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  1. M240Bravo

    Notre Dame cathedral on fire

    If you don't think people from the religion of peace did that I hope in your life time you get to see the world fall.
  2. M240Bravo

    JOKER Trailer #1

    So a 90 pound street performer with no military or crazy back round thats shown not to be highly intelligent is going to be batman biggest foe.....ya this is a hard pass.
  3. M240Bravo

    Anyone watch 'Den Of Thieves' (2018)?

    LOL I wrote my post before I saw your post.
  4. M240Bravo

    Anyone watch 'Den Of Thieves' (2018)?

    First 10 mins were the only good part of the movie. And the first part is just a rip off of the start of heat. Also super shooters with super guns but no one runs sights other than junk factory iron back up sights. Then at the end all these super awesome shooters can hit anyone at 50 yards, even...
  5. M240Bravo

    If you had 45k for one car...

    Do not buy a mustang, dime and dozen. For that money get yourself a viper. Great DD and not many out there since only like 33,xxx where made from 92-17
  6. M240Bravo

    Lightning Tuner in Omaha

    Thats excessive up in sioux falls, the owner and tuner is Joey. I made a post about it earlier. He tuned my cobra and I had to get my car tuned a week later somewhere else because it eat plugs and wouldn't stay running. And not one person with cobras or lightnings that went there I know got a...
  7. M240Bravo

    Lightning Tuner in Omaha

    Those prices are new standalone tunning prices, and again I haven't heard all positive reviews from the small group of people I know that have went there. And I go to a guy in houston, with shipping the cars back and forth I bet I'm paying more lol.
  8. M240Bravo

    Lightning Tuner in Omaha

    Ya I have heard of the shop, a few people say they have used the place and had good tunes and stuff. But also heard a few bad stories and heard they are in the high side of tunning. I now go out of state for my cars.
  9. M240Bravo

    Random Picture Thread

    Why do you feel bad? Am I missing something? Is it a guy?
  10. M240Bravo

    Well that was a kick to the gut

    So I lost a bestfriend yesterday morning. Out of the blue my buddies wife calls me to tell me he had a massive heart attack walking to his car leaving for work and she found him between their two cars when she went to leave the house with the kids a few hours later. I'm still in shock about...
  11. M240Bravo

    T56 Antivenom Mod 03 Cobra.

    never heard of this, might have to do this if I ever get my cobra out again.
  12. M240Bravo

    NWS Pics that make you :lol: every time you see them NWS

    Same model used in this video.
  13. M240Bravo

    If you could.......

    Live anywhere in the US(southern half), where would you live and why? I ask because I'm about ready to retire and move. BUT I want to live somewhere warm where you get almost 10 months of warm weather. No California or Florida, to crazy for my life style. Just thought about this tonight, so...
  14. M240Bravo

    Panigale V4 Speciale @ TT

    Oh I'm keeping the SL, never sell just add to the family lol. But v4r is lighter more hp and tq than the 1299 plus I got older ducs I guess its time to move on.
  15. M240Bravo

    Adam's Ceramic Spray Coating

    I just saw their youtube video talking about this and showing them install it. Waiting to see reviews and people really using it. But them using buzz words I see have scared a few people away.
  16. M240Bravo

    Panigale V4 Speciale @ TT

    Wasn't a fan of the V4 when they came out, but the more I see them at track events the more I want one. Thinking of getting a new V4R to replace my SL for a track events.
  17. M240Bravo

    Gillette’s new commercial “toxic masculinity”

    They got blocked on facebook for saying racist stuff to people in the comments. lol
  18. M240Bravo

    The Ultimate Lock Box

    I see what you did there.
  19. M240Bravo


    Love mine, and haven't had a problem with mine. Shocks and tires go fast lol.
  20. M240Bravo

    Gun Porn Thread!!!

    How I made the handles out of bar aluminum, then polished them out. Do I polish the can, trigger and hammer too?