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    Base fuel pressure and TPS for 97 Cobra?

    I assume the base fuel pressure is supposed to be 39psi and the tps set to .96-.98 volts. Is this correct? Jaimie
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    Anyone ever bust a wheel adaptor?

    I was contemplating getting some adaptors and running 2005+ style Mustang wheels on my Lightning. I just wonder how much power people have put down, best 60' times etc. Do I have to worry about them breaking? Thanks, Jaimie
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    What are people running for rear Camber?

    I am running 2 degrees negative camber in the back from my last alignment. Is this what Cobras came with stock for a setting? The reason I ask is that when I launch at the track on my DRs it looks like I am launching on less than half of the tread by the wear. I am riding stock ride height in...
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    Can't get Website to come up for Lethal Performance. :(

    :( Is anyone else having a problem getting the site to come up for Lethal Performance? I do so miss browsing the site and dreaming a little. :D Thanks, Jaimie
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    Nitrous Powered race scooter vs. LS1 TA

    I'm sure this is a repost if it didn't just get filmed this morning but it is oh so cool for those that have not viewed this video. Enjoy :eek: