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  1. Silver04L

    I don't recognize any of you

    Man, I know its been a long time since I posted in here, but I don't think I have recognized a single screen name
  2. Silver04L

    S197 cover

    I have a real nice all weather cover for a S197 Mustang. I had it on my 07 GT it fit like a glove. I traded in the GT on a 08 SRT8 Charger so I don't need the cover. It didn't come with a carrying bag or anything, just the cover. I paid around $220 from FordSVTParts on here. It is only a...
  3. Silver04L

    Any VA lawyers here?

    If so, please PM me I (my wife) has an issue up there....
  4. Silver04L

    new daily driver

    well, i am taking the truck off the road as a daily driver. it will now be a weekend warrior. in its place i needed something with four doors. i took our low mile, paid off 2007 mustang gt in today and traded it on a brand new 2008 SRT-8 charger. the only option its missing is the back seat...
  5. Silver04L

    would like a photoshop of my Harley

    can someone please make the paint on this a flat black??? No pinstripes and no emblems on the tanks would be OK
  6. Silver04L


    Well, I haven't been able to lower my truck any more than I did with the 2" shackles because of my drive way. I had an 8" rise in my driveway where they didn't smooth down the curb. My truck, the mustang, and both motorcycles rub if I didn't come out just right. Well, the city guys game out...
  7. Silver04L

    I think there's a few bikers in here

    I picked up a new daily driver last week.
  8. Silver04L

    My new Road King

    picked it up last week. 2009 HD Vivid Black Road King. I am going from a Yamaha Vstar 650 custom to this hoss. Twice the weight, more than twice the power. I got it with a Skull collection Derby cover and a passenger backrest. It also has a windshield, but I ride with it off most of the...
  9. Silver04L

    Xcal2 question

    I am about to sell the Xcal2 for my Mustang to a guy. I set my car's tune back to stock. That is all you have to do to unlock it right?
  10. Silver04L

    S197 parts in the market

    Hey guys, I am trying to sell my GT, I am putting it back to stock now, I posted an ad in the market for a C&L and Xcal 2 kit. PM me if interested, thanks..... link to ad:
  11. Silver04L

    C&L Racer intake and SCT Xcal2

    I bought this and put it on our 07 GT. I am trying to sell the car, so I am going to put it back to stock. It was on the car for no more than 350 miles. It is the black plastic C&L tube, filter and heat shield. With it is a newer version (blue backlight) Xcal 2 with a tune written for the...
  12. Silver04L

    anyone looking for a new mustang?

    I listed one in the market, its a 07 with only about 5K miles. I need it gone
  13. Silver04L

    stealth bulb users

    Well you guys had told me either 3357 or 3457. I orderd them today and told them what kind of vehicle it was and they said P/N 3157 is anyone using that one
  14. Silver04L

    got my clear corners

    and they sent me ones for the explorer
  15. Silver04L

    2007 Mustang GT

    We have decided to sell our 2007 GT. We simply don't drive it. It is the Alloy color with black leather interior. It has the 18" fan blade wheels and the CD changer/MP3. It does not have the sub woofers or satellite radio. The only mods to this point have been a C&L Racer intake and a...
  16. Silver04L

    corner light swap

    Hey guys, I finally ordered some clear corners, I was looking at the stock ones, it looks like you just have to remove that one 7mm bolt and they come out huh? Any tips or anything to look out for?
  17. Silver04L

    Dtc 2195, 2197

    I just corrected a vacuum leak. The valve on the bottom of my oil seperator won't close up all the way. I fixed it (took off the oil seperator for now) this morning after I found it when the truck was idling real rough and wanting to shut off. I just got these two codes 2195 and 2197 when I...
  18. Silver04L

    stealth bulb p/n

    I finally got around to ordering the clear corners from F1. I tried a search, but I can't find the P/N for the correct stealth bulb. Anyone know which one it is. Chris if you read this, do you still have them?
  19. Silver04L

    where has bob been?

    I haven't seen Bob (Fade2Black) post in a while.....where has he been?
  20. Silver04L

    Hotchkis TVS

    I tried a search, but couldn't get a solid answer. I know that there ar issues with the combo of the TVS, long traction bars, and Bassani exhaust. Does this occur when using shackles with the TVS? I mean, If I put my stock shackles back on and only lower the truck as much as the TVS does on...
  21. Silver04L

    Back from Germany

    Well guys, I am back. I ended up staying in a small town called Amberg, internet in the hotel was far from cheap. We had about a 35 minute drive from the hotel to the range everyday. It was a fun drive, lots of twisties on country roads. We had a couple of Audi A4s for rentals. I was...
  22. Silver04L

    DMR oil seperator-need pics

    I need some pics of anyone with a DMR catch can on their truck, no instructions, just want to be sure i am hooking it up right......
  23. Silver04L

    Eaton from '04

    removed it with about 21K miles on truck.......$225 paypal add 3% pics on request
  24. Silver04L

    Jlp Cai

    SOLD to BUILT54
  25. Silver04L

    Sean Hyland?

    Anyone running one of their longblocks?