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  1. MikeHoncho

    FOR SALE: 2013 built Shelby GT500

  2. MikeHoncho

    Corn and Cams

    I finally got the car back from the latest round of mods. The car made 844/798. Yes, the motor is still stock (other than the cams), and yes I know we are at the limit. Because of this, Lund has a conservative tune in it now. I know there is more in it, and we may turn it up for a run at the Tx...
  3. MikeHoncho

    L&M Cams!

    I searched for a while for the best cams. I didn't want to change springs, just the cams. I called some guy at Revan Racing to discuss a few things, and he said I should talk to Michael at L&M. As always, I think Van was right. Sound: I think they sound amazing. I could not be happier. Drive...
  4. MikeHoncho

    Upgrade from MPSS to MTs?

    I know, I know, more tires:shrug:... But I was wondering if this would be worth it? In the next two weeks I should be around 775 rwhp (more on that later:beer:). I don't DD the car, it's just for play and the strip a few times a year. I currently have 315 MPSS on my 20x11 rears and they have...
  5. MikeHoncho

    Vid: ARH, OR-H, FRPP Mufflers

    Here is a video some have asked for. All my mods are in my sig. npVrYj4nNUA
  6. MikeHoncho

    '13 SVTPP wheels, GYs, and TPMS.

    Sellling the entire setup. They had 600 miles on them when I took them off the car. No scratches and no burnouts on the tires. Asking $2200 shipped. PM me for more pics.
  7. MikeHoncho

    2 Mod rounds done.

    Here is a list of what I’ve done so far. Photobucket pics are here: Photo and image hosting, free photo galleries, photo editing 1st Round: Must Haves 1. Clutch spring removal. So much smoother now. Thanks to Snoopy for the instructions. 2. Roush side and rear splitters, Jaeger splash guards...