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    FIA GT1 GT 2011 engine specs

    Hello, I'm trying to find out if the Ford GT is running the 5.0L Coyote instead of the 5.3L N/A engine of last year. The GT1 website only has 2010 specs. Google wants t tell me all about the GT Mustang but nothing about the FIA GT1 GT specs. Thanks Jeff
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    Few leftovers

    I have a few stock parts left from the old '04 Cobra. 1. Complete stock air box and conical filter assembly. $50.00 2. Stock Eaton belt cover. $40.00 3. Stock intercooler tank. 40.00 4. 1 only FR500 10.0 black wheel replica $50.00 5. Stock intake manifold. $30.00 6. Stock...
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    Bore and Stroke

    Hope this is the right forum.... Hello all, Is there a way to find the bore and stoke when the motor is fully assembled? My uncle is in the process of having his Jeep SRT8 basically returned to stock. It was bored stroked to a 426, cam, ported heads and centri blower. Keeping...
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    Farting Pastor

    This is old and hopefully not a repost. God bless you Bible belt people.. YouTube - Farting Preacher 1 Jeff
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    '04 Terminator FS

    For sale 2004 Terminator Most mods are listed.. Missing a few listed mods like brake ducting.. Griggs GR-40 including K member, Koni coil overs, solid engine mounts. MM caster/camber plates. No mounting perches for stock suspension. Bump steer kit. The works.. The car has 32,900 original mi...
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    iPhone Russian Roulette Disaster

    YouTube - iPhone Russian Roulette Disaster Jeff
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    RIAA in action!

    Slashdot Story | RIAA Loses Bid To Keep Revenues Secret RIAA Radar: Home Jeff
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    Merry Christmas Tree.... :)

    Practice Sportsman/Pro Christmas tree reaction time.. NHRA Sportsman and Pro Tree Simulators Jeff
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    FS: Power Slot front slotted, Cobra calipers +

    FS: Power Slot 13" front slotted rotors with maybe 100 miles on them $125.00. BO Rear stock rotors 20k miles. Cheap MO. ’03-’04 Cobra Calipers. All internals still assembled with 20k. 250.00 BO. All items have been stored indoors in well insulated box but calipers need the hardware...
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    Power Slot slotted front/Rear stock/Calipers

    Found my long packed away Power Slot front rotors with maybe 100 miles on them. It was during my can't-spend-enough-money-on-mods faze. The were on the car for at least a week or ~100 miles. Went nutty again and bought Brembos. $125.00+shipping. The calipers and rear rotors have ~20k...
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    Fiat SRT

    AP sources: Fiat to sign Chrysler partnership deal Memories of when Ford almost bought Ferrari, in reverse. Jeff
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    10 Little Indians

    Since the Terminator was released, too many have been totaled, crashed or bastardized. (Maybe a poll would of been more in order) How many Terminators are left that are six speed, IRS, non-retitled, trashed, non-converted solid rear, auto and rebuilt cars are left? A percentage would be...
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    Phil Spector guilty!

    O.J. used the last, "Get out of jail free card." Phil Spector found guilty of 2nd-degree murder Sorry for the old school stuff. It's not old school to me... :dancenana: Jeff
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    Etihad Airways

    "Etihad Airways, you've seen us fly, now watch us drive!" The brand spanking new Airbus 340-600, the largest passenger airplane ever built, sat in its hangar inToulouse , France without a single hour of airtime. Enter the Arab flight crew of Abu Dhabi Aircraft...
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    Barbie turns 50! (Cougar Barbie)

    YouTube - barbie turns 50 Jeff
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    If you're into road bikes, the AMGEN tour is being streamed. Tour of California Unreal video considering all the hills which are close to where I live. My classic Serotta Colorado. Used to take some serious rides... Jeff
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    Happy Fooking Valentines Day

    YouTube - Sam Kinison First Appearance on Letterman
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    Mustang Forums Trolled With Hilarious Results

    Novelties: Mustang Forums Trolled With Hilarious Results Jeff
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    Serious Headlines!!

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    I believe in miracles, California gets a budget

    Only 80 days tardy. Jeff
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    McCain Invents Blackberry :poke: :-p
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    Wave good-bye to Vista

    Don't say you Vista nutswingers weren't warned. Jeff
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    Legal Question NFWS!!

    Legal Question? Is this statutory rape?? Jeff
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    Some folks on SVTP have lived in Dubi either in a military or civilian capacity. I have an opportunity to live/work in Dubi for an unspecified amount of time. I’ve heard from a few people here there are a few hoops to jump though for purchasing property and a few other details Americans do...
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    Going to visit San Francisco?

    In the middle sixties Haight Ashbury was a huge tourist stop. Tour buses clogged the streets. Tourists snapping pictures of the newest novelty, Hippies. Those days are long gone. Here's the latest... Jeff