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  1. Daniel

    Any Believers in the Biblical Rapture? End times

    How many believe with many prophecies that are happening around the middle east and coming to fruition that Jesus is coming soon? All the events that are happening point to yes. Cashless society, vaccine shots, new world order trying to be rushed in, the abraham accords peace treaty being...
  2. Daniel

    Girlfriend and blocking your calls

    What would you do if your girlfriend blocked your number every time you had an argument/ fight? I'm just curious as too what you guys would do? Would you say you're done the next time she did that to you?
  3. Daniel

    World's Greatest Drag Race 7

  4. Daniel


    Fast forward to the 6min mark if you want to see the part when he gets bit. This guy is crazy and I love this channel.
  5. Daniel

    Street Outlaws BUSTED in $15,000 Street Race!!

    Has to suck for that driver being busted here in Texas. Laws are strict here in Texas about street racing
  6. Daniel

    Taliban Takes Shots At US Soldiers And Gets A Proper Reply

    A pretty good video, merica hell yea!!!!:D
  7. Daniel

    CNN reporter trapped with Iraqi forces during ISIS attack

    Scary and both sad.
  8. Daniel

    10 Best Moto Road Rage 2017

    Some of these guys are just simply retarded.
  9. Daniel

    Bear chases biker down the trail

    Scary shit in your pants moment lol.
  10. Daniel

    Cops and Supercars Compilation

    Cops be pulling some people over for no really good reason
  11. Daniel

    Lamborghini Crash Compilation #1

    Some really bad crashes
  12. Daniel

    Somali Pirates VS Ship's Private Security Guards

    Get someeeee
  13. Daniel

    Strange Humanoid Creature

    [ I cant tell if its fake or real?. What do you think? I paused it frame by frame and it looks legit.
  14. Daniel

    Mother And Child Killed After Speeding Porsche Crashes Into Parked Car

    WOW rest in peace you two.:(
  15. Daniel

    IDIOT Nissan GT-R Drivers

    mNv4IO6Uf6U Good watch
  16. Daniel

    Brand new Silverado a total loss

    O40K2FluTUA sucks for him
  17. Daniel

    Hurricane Matthew

    Any of you guys live near where the hurricane might hit? Are you packing things up to leave when the goverment tells you to get the hell out of dodge? I hope everything goes well and maybe the hurricane might change its path of destruction. God bless ya
  18. Daniel

    Lion tries to Kill Baby on live TV

    UOiVRMOKlXw What a stupid ass mom:bash:
  19. Daniel

    Independence Day Resurgence

    Just got out from seeing it and thought it was ok. I thought part 1 had more to it in my opinion. It also seems setup for a third if they decide to make one.
  20. Daniel

    Crazy events unfold in a BC town

    z6LaDJYOTvg Bunch of crazy shit going on there lol
  21. Daniel

    Chevy Corvette Z06 C5 vs 2014 Ford Mustang GT Tug O' War

    xK34KW7bXUc 5.0 Powa baby ;-)
  22. Daniel

    Cammed Vehicles/ Any Complaints?

    So I'm in the market again to buy another cobra since I last sold my 10th anniversary 2003 cobra last year. Well I found a nice cobra mustang for sale and it is cammed and it sounds like a beast. :coolman:. I was wondering do you guys get any shit from neighbors and people about having a loud...
  23. Daniel

    "The War of 1996”

    6IKUNzGn2cc Cant wait:rockon:
  24. Daniel

    Man loses leg by shooting lawn mower full of explosives

    S6V0S1m5a7U What a dumbass...:bash: