside...
  10. TheSinner

    FS: CCW Classic's Anodized Gold 18x9.5 18x11.5 New BFG KDW Tires

    SOLD! I bought these CCW Classic's from SVTP member sidewayscoupe 2 years ago, here's the sale thread. Fronts are 18x9.5 with BFG KDW 265/35 and rears 18x11.5 with BFG KDW 335/30. Rear tires are practically brand new, and front's only have a few thousand miles on them. Rolled fenders, MM low...
  11. TheSinner

    For Sale: Kenne Bell 20a Boost-A-Pump

    SOLD! Kenne Bell 20 amp Boost-A-Pump up for sale. Has the hobbs switch bypassed. $160 shipped.
  12. TheSinner

    For Sale: SCT BA5000 Slot Style MAF & Pigtail

    SOLD! SCT BA5000 MAF and pigtail for installation. Used for less than 3k miles. $200 shipped.
  13. TheSinner

    For Sale: Siemens Deka 60lb EV6 Injectors

    SOLD! Set of 8 Siemens Deka 60's, I bought these new and put less than 3k miles on them. They are the UScar EV6 style connectors so no adapter plugs are needed for Cobra's. $225 shipped.
  14. TheSinner

    For Sale: MSD Blaster Coil Packs #82448

    SOLD! These coil packs have less than 3k miles on them. $150 shipped.
  15. TheSinner

    For Sale: 03/04 Cobra Mirrors & Rear Bumper

    My 03/04 Cobra mirrors and rear bumper up for sale, came off of my '99 I'm parting out. Both have been painted Crystal White (<'01), not Oxford White (>'01) just for clarification. Mirrors are practically flawless, bumper has 1 small ding as shown below. $450 shipped for the mirrors. SOLD! $450...
  16. TheSinner

    FS: Sullivan lower, HPP upper, Accufab SBTB

  17. TheSinner

    FS: Low mileage COP's from 04 Cobra

  18. TheSinner

    Turbo Cobra Running Rich After WOT - Datalog Attached

    Car just started doing this yesterday, during/after I hit WOT it seemingly keeps dumping fuel for a brief moment to where the car almost shuts off, then clears up. Idles and free revs fine. In the log you can see me blip the throttle up to about 3500 rpm, AFR hit ~11.5, it bogs down as rpms drop...