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  1. Blinkwow74

    Tial BOV issue

    looking for some assistance here.... 2011 mustang gt with a Paxton 2200SL installed with all the various things also attached. I had the car tuned about 5 days ago and everything was running great. Then a day ago I started losing power and all I could hear was the woosh sound you hear when you...
  2. Blinkwow74


    Looking for some pro’s and cons against getting 2019 GT350R or a 2018 ROUSH Jackhammer both new will be roughly $72k
  3. Blinkwow74

    2019 GT350R

    Hi, Was wondering if anybody knows of any dealers on the East coast that will be getting a 2019 GT 350R allocation? My dealer here in South Carolina said he's going to want 10K over MSRP. I know a lot of things I could do with that 10K besides lining their bank accounts. If you do can you send...