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    New Pics of my 99 Cobra SVT

    Been a while since I posted new pics.. Yes, I still have the BBS RK's. This is my new winter wheel set up. -Mike
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    Question on your new Drag Wheels

    Hi AM, I see you have some new AM drag wheels are your site. Can you please provide me with the weight of 17x4's and the 15X10's? Thanks! Links below. No weight is listed on your website.
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    FS: 1999-2004 Mustang Parts

    I have a few 1999-2004 mustang parts for sale: - 2002 Mustang Dash (In great shape) $50 - 1999-2004 White side skirts GT/V6 (4 pieces) $30 - 1999-2004 Driveshaft painted black $50 - 1999 Cobra SVT Wheels & Tires - SOLD Located in San Jose, CA. More pics Coming soon...
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    Best PSI for 305/35/18 MT DR's at the track???

    What up, I'm running Mickey Thompson ET Street Radials II - 305/35-18. Mickey Thompson ET Street Radial II Mustang Tire - 305/35-18 3785R - Free Shipping 3785R What PSI should I run at the track? I can't wait because my cobra is finally tuned :rolling: Thanks, Mike
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    Inside Trunk Pic Request!

    Hi Guys, I'm trying to figure out for to attach this trunk light to my 99 Cobra. I'm using a 2003/2004 trunk wiring harness btw. Here's the piece I'm trying to attach to the trunk. Any help would be great! Thanks! -Mike
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    ~ Custom BBS RK's on a 99 Cobra ~

    ~ Custom color'd BBS RK's on a 99 Cobra ~ I tried to capture some of the different shades/angles of the wheels. I'm only using a point and shoot camera. I hope I can get one of my buddies to take some real pics of these wheels soon. Garage Pics...
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    Custom Powder Coated BBS RK's Teaser Pics...

    Well after 2 years of having black RK's :xpl: The fronts are done and the rears should be done next week. This was the color I was going after.. -Mike
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    What equal's a better 60'/Qtr mile time

    Simple question: What would get me (Mods in Sig) a better 60'/Qtr mile time for a rear DR set up? A 17x9 (275/40/17) or 17x10.5 (315/35/17) I got a 1.777 with a 17x8 Hoosier DR. This is the 2nd set of wheels I'm currently working on right now and need more info from you guys. Thanks...
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    WTB Black OEM SVT Cap(s) (1, 2, 3 or 4?)

    Just like title says. I would like to buy a black OEM SVT cap(s). Let me know if they are off of a 2001 or a 2003 cobra. Thanks! -Mike
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    Don't fear the gear!!! (4.56's)

    I just wanted to let everybody know in this forum that I've been DD'ing 4.56's for over a year now with no issues.... I love the gear and no it's not too much! I hope to have some vids in the future here since I got a GoPro a few months ago. Forget 4.10's people and get 4.56's if your...
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    Back to the clean look - 99 Cobra (Pic Heavy)

    I finally removed all my decals (Except cobra bumper insert) and have new fogs/headlights up front now. Also went black to the non-blacked out snake in the front grill. Decided to take some pics of my new clean look. I'm planning on finishing off the clean look with powder coating the BBS RK's...
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    I removed all my decals and finally have new lights/fogs up front. Decided to take some pics of my new clean look. I'm planning on finishing off the clean look with powder coating the BBS RK's. Do you like the blacked out SVT emblem next to the license plate? 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7...
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    What's my Cobra worth?

    So somebody's interested in my 99 cobra. I might sell it and buy some other stuff. What's my Cobra worth with my BBS RK wheels and with my stock wheels? 1999 Cobra SVT Mod List 77,000 Miles ruffly Engine JLT 9" Filter 01 Cobra intake tube Ported & Polished Lower Intake 3/8...
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    What lug nuts for your 3" ARP studs?

    What open lug nuts do you guys recommend for your 3" ARP Studs? The ones I have are crap and I want to buy better ones. :beer: ARP Rear Wheel Stud (fits .603"-.613" hole) - Wheel Studs - Wheel Accessories - Wheels - 96-98 SVT Cobra Thanks, Mike
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    New track vid of my 99 NA Cobra

    My NPB in my 99 Cobra 12.718 @ 106.943MPH T45, 4.56's, suspension, bolt on's and NO TUNE.. Still working on diver mod. LMGW9tjl_CY&feature=plcp -Mike
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    One cool new pic I took

    From a car show last weekend. -Mike
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    What to do to get the paint to shine?

    I have a white 1999 Cobra. It's got a decent wax job on it, but my paint doesn't pop or shine like newer cars. Is there anything I can do? Special product I can use? Yes I know the car is like 13 years old.. Thanks
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    People clean your MAF's!!!

    I haven't needed to clean my MAF until now. I threw a P0174 code the other day on my way home from a car show. Which means clean the MAF! I seriously noticed and heard a difference after I gave my MAF a good cleaning... No more codes or ruff idle at all. Time to go back to the track :rockon...
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    Smog Mid-pipe Q?

    Can I pass smog with my catted bassani X pipe? Or do I need to throw on my stock mid pipe? Thanks, Mike
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    New look for my 99

    So I wanted to give these Saleen Side Stripes a try. So far I like them with my current set up. -Mike
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    Added Saleen Side Stripes

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    Weeping a little bit of Oil

    So I noticed this when I was under the car and found it dripping down toward the oil pan/trans...? It's not much, but something I need to address. I was thinking it could be valve cover gasket needing fixing, a/c compressor(most likely not), something with the head or broken stud? It's on the...