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  1. Fat Boss

    Moved my water storage way up the hill behind my house

    I needed to replace the 50 year old steel water tank due to it rusting through and being on it's last legs. Initially I was just going to put two new poly tanks right next to the existing tank. My friend came by and said, "why not put it up on the hill and get some gravity pressure?" My...
  2. Fat Boss

    Carbonized Gray Mach-E GT Performance Edition reserved

    I decided I'm tired of driving the electric Focus as a DD. I put down $500 on a gray Mach-E GT PE. It'll rock 480HP and 634LBS through AWD with the mag shocks. My guess is it'll be nearly as quick as my 2013 GT350. It'll look something like this, but with the GT grill, GT wheels, tint...
  3. Fat Boss

    Convertibles - Anyone else like them?

    Guys n' Gals- Let's see your convertible pics! I've had my 64 Falcon factory V8 convertible for over 30 years now. I rebuilt the "five bolt" 289 with my dad back in 1987. I converted it to a Toploader in the early 90's. It's kind of rough at the moment, and under a tarp. I do have a pretty...
  4. Fat Boss

    Need PN for BELT for Ford Racing 624HP Blower

    Guys, I just got a 2013 Shelby GT350 with the 624 HP supercharger. The belt is fraying. Anyone have the correct PN, and furthermore where can I get one shipped out today for Sat delivery? Am I down to either Shelby or Whipple? Thanks! Andy in Morgan Hill, CA
  5. Fat Boss

    2012 Boss 302 with a lot of mods for sale $29.9k

    SOLD -- 2012 Boss 302 with a lot of mods for sale $29.9k Guys and Gals, Here's your deal of the century. I need to buy a house- like right now. So, my loss is your gain as they like to say. See this link for details. Car is in Nor Cal and has only seen rain once in the past year and a...
  6. Fat Boss

    Playing Mustangs at Laguna Seca

    Guys n Gals- Here's a vid of us messing around at Laguna Seca last month at the DO THE SCREW IN YOUR 302 event. Good times! :beer: Good times at Laguna Seca in the Boss 302 - YouTube
  7. Fat Boss

    Has anyone replaced their EPAS or Inner Tie Rod?

    Guys, I need to replace my inner tie rod end on the pass side of my '12 Boss. Has anyone actually done this? Any tips? :read:
  8. Fat Boss

    Banged up my Boss

    All was well at Spring Mtn until about the second to the last lap. It's not horrible, but still I really hate to see it looking like this.
  9. Fat Boss

    Perfect day at Laguna Seca

    Guys I went to Laguna Seca with the Nor Cal Shelby Club the day after Thanksgiving. Weather checked in at a balmy 75*. :coolman: Shelby Laguna Bowl 2012 Final Session - YouTube
  10. Fat Boss

    Vid from Spring Mountain

    Enjoy. :beer: With Sean as instructor - YouTube
  11. Fat Boss

    Team Shelby run to Half Moon Bay

    On Sat we had a run to Half Moon Bay just south of San Francisco. 65* and sunny boys! :coolman:
  12. Fat Boss

    Got some time in at "The Track"

    Guys n Gals- I had a chance to go to my local track on Friday. Here's some pics n vids. I thought I'd share them with you since I know a lot of you have already packed away the Mustang for the year. It was a PERFECT 61* and calm day. :pepper: Andy Git yer popcorn! :pop...