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  1. bdod06


    Looking for a decent mileage coupe. can be stock or a few mods but not looking for anything radical. Trying to sell a car so I can purchase but looking to plan a buy in future let me know what you have and what kind of price you are looking for. I would like to be around the 16500 and under...
  2. bdod06

    wtb license plate bracket 98 cobra

    Looking for a license plate bracket for my mom's cobra. Let me know what you have would prefer local nc or va.
  3. bdod06

    whipple sn95 possible?

    Is it possible to put a whipple supercharger on a sn95 without swapping heads?
  4. bdod06

    wtb teminator for 15k or less in march.

    Looking for teminator in march sort of a feeler to see what's out there. Would prefer white buy most colors will work. Let me know what you have looking to spend 15k or less. It decent miles 80k and below. Long shot maybe buT let me know. Again it will be in march but will be buying. Text 336...
  5. bdod06

    for sale 4 black 18x9 saleen wheels

    I have 4 black 18x9 saleen wheels from American muscle. Wanting to sell to put towards a bother set of wheels. Not looking for trades just cash. No I don't do pay pal and would prefer the buyer pick up the wheels. Price is 400 obo text 336 391 0485 for pics and other info.
  6. bdod06

    Looking to start a Modfox Build

    Like the title says Building a modfox. In need of interior all interior parts. Would prefer them to be black if at all possible. Mainly looking for interior panels and dash board. plan to go to latemodel restoration for seats carpet and headliner. Locals only please not really looking to pay...
  7. bdod06

    wtf 96-98 cobra this weekend in Nc or Va

    wtb 96-98 cobra this weekend in Nc or Va Like title says I'm looking to buy a Cobra this weekend in VA or Nc. Would prefer stock or close to stock i.e. headers tuners exhaust x pipes suspension. Basic bolt on are ok just nothing too radical because I want to do the work myself. I would like...
  8. bdod06

    wtb terminator coupe any color but silver or zy

    Want a terminator near Nc or Va will be financing so no high miles please. Coupe only do not want conv. Would prefer it to be close to stock or a few mods but nothing insane. Pm or text me text is faster. 336 391 0485. Have some things I can trade to compensate for price but will add money...
  9. bdod06

    looking for an OW terminator

    looking for terminator near NC I am looking for a terminator preferably OW but open tp other colors. I will be financing with a loan from the bank so no high high miles. Would like to be around 50k or so miles. I also have some things no can trade to help with price if interested pm me or...
  10. bdod06

    what's a good sale price?

    I am looking at buying a 03 cobra with 63k on it. Mostly original parts. He's asking 17500 does that sound about right?
  11. bdod06

    trade RV for wrecked Terminator

    Looking for a wrecked terminator as a donor car for a termi fox project let me know what you have. the RV is a 33 ft long motor coach. Shoot me a text 336 391 0485 t or PM thanks guys
  12. bdod06

    trade RV for Terminator parts

    Wanting to put terminator parts on a fox body coupe. Wanting to trade a 33 ft RV for entire running gear wire harnesses and PCM. PM me or text 336-391-0485 if you have any offers. the RV is worth around 10k so i would like to get the whole running gear. text or pm me your info for pictures of...
  13. bdod06

    trade RV for 4v cobra with decent miles.

    Looking to trade an Rv for a cobra. 96-98 must be black interior. Outside cilor doesn't really matter. Looking to trade before or during this weekend. Hit me up with whst you have. 336 391 0485. Local is best. RV has no tags but everything works...
  14. bdod06

    wtb 96-98 5k max cobra in Va or Nc this weekend

    Looking for a sn95 4v cobra. Color doesn't matter really as long as the interior is black and nice would prefer leather. Would like some decent miles on it. Shoot me what you got. Looking to do something soon like this weekend soon or befor so I can drive it on the weekend.I'm looking to spend...
  15. bdod06

    looking for a good deal

    I am looking for a good deal on a Terminator. Would like for it to be stock or close to stock bolt ons are ok i.e. cold air intake, pullies, tuners, headers (shorty or longtube) Xpipes, exhaust etc. It will be my main car for a while so some decent miles would be prefered but i dont want to pay...
  16. bdod06

    FS 18 inch saleen wheels need gone today.

    I have a set of 18 inch saleen speedline wheels I need to sell today. Looking to get 450 out of them text me or call. 336 391 0485. Ill send pics vial email or text not sure how to add pictures.
  17. bdod06

    wtb 96-98 cobra

    I sold my 95 cobra now I am looking for a 4v cobra. Shoot me what you have looking to be around the 6500 range but will go up for the right car and mods. Color doesn't matter but must have hard top black interior and leather
  18. bdod06

    Wtb 88-93 foxbody coupe roller in nc or va

    I want to but a foxbody coupe roller. i have the parts I just need the body. Body must be in good shape no dents or rust if possible. color doesnt matter because i am going to paint it a color i have picked out. Shoot me a PM or text 336 391 0485
  19. bdod06

    wtb bbk mid pipe for long tubes

    Looking for a mid pipe for my long tube headers. I need it to be catless and I prefer it to be BBK. Shoot me offers via cell. 336 391 0485
  20. bdod06

    wtb 96-98 cobra 5k max in Va or Nc

    Looking for a SN95 cobra for around 5 grand. Must have black interior and has to be the 4.6. Long tubes are a plus but not totally necessary. Shoot me a holler on her by pm or by phone 335 391 0485. Phone is better thought. I really would like black white red or blue. No stickers stripes or any...
  21. bdod06

    wtb turbo kit for 95 cobra

    Want to turbo charge my 95 cobra shoot me some details if you have one or even have parts for sale.
  22. bdod06

    FS Cobra R hood and Cobra spoiler

    Want to sell 4inch cobra r hood and cobra spoiler for a sn95 body cobra want 550 for both or trade for some Grey 18inch staggered FR500's. Would like to do local sale or trade will e-mail pics to interested party.text/call 336-391-0485 thanks guys.
  23. bdod06

    looking for a daily car.

    Looking for a daily driver. My truck is about toilet go and I need something good on gas. I would prefer something with less than 130k mileage and good working order. The car has ton last me through getting an engineering degree. And would like for it to be sorta close. Let me know what you...
  24. bdod06

    wtb AFS cobra wheels 18" staggered

    Want to buy a set of 18" AFS 03/04 wheels. 18" staggered please. Would like to be some what local but if not maybe 2 or 3 hours away. Will pick up. Text 336 391 0485 or pm me or reply to thread.
  25. bdod06

    wtb 95 cobra long tubes and mid pipe

    Looking to put long tubes on the cobra. Pm or text 336 391 0485. Just wanna hav e a nice sound out of the car just wanna keep it streetable because I'm going back to school.