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    99 cobra hesitates after 4k rpms

    Questions: What brand of O2 sensors are on the vehicle right now? You mentioned the exhaust temps pre and post cat being 50 deg different. This could be due to a fuel mixture and depending on what brand of sensors you have, it could eventually lead to clogged cats. Does the vehicle have a tune...
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    Cam covers, AFCO, KB 2.2, 03 Cobra Installation Pictures - Some assembly req.!

    Beautiful! Still want a lift in my garage :(
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    99 cobra hesitates after 4k rpms

    I recall someone unplugging the sensor and wrapping it up with foam padding of some sort and leaving it in the valley. There was no mention of any CEL codes. If anyone needs a referral to a tuner who knows how to turn the KS off, let me know and I will post his link/info.
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    99 cobra hesitates after 4k rpms

    At the lip. Correct! The Mach 1 alt pulley is larger than the 96-98 and 99-01 cobra. Also, the Mach alt uses a "clutch" type pulley, while ours are a slide in and bolt up. I know it's not much, but I was offering a 3.2" (lip) and 2.95" (ribs) pulley to help alleviate the possible over-spinning...
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    99 cobra hesitates after 4k rpms

    That's about right. 2.48" is what they measure at. Not sure what else your issue could be, but if you can't solve it with all the other fixes, I might recommend seeing if someone local with a 99-01 can swap their alt with you and see if the problem disappears. Can you datalog?
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    99 cobra hesitates after 4k rpms

    Did you measure? If your alternator pulley is smaller than stock, it overspins at higher RPMs and voltage begins to cut out. This causes the vehicle to hesitate at higher RPMs. My question was a serious one.
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    99 cobra hesitates after 4k rpms

    You mentioned a new alternator. Did you reuse your stock/factory alternator pulley or are you using the one that came with the replacement? Check the diameter of the alt pulley and measure it from lip to lip and give us your measurements. Also, do you have aftermarket accessory pulleys?
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    98 cobra cuts out and bogs at wot?? Bad fuel pump? What fuel psi at wot?

    It's most probably a voltage problem. Check your alternator pulley. If it's smaller than your original one, the alternator is over spining and causing the voltage to cut out at higher rpms. Also, if the alternator is not suited for your vehicle, you may experience this as well. Your stock...
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    97 Cobra hesitation low rpm/high gear

    3 possible cuplrits (from my personal experience). I chased a low rpm hesitation for a few years. 1. EGR (not likely) 2. EGR vacuum solenoid (VERY likely) I would not buy a used one.. this is something...
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    DPFE - Ford's most evil spawn to date *rant and advice for my SVT mengs*

    This shit piece of ****ing contraption almost got my kids and I killed. If you reside in a non-emission nazi state, do yourself a favor and eliminate the EGR and DPFE...and get it tuned accordingly. If you reside in a regulate your ****ing balls state such as Kalifornia, be aware that a...
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    Cam / valve covers 99-01 Cobra, also fits 03-04 Cobra

    Lowered price $100 shipped
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    Aluminum rear 8.8 girdle cover (Ford Racing)

    SOLD!! Thanks SVTP! $80 Shipped Don't need this anymore. Original equipment on 2011 Mustang SVT Fits all 8.8" Ford rear end (SRA) Cooling ribs reduce gear oil temperature Will not fit IRS
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    Powered by ford coil covers

    SOLD!! Thanks SVTP! They seem to sell for $150 shipped for a used set. ..but I'll take $135 shipped. Will also consider trading for an OEM set in fairly good condition as well, add $95 and they're yours (send me some pics) They are not perfect, but in fairly good condition. HOLY...
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    Aluminum rear 8.8 girdle cover (Ford Racing)

    Moved to new sale post: :)
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    WTB Coil (COP) covers

    GOT WHAT I NEED. THANKS SVTP!! .... . . . . . . .. . PM me what you have. p.s. If anyone has a single driver's side coil cover (cop), that would be all I need, but if you have a set at a good price, shoot me a pm. Thanks! :rockon:
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    99-01 Cobra oil cooler

    No longer available
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    Cam/valve covers for COP/coil on plug applications fits 1999-2004 Cobra & 03-04 Mach1

    Cam/valve covers for COP/coil on plug fits 1996-2004 Cobra & 03-04 Mach1 Moved to new post: :)
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    Help with datalog reading?

    :shrug: Can someone read this log for me? My car has been running rough and after replacing a bunch of stuff it's still not running right. Thanks in advance! :beer: More datalogs...
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    WTB stock 2004 Cobra H pipe

    PM me with what you have :shrug: Would prefer a local/CA sale if possible *2004 cobra mid pipe / h pipe**
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    Asking for some return help..

    Car has a stumble/hesitation and it's driving me nuts. Two weeks ago while on the frwy, car was running pretty bad with a bad stumble/hesitation. Pulled coil cover and found the plugs and coils saturated in oil. Some coils were damaged/cracked (I posted pics too) and at about this time, I...
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    Let's play good COP, bad COP...

    Misfire? Hesitation?.. Check for this and chances are, some of your COPs might have a crack in them. Mine had 4 of these damn things cracked. Probably a good idea to replace them every 20-30K miles..or when necessary. Without spring = cracked to shit (OEM that came with my motor)...
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    Why I recommend FELPRO gaskets and seals

    My spark plugs were swimming in oil. Here is why. Here are some cam cover (valve cover) seals that separate the cover from allowing oil to seep into the plug holes...if you've ever found your plugs soaking in oil. Use FelPro: OEM - Brown FELPRO - Grey
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    28 spline differential OEM ford

    Very low mile diff...still looks new. SOLD!
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    2004 Cobra 6 CD changer

    Edit: Took off market :banana: Satellite ready Pristine. $100 shipped Should fit all 2004 mustangs/Cobra *Satellite add-on system is available separately if anyone is interested :) Front: Rear looks like this: