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    Stupid turbos

    So my buddy has an 01 impala, 3.8 v6, four doors and all. And a built motor with a turbo, not sure which one, but ill try to get him to jump in here and elaborate a bit. A while back we were doin some freeway pulls just because a friend of ours was in town and we were bored, more than anything...
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    Bet you didnt know...

    That a GT500 is : Only three hundred pounds heavier than a c6 Z06 corvette? or that it is also : "WAY" sicker than any 03 cobra - "makes it look like a V6 or that it is underrated to the point of having "like 550 hp" All courtesy of a salesman at my local ford dealer. (The same...
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    Carpet in a roll?

    Anyone know where to get a roll of carpet to match the stock dark gray stuff? Building my own seat delete kit, need to find some carpet to finish it off. Thanks!
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    The old GT :(

    Was going through my pictures and found a few shots of the old 94 before i sold it...I miss that car :( Was set up for open tracking by the time i sold it...May not have been as fast as the 03 but a damn good time to drive...really ought to find another one of these. I almost think the bumper...
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    SFC install?

    Alright guys, finally got around to pickin up my MMFLSFCs...any suggestions on a shop to do the install? preferably orange county/riverside area, but i dont mind driving to get good work. Thanks!
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    New best 1/8 mile times

    Ran at Irwindale last week, finally got a decent pass down, was fighting some pretty terrible wheel hop all night, of course once it hops i have to get out of it or break :( Finally got a decent run in on the last pass of the night by just heating the crap out of my poor Kumho ASX all...
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    Irwindale 10/25

    Ill be there, wont be running, but ill be there! Who else is goin? would love to meet up with you out there, always a couple cobras runnin, and plenty of ricers breakin down!
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    Saleen cruise/FFW

    This saturday the 20th Saleen is having a bit of a show in Irvine, then cruising on up to Fontana for FFW....Ill be takin part in the cruise, anyone else plan on being there? would be nice to get the chance to meet a few of y'all there!:beer...
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    Advice on a speeding ticket

    Well, it finally happened. 48 in a 35, and i think im just a couple of months away from being traffic school eligible from my last speeding ticket ( a 61 in a 55...:nonono: ) In my defence, i had never driven the road before, there were no posted signs from the point I entered the...
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    suede laying down on the job!

    Searched quite a bit for the answer to this one, both here and on a few other forums. My suede, while clean, no longer has the same texture or light gray color it once had. The seat back still looks new, but the alcantara on the driver's side seat bottom is now a much darker shade, almost like...
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    Stock '03 brakes going to cut it?

    Hey folks, little background before my question. Having sold my dedicated OT car (94 cobra) I find myself missing the track. I'd consider myself to be an average to slightly above OT driver. By no means a beginner, but nowhere near some of the folks I know frequent this forum. My '03...
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    Not quite the tick...what is it?

    So about a week ago i was sittin in the parking lot at work, about to shut off the car, and i could hear a tick...quiet, but a tick none the less, that hadnt been there before.:cuss: Got out, and near as i can tell it is loudest from about where the drivers side exhaust runs right behind the...
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    First time to a strip...input?

    First time to a dragstrip in any car, heh...more of an OT guy but went with some friends to the local 1/8mi. here at Irwindale. best run of the night (on super horrible Kumho Ecsta ASX's....yeah, the all season ones :nonono: ) 60'...........2.086 330..........5.630 1/8...........8.531...