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    Custom Intercooler for KB 2.1?

    Over the course of my start, stop, start again build I've had time to examine my intercooler setup my my little 2.1 setup. Making comparisons between what I have and what's available to the 03-04 Cobra guys my setup comes up as lacking in the water flow department. To be more honest it's...
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    New T.V. Recommendations

    Well my 2nd T.V. in 5 years went titts up the other day and I only have tomorrow available to go get one. I am not up on any of the new tech regarding them and need some suggestions. I'd also like to let you know I will not consider any of the lower end brands. TCL, Vizio and the like are...
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    Never Again

    I want to preface this thread by letting everyone know that it will probably come off as a rant. However there is an important question at the end that I'd like answered by my fellow Veterans here. I am genuinely curious as to where you all stand. I am also sorry for the long post and do...
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    Iron 4.6 Dimension.

    I am hoping someone here has a cast iron 4.6 sitting around or on a stand that can take a quick measurement for me. I need the distance from the top of the cylinders to the valley area while placing a straight edge across the the cylinder banks. Think of making a T bank to bank and measuring...
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    Restomod/Pro Touring Build Guidance.

    As I get closer to getting my gt back on the road my mind has started to wander into the possibilities of what I can build next. I've kicked around picking up a used GT350, C5/6 Z06, GT track pack car and even a used SS with the 1LE package. While they are all great cars in their own right I...
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    Ram 1500 Experiences and Opinions

    Looking for opinions and experiences on the Ram 1500 5.7. I ask because it seems like people either love them or hate them. My brother for example loves his 2014 Ram. It has 60k on it and the only issues have either been self induced or wear items. Flip to a friends brother who Lemmon lawed...
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    Scott Rod panels & washer bottle?

    Has anyone seen a Scott Rod inner fender panel install that kept the washer bottle WITHOUT modding the panels? From what I have seen and can tell keeping the stock bottle on the stock location would require some fabrication that I don't want to jump into. Has there a way to keep my stock...
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    Dumping Social Media Anyone?

    I wrestled with this for a while and finally pulled the plug on my Facebook account this morning. No I am not looking for some slap on the ass good game but rather wondering if anyone else is done with Facebook and the like? If so what were your reasons and was there a final straw so to speak...
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    Favorite BBQ/Grilling Rubs

    Since it has become obvious that we have several BBQ/Grilling subject matter enthusiasts here I thought we could toss out a list some of our favorite rubs. I've tried my fare share but am always looking for something new and often try different rubs based on recommendations. Below is my current...
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    Kenne Bell 2.6 2V Guys.

    I know we have or had some members here who had the old 2.6 2V setup on their cars. I am having some issues with fabricating a bypass valve tube for my 2.1 with 2.6 inlet and am in need of a little help. Can anyone owning one of these kits please post up some clear pictures of the tube...
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    Job Offer & Previous Injury

    First please forgive my ignorance here as this situation is completely new to me. I've never had to deal with this situation before. I was recently extended a conditional offer from a job that I have been trying to get for over a year. The condition was that I passed a physical. The other day...
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    Parts Store Half Shafts

    First off my car will never see the strip again so I don't see the need for upgraded shafts and I don't ride around on drag radials either. Currently my half shafts are in so so condition but all 4 of the boots are showing their age and are cracking on the outboard edge of the clamps. So this...
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    WTB EVAP/Vapor line 99-04.

    I am looking for the EVAP/vapor line connects between the fuel tank and the aluminum line that is routes above the diff. Its the one everyone fights when they drop the take and has two white fittings. I don't know any other way to describe it and I can't get a picture to load. If you think you...
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    Engine build with new 4.6 block?

    So after some searching I've got a line on some NOS iron 4.6 blocks. This got me thinking about building an essentially new engine. The benefits would be that I would have the maximum amount out meat in the cylinder walls and unless I went with ARP main studs I'd be able to skip the trip to...
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    Intercooler Dimensions

    I am looking for the dimensions of the lightning intercooler. Length, width, height and spacing of the bolt holes center to center. I'd also like to get the distance between the feed and return lines as well as the outside distance. If someone has the time to get these for me I would...
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    ISO/WTB Whipple Throttle cable bracket

    Taking a chance someone has one of these brackets laying around. I specifically need the bracket that comes on the standard inlet. PM me.
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    WTB T56 Bellhousing

    Looking for a stock cobra T56 bellhousing. PM me with what you have. Thanks.
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    Jet hot vs local ceramic coating

    I am trying to figure out what is best between the two. Jet looks great and seemingly performs great but I wonder if it is worth it compared to a local guy doing regular ceramic coating? The parts in question here are factory exhaust logs. I'd love to do long tubes but I live in commiefornia...
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    Need a couple of measurements please.

    I was wondering if someone wouldn't mind taking a few measurements for me. It would really help me with my build. 1. height or rise of the hood in center where the relief area is where the blower pulley kind of goes. 2. height or rise of the hood around the IAC area. I believe the best way...
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    F/S Trufiber a70 saleen extreme replica hood

    I have an unpainted new saleen extreme replica hood for sale, asking 500. I am located in Sacramento CA. I am not willing to ship this hood due to cost. I am open to trades for an OEM or cervinis 03/04 cobra hood or a cervinis cowl hood. Please do not contact me with lowball offers or wanting...
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    WTB 40 Amp BAP

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    Neighbor Problems serious advice please (joking ok too!)

    Roughly two months ago my younger brother moved in and we instantly started working on his Mini Cooper S as it had what we believed to have a blown head gasket. During the process we found multiple issues with the car and are still in the process of getting it fixed. Since his car is down our...
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    Severe sciatic nerve pain.

    I have cut myself open more then a few times, fallen from a tree house onto a barb wire fence, broken a hammer on my finger and a slew of other crap and nothing compares to this. I have been going to physical therapy twice a week for four weeks and saw drastic improvement only to do a 180...
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    Christmas feast leftover creations.

    So as usual I have a TON of leftovers in my fridge. Several pounds of smoked ham, some deep fried turkey, home made mac n cheese, rolls, home smoked cheese and the list goes on. This year I started swapping leftover ideas with friends and thought we could get a list going of what people do with...
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    WTB damaged cobra bumper.

    I'm looking for the center section of a cobra bumper, the area around where the license plate would go specifically. If you have a damaged bumper with the specified section still in tact plz pm me. I'll need some picks and will also need you to cut that section out to ship it to me. Thanks.