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    2003 Silver Cobra

    purchased this 2003 Ford Mustang Cobra in May 2004 brand new. I used it only as a weekend car. Currently it has 14,700 miles. The car is still covered under the factory 3yr 36,000 mile warranty. The warranty expires May 2007. Since I purchased it I have added a: 2.80 pulley, SCT chip, Flowmaster...
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    ? about AEM wide band gauge

    I just installed my AEM wide band gauge tonight. When I dynoed my car a few months ago at Steeda the air/fuel was about 12.0 across the board. When I got on my car tonight the air/fuel reading on the gauge said it was below 11.0, and anything below 11.0 does not have a reading on the gauge. I...
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    Need help pulling 2.80!!!

    I am returning my car to stock and I need help pulling off the 2.80 pulley. I have the Steeda pulley puller and it is bending the 2.80 pulley. Is there any other way to pull off the pulley with the Steeda puller without bending the pulley? Any help is great... Seth
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    Idling problems....

    I just put a 2.8 pulley on my car a week ago. I have been having idling problems since I put the pulley in. I took the car back to Steeda to have them reprogram the chip and they set my idle at 900 rpms. I have an SCT chip and I don't know what to do. Tonight my car would barely idle with the...