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    Stolen white Kia Optima Fontana

    Hello if anyone has info on a 2012 white Kia Optima that was stolen on sycamore ave in Fontana , please have them return our babies stroller and car seat base, please -that's what we really need they can be left on the street Thank you Javier 626-388-8951...
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    stay strong Boston. glad to see this shit is over , American spirit is strong.
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    V-7 YSI or On 3 Turbo kit

    This will be going on a 91 gt. I need help deciding what set up to go with. I understand the stock block max is about 500hp /400rwhp , i will eventually be upgrading the long block in the future(far future) for more power. my dilemma is i live in ca, with strict smog laws, the on 3turbo...
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    zl1 vs gt500 dyno same day.

    2013 Shelby GT500 vs 2013 Camaro ZL1 Dyno Comparison Video yZBKBf8Zsjo hope its not a repost
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    SCV retrofit kits

    Has anyone heard of these retrofit kits? as far as I know they are for SCV (specially constructed vehicles) , these retrofit kits contain engines with smog equipment, and ecm ready to pass smog!!!. I wrote to sema asking about any release info and they dont have any info right know. It would...
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    Best supercharger for 91 gt

    Hey guys i have been trying to search for the best option between superchargers of any make and kind , hope you guys can help. ATI Vortech Paxton Kenne bell Im planning on having my 5.0 stock spec with forged internals, I would also like to have a street legal system ( i live in...
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    2011 shelby cylinder wall construction

    interesting read The 5.4-liter supercharged aluminum V-8 in the '11 Shelby GT500 is 100 pounds lighter than it predecessor. Eight pounds of that comes from an absence of traditional cylinder liners. What do the Nissan GT-R and GT500 have in common? This. The Nissan GT-R is a technological...
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    Yellow ZR1 Hennessey

    Saw one of these on the freeway today nice car big brakes!! nice sounding exhaust , but he was not punching it though :rockon:
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    just seen a new zr1 today!!

    its raining out here in l.a. and surprisingly saw this vehicle driven out here , looks great , other than the zr1 badges on the sides and the rear and of-course the see-through hood it looks like a z06 an older gentleman was driving it!!
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    some guy keeps hiying me up to race from a roll on the freeway

    some guy keeps hitting me up to race from a roll on the freeway some guy from work keeps asking to run from a roll , my cobra is stock 03 vert with intake he has a 96 or so hatch back civic with cam valves and nos not sure how much he is squeezing though, also the car has some slight weight...
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    Fastest production Mustang?

    what is the fastest production Mustang from Ford? 03/04 Cobra? 08 Shelby? 2001 Cobra R? .Any other suggestions? Any video or review links to prove it? check this out! YouTube - 2008 Shelby GT500 vs 2003 SVT Cobra Terminator
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    Skyline vs 03 cobra

    saw a trckload of 09 skyline gt's on the way to the dealer. what are the outcomes vs a stock 03/04 cobra coupe or vert and what is the recipe for assured success?
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    2005 sti , vs 03 cobra vert

    2005 sti (headers, exhaust, suspention) "over 300 hp" vs 2003 cobra vert with intake, do i have a chance ?