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  1. Hunter98SVT

    What did you do for your Terminator today?

    Drove it to work Friday in the cold then detailed the engine bay and bottom side of the hood. Need to get an oem battery and replace the connectors yet. Anyone know the Motorcraft PN# for the battery? Sent from my SM-S918U using the mobile app
  2. Hunter98SVT

    What did you ACTUALLY pay for your Cobra?

    I bought a Zinc yellow 03 Cobra about 2 months ago. 39k miles, had a new front bumper on it that needed painted. Interior was 7.5 out of 10. I cleaned it up and detailed it it's about 9/10 now. Car has a full metco pulley set, afco heat exchanger, KB boost a pump, and new McLeod clutch. He also...
  3. Hunter98SVT

    LMR 03 Reps

    I'm in for pics too. Looking at getting a pair so I can have a bit more grip.
  4. Hunter98SVT

    Zinc Yellow Terminator being saved from the crusher.

    Can't believe I haven't seen this thread! Good luck on the build! Can't wait to see this thing on the road! And to be honest you don't see many ZY ones in the wild!
  5. Hunter98SVT

    What did you do for your Terminator today?

    Yesterday I installed my intake tube, hood vents, and 3rd brake light. Hood had the lmr billet ones in it and I'm not a fan of them. Going to get the shop rearranged so I can get the bumper in there to get sprayed!
  6. Hunter98SVT

    What did you do for your Terminator today?

    Picked up this Zinc Yellow 03 a few weeks ago. Stopped and got some paint for the bumper yesterday. Will be throwing on some caster camber plates, new CAI, and a bunch of other little things in the coming weeks
  7. Hunter98SVT

    Lets see those trucks!

    Upgraded to this 2011 F350 6.7L from my 09 F350 v10. What a difference in power. Nice being able to set the cruise and not have to constantly pedal it.
  8. Hunter98SVT

    Next Gen Mustang front end leaked

    LMR had this on their Instagram. Still not a fan but I won't be buying one anyways so I don't really care.
  9. Hunter98SVT


    On national TV. Making Will cry about it. They both suck.
  10. Hunter98SVT

    Single turbo timing help

  11. Hunter98SVT

    Single turbo timing help

    Okay, so I'm new to blow through carbs and turbo set ups. This is my first turbo car and this is the way I got it. I had to pull the engine and install new valve train due to cheap parts that were previously installed failed. The engine is a 347ci stroker with a 67mm turbo and a QFT 650 blow...
  12. Hunter98SVT

    Who do so many V8 guys, just HATE on Tesla?

    I drove a couple of them and for me they felt soleless. Yes they are very quick. But I still love the raw, vibrating rumble of my turbo 347 in my 93 LX. For a city car or a daily commuter car it'd be great. For rural NW Iowa not for me.
  13. Hunter98SVT

    Fuel prices near you

    $3.89 for regular in NW Iowa.
  14. Hunter98SVT

    Not having kids?

    I can't imagine life without my two daughters. And we plan for two more. I can have the absolute worst day at work, then go and pick up my girls and my oldest is 2 years old. She runs into me full speed when she sees me. After that all the stress melts away. My advice to anyone on the fence...
  15. Hunter98SVT

    Iron Fist, Lead Foot (SVT Community Book)

    Book is on its way!
  16. Hunter98SVT

    Iron Fist, Lead Foot (SVT Community Book)

    Got the book. Gunna sign it and send it to the next guy. Have them message address!
  17. Hunter98SVT

    Iron Fist, Lead Foot (SVT Community Book)

    Sent you a Message
  18. Hunter98SVT

    Iron Fist, Lead Foot (SVT Community Book)

    I sent him a message!
  19. Hunter98SVT

    What is your daily beater? Do you enjoy it?

    95 f150 4wd. I park it anywhere. It goes anywhere. I can rag on it. Run into stuff. Takes it like a champ. Love it.
  20. Hunter98SVT

    Lets see those trucks!

    Good ole V10 putting in some work!
  21. Hunter98SVT

    Superduty Roll Call

    Love my 09 F350 Lariat V10.
  22. Hunter98SVT

    Thinking of moving to a Fox Body

    I love my 90 GT. My dad has a 93 Cobra he's had (on and off) since 96. He used to warm my bottle up on the defrost. It's what started my and my brother's car craze. Mine is now tore apart for resto and a 408w stroker. My dad's has a 351w in it with around 550rwhp and it's the most terrifying...
  23. Hunter98SVT

    There's no firm timeline, but Ford is 'working toward' selling only EVs in the U.S.

    Wonder when International and John Deere will make an electric combine that can run for days on end without a charge. EV is a joke for people who live in the Midwest. I'll keep my V10 F350.