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    C6z(full exhaust) vs Charger Hellcat(auto)

    I haven’t been around these parts in a long time and have since been trying out the vette life with a JSB C6Z. C6z mods are: ARH 1 7/8 headers, catless x pipe, corsa sports axle back, and haltech intake. Stocks heads living dangerously!! Charger Hellcat: auto and I’d assume stock. So I was...
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    18in Ruff Racing 278 Wheels(Widen and great condition)

    I have for sale a full set of 18in Ruff racing 278 wheels. Wheels are in great great great condition. There are NO bends on either side or any of the wheels. There is NO curb rash on any wheels. And tires are in great condition with 90% tread left. Price is $1200 obo, if interested please read...
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    FS: Spare tire well intercooler tank

    I have a spare tire well intercooler tank for sale. I took it off a car that I bought that had this and a vortech aftercooler setup. I made the swap to a front mount air to air intercooler. I took the cap off it since the rings holding it in were rusting and I figured I or someone would be...
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    FS: Vortech V-2 si trim kit, Complete/Mildly built T-56 26 spline(Parts still on car)

    Everything has sold!! Mods you can delete the thread
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    Single Passenger side 03/04 cobra mirror

    Have for sale a passenger 03 cobra folding mirror. ONLY the passenger mirror. It is in great condition with having tape on it to protect the paint. The only damage on it(someone else had to point it out to me) is that it looks like the top small part of the corner had broke off. I personally...
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    FS: Supercharged 1999 Cobra Convertible

    For sale I have a 1999 Mustang Cobra Convertible. Car has 107,000 miles on it. The built motor in it has roughly 30,000 miles on it. (Have proof) Car has Full exhaust: Hooker Longtube headers, catless x-pipe, bassani catback. The cats are visually there, but are gutted. Suspension is easily...
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    G8 vs Most of the World

    Made a video for my buddy and his G8. He had WAAAYYY more races than the ones in the video. Car runs strong, but all and all the B$%^H be heavy. Hope you enjoy :beer: eA4s2BO2kBc
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    N/a 99 Cobra track visit

    I made a lengthy post in the 99-01 cobra forum. He it is... I figured I'd keep this one short and post my only pass I got to make yesterday off the trailer. 60ft.......1.569 330.......4.763 1/8.......7.456...
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    99 Cobra Track Times

    Really wish I was better at post pics on this site. So just got to read a lot into it. LOL A little run down of the car: It's a 99 Electric Green Cobra E-85 self tuned Mods are: Stock 55k mile Mach 1 Shortblock Stock 03 Cobra heads(mild port work that I did in the garage) Stock 96-98...
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    FS: Spec Steel Flywheel and 26 Spline stage 3+ clutch

    Spec Steel Flywheel- $250 shipped I bought it brand new from Lethal Performance. Has a little over 300 Miles on it. Spec Stage 3+ Clutch disc and pressure plate. (26 spline) I have two of these and I will only sell one. I bought one brand new from Lethal. So I know the mileage is at...
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    WTB: Catback for 94-98 Mustang Gt/Cobra

    I've been keeping my eyes open for a 94-98 catback to come up for sale. I'm blown away with how rare a used aftermarket catback are for these cars. LMAO Nothing on craigslist around me. Anyways looking to buy any aftermarket catback for a 94-98 Mustang Flowmaster would be my last choice...
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    Nice and tight like you like them! (Races that is)

    Mods of the contenders are in the video. First race(s): 125shot G8 vs. Bolt-on C5z Second race: 2014 Mustang Gt vs. 2013 LS Boss Mustang Third Race: 99 Cobra vs. Termi2v (My 99 cobra so watch the comments haha ;-)) Enjoy :pop: xSTkKvD3_xg
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    WTB: Passenger side 9 thread cobra head

    Like the title says, looking to buy a passenger side 9 thread cobra head. Any condition let me know what you got. Thanks Steven
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    WTB: Passenger side 9 thread cobra head

    Like the title says, looking to buy a passenger side 9 thread cobra head. Any condition let me know what you got. Thanks Steven
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    V-2 Mach vs. 150 Shot T/A

    Some local Mexico action from this weekend. Got a decent mod list for both cars in the video. First time doing digs on the street in the mach. Had to learn quick :rolling: Embed for the incapable. :beer:
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    WTB: 99 Cobra computer and other stuff.

    Looking to put up all listed things off a 99 cobra: Computer Engine wiring harness Gauge cluster Mileage not to big of a deal, but would still like to know. Also would like to know why it is all not with the car anymore. Thanks Steven
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    V2 04 Mach1 New best (Vids)

    Last year at NMRA in Bowling Green made the first 2013 passes of the year with our Mach1. Car ran a 10.80 @ 129 then with some little things to line out. Since then we added a electric water pump and spinning the v2 faster. Saw 15psi before now 18psi. Another change was from 26" M&H cheater...
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    FS: 03 Cobra T-56 swap

    I have a t-56 that I have that I would like to sell. It's an 03 cobra t-56. It came out of a car I bought and I'm going with an auto. Previous owner had it rebuilt(have receipt) when he installed the 26 spline input shaft. The rebuild was back in 2012. I would include: Bell housing, Trans, 03...
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    E-85 and Engine temps?

    Since running E-85 in our Mach 1, we have had a 170* thermostat. So the car only gets to 184* and maybe 186* on a full run. With winter coming I'm going to be changing the thermostat anyways. And knowing that E-85 likes it's heat. I was figuring on going back to a factory 192* thermostat. I'm...
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    2013 Black Focus ST, Fully loaded with only 4,200 miles

    Gone and sold. You can delete thread
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    WTB: 99-04 Fuel hat with harness still intact.

    Looking to buy any fuel hat with wiring harness still intact. I figure it can be a from any model 99-04 mustang. Just need the harness mainly for the sending unit and evap wiring to splice into my 03 cobra hat. Also I have another 03 cobra fuel hat (with harness) that I could trade. Needing asap...
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    FS: 03 Fuel hat, 3 focus pumps, and 42lb injectors

    Like title says I have the follow for sale. Prices are shipped and buyer covers paypal fee unless money sent as gift. 03 cobra fuel hat $200 -comes with 3 focus pumps -no sending unit Bosch 42lb injectors $275 Injectors have less than 200 miles on them. I bought them brand new...
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    Roush Argent Wheels

    I'm looking to sell my set of Roush Argent wheels. I know the staggred sets are rare to come across. Fronts are 18*9 with NT05 265/30 tires on them. Rears are 18*10 with NT05 295/30 tires on them. When I got them I had them powdercoated gloss black. (Which I regret) They clean up nice...
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    WTS/WTT D.S.S. Level Halfshafts

    I have a pair of Level 5 Halfshafts that I'm looking to sell or trade. I bought these axles used off this site. (below I have provided the link to the old for sale thread) I would like to sell...