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    time for a L ? Or srt10 ?

    Another vote for Syclone or Typhoon.
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    What’s your favorite war movie

    The Great Escape and Star Wars
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    Anyone get a new JLU Wrangler?

    This! Except it needs to be body on frame. I would drop $30k on one as well.
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    Wetsanding my 13 GT500, part two

    Is there enough factory clearcoat to leave enough UV protection behind after wetsanding? Or is this a repaint?
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    South African S550 Mustang GT Crash/Fight

    "In a video that has since gone viral, the man is seen fighting off TMPD officers when they tried to drag him out of his luxury car at a Caltex petrol station in Capital Park." Mustang's are now luxury cars?
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    wifey/baby need a SUV ! - ideas ??

    Honda CRV or Rav4 for that price range.
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    New GT500 has 772hp

    If you use the Z06 as an example that's been stated a few times as an example for logic purposes. For this test there are two Z06's. One manual one automatic. There are two drivers. One is Randy Probst and the other is some average Joe. Both do 10 laps each. 5 in the automatic and 5 in the...
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    Q & A Session... - Ask a Ford Dealer

    I'm looking to get a larger sedan for a DD for better gas mileage and more room. A dealer close by has the car I'm looking for just not in the color I want. Is it unreasonable to see if they can search for one and can they trade with another dealership? Not sure how that works. If I do order...
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    Scirocco 16v Resto Part 2

    Excellent job! Keep it for awhile, prices will slowly go up the more rare they become. I want to do the same thing with a 1g Talon TSi.
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    Bye Felica: Say hello to New California

    Why don't we sell it back to Mexico and FUND the fence and wall.
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    Opinions on new DD

    CTS-V or Chevy SS. I don't care how much HP and gadgets FCA throws in a car, its still a Chrysler/Dodge.
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    Removing window tint adhesive

    This is a good call. From my understanding most professional shops use steam machines to remove tint.
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    Who else has given up two wheels?

    I honestly wish I could have brought myself to ride when I was in my early 20's. I just couldn't do it despite having a number of friends who rode. When I was 6 we stopped by the local convenient mart for some milk, paper etc. I waited in the car for my mom to come back. I was watching out...
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    Together, Let’s Take Back the Streets

    Cities are more and more congested and we should ban the personal vehicle so we all use a gov't mode of transportation.
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    Together, Let’s Take Back the Streets

    Living in the city is overrated anyways.
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    Maybe A Bit More Popular Than The MSM Would Care To Admit

    Do you honestly think they don't change forecasts and planning when legislation such as tax reform is put in place?
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    PS4 with mouse and keyboard

    Are they handing out keyboards and mice to only certain console players? Maybe I'm missing what is preventing other console players from switching to a superior methodology?
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    2017 GMC Denali Special Edition

    Well done as usual! Did you reinstall the car seat or was that left for the owners to reinstall?
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    One step closer to the GT500?

    So give this guy 700+ hp and base V6 brakes and let Darwinism do it's thing...
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    Let's Talk Vinyl Privacy Fences

    We just moved from a house with a privacy fence to a house with a fence our dog can see through. Granted we have a boxer, but he barks far less since he can see through the fence than with the privacy fence. Every noise that he couldn't see he'd bark at. Maybe GDanes are different.
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    Altcoin Discussion

    Thanks for the info!
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    Altcoin Discussion

    Thanks for the info! You can't fund GDAX directly? Seems as their transactions are much lower cost than Coinbase (I understand they are the same company)
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    Range Rover Sport Supercharged

    Fantastic work as usual. Always love seeing passion put to the paint.
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    Reason #8452 why I hate people. Merry $^#I$% Christmas...

    We actually had about 20 Amazon boxes come during Christmas time for various presents to other people. One of the days my wife had collected three boxes off the front porch during a heavy snow. She didn't bother to check them as it was lunch time for the kiddos. I came home from work and...
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    Reason #8452 why I hate people. Merry $^#I$% Christmas...

    Could they have brought in the package, not looked at the label and set it down? It is Christmas season and they could have been expecting a lot of boxes. When asked they assumed all the boxes they had were theirs. There are a myriad of scenarios where the people in question are not intending...