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  1. suicidekings

    WANTED: 03/04 cobra mirrors

    would like to find a pair of mirrors, any color really as they will be repainted rio red. torch red is close so those would be preferred.
  2. suicidekings

    WTB foxbody

    Im pretty wide open here. 4 eye cars have a special spot in my heart. Car will be used as a track car so bonus if the car has a cobra brake setup with 5 lug already. Bonus if it has 8.8 already as well. Bonus if it has MM full suspension already. Budget will greatly depend on the car...
  3. suicidekings

    My new Dark Sage Green 85 Notch

    Ive been guilty of starting 3 build threads and not finishing them or getting offered a good amount for the car so I sell it. For that reason I won't officially start a build thread on this one. Just pictures. I wasn't even looking for a fox.... but here we are. The car is a 1985 LX 4...
  4. suicidekings

    Best retrofit HID headlights out there?

    Looking for the best quality retrofit headlights out there. Don't need fancy back lit eyes, led light strips etc. Just a projector HID kit that includes the bulbs etc. plug and play.
  5. suicidekings

    1986 GT build thread.

    Im back again, I enjoyed doing the others so here I am back to document yet another. After finishing my 85 a couple of years ago I have been enjoying the car, the thing I have enjoyed the most is the time my Dad and I have spent together building it and enjoying it. He absolutely loves...
  6. suicidekings

    1985 GT New BC Forged Wheels

    I recently was offered a good amount of money for my BBS RK's and that pushed me to take BC Forged up on their sponsorship deal they offered me. The photos were taken by my good friend @hyvltge and he did a great job. Without further delay. Here are some photos! _MNR9739 by |SK...
  7. suicidekings

    1985 LX notch build thread

    Well, some of you remember me from my 85 GT hatch build... then after that my 98 cobra build... that one was short lived as I sold that car last year. I wasn't looking for this car, didn't really need another project but the car was being raffled off, $100 a ticket and 100 tickets were...
  8. suicidekings

    WTB 2 18x8.5 et 25 BBS RK wheels

    I only need the fronts. I don't care what they look like as long as they are not cracked and broken.
  9. suicidekings

    New to me daily driver

    I was in the market for a new daily driver. The criteria was 4 doors, low miles, comfortable, and quick. I wanted to stay under $25k, the cheaper the better. I have always liked these cars, I didn't want the newer 6.3.... So this is my new to me 05 E55 AMG. 41k miles... ended up...
  10. suicidekings

    1998 Cobra Track Car 26k miles

    Location : Chandler AZ Price $10k obo 1998 mustang cobra with 26k original miles. This car was hit in the rear so it has a restored title. This is why I turned the car into a track car. Modifications: Stripped interior for weight reduction Off road x pipe Magnaflow catback exhaust Pro...
  11. suicidekings

    Need your help with a contest!

    Hey everyone. Some of you may be familiar with my build but if you aren't feel free to check it out in my signature. Anyhow my 85 GT is in the final four for CJ Pony Parts Mustang Madness. I am here to be that annoying guy that begs for votes lol. You will receive an email and you need to...
  12. suicidekings

    Mamma I made it! MM&FF feature article.

    The goal was always to get a magazine feature with this car.... Coming to print soon, not sure the exact issue yet. Tony Frank’s flawless 1985 Four-Eye Mustang GT
  13. suicidekings

    98 Cobra dedicated track build thread

    Well guys, several of you have asked for it and here it is... A build thread for my new to me Cobra. Many of you may have read my 3 year build thread for my 85 GT here ==> 85 GT Build. Now that car is done I have quickly come to the conclusion that car is far too nice to track. So I decided...
  14. suicidekings

    Greater LA area fun roads

    Hey Cali folks! I am in Arizona and will be making yet another trip out to Fab Fords Forever. Every other year I didn't do much exploring however this year I wanted to go on a cruise since I will be getting into town early Friday. I spent a lot of time in Santa Monica, Marina del rey...
  15. suicidekings

    can anyone with BBS RK's help me out???

    I dropped my wheels off at the shop and like a dumbass didn't measure what I really needed to measure. Can anyone measure the distance from the front caliper face to the back of the front wheel? I know its not a lot of room but I am trying to see if I have enough room to mill off a little...
  16. suicidekings

    Opinions on enclosed trailers

    I have had my eye on enclosed trailers for quite some time now and the best deal I can find is Defender Cargo ($4k). The trailer MFG shows as Lark and I have heard of the brand before but never really any good or bad, I just know the name...
  17. suicidekings

    Fabulous Fords Forever 2018

    Alright AZ folks, we are getting close to that time again and I have registered. Now its time to finish the car up! Who else is planning on going? Would be cool to get a big caravan heading out early Friday morning.
  18. suicidekings

    Who else has given up two wheels?

    By that I mean motorcycles. I have been riding for several years, but back in 2015 I dedicated my time to only riding on the track. Riding on the streets here in AZ was mentally draining, always being hyper aware of each surrounding, always looking for an out just in case. After a few years...
  19. suicidekings

    2016 Explorer Feedback wanted

    I am looking at 16 Explorers and I am torn between the Sport with the ecoboost or a limited with the standard 3.5 non EB. This will be a daily driver, will tow the track bike to the track so I dont need the power to tow more. I want the luxury and comfort, sync, cameras, cooled seats, dual...
  20. suicidekings

    2013 DIB Shelby GT 500 rolling shots (very very pic heavy)

    So I have been wanting to do my first rolling sots for quite some time. I have helped out a good friend of mine, Hyvltge, on several occasions and it was finally time for me to take my first rolling shots. We called up 2011GTCS and asked if he wanted to be a subject.... He obliged. Again...
  21. suicidekings

    FFF 2k16

    Unfortunately I wont be bringing my fox this year as its still in the build process. But who else will be going out there? I am driving out to pick up my new wheels, I plan to head out on Saturday early morning. I plan to bring my camera, let me know if you want some pics of your rides...
  22. suicidekings

    Wtb bbs rk

    I don't care what the finish is. I am open to a set that needs some work but looking for 18x8.5 and 18x10. Send pics and price to PM please.
  23. suicidekings

    1985 GT build thread.

    So this is going to be my first attempt at a "build thread". The beginning state is a 22k original mile two owner car. I bought the car off a family friend back in 1999. Factory 10" brakes, factory struts, BBK lowering springs. New setup is as follows: Brakes and Suspension: North Race Cars...
  24. suicidekings

    17x8/17x10 Chrome saleen SC replicas 4 lug

    Wheel and tire package has a total of maybe 800 miles on it. Wheels are 100% mint condition, not a single sign of any rubbing or rash anywhere. Custom milled aluminum center caps. Wheels were coated with CQuartz so the brake dust just falls off of them. Tires are Continental Extreme Contact...
  25. suicidekings

    Fabulous Fords Forever 2015

    So who is going to the show? I will be trailering my queen out there this year.