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  1. thndr8

    RIP Shockwave.

    Looks like the left side tires blew when he deployed the chutes. Fuel tanks are right before the rear tires.
  2. thndr8

    Portable Car Wash filtration for hard water

    They have a water softener. The garden hose is on a separate line. There are no other hookups for a garden hose in the entire house, I've looked.
  3. thndr8

    Portable Car Wash filtration for hard water

    After 1000 miles of bugs, I need a sponge and a hose when I get there.
  4. thndr8

    Portable Car Wash filtration for hard water

    The only thing I hate about road tripping across the country to see my parents is washing my car when I get there. Their water comes from a well and is super hard. By the time I get back home, I almost have to re-correct my paint and put down some more sealant to make the paint smooth again...
  5. thndr8

    2020 Hyundai Palisade

    You don’t use a professional steam machine? Impressive.
  6. thndr8

    2020 Hyundai Palisade

    I always wanted to ask. What type of machine do you use on the carpets? Your attention to detail is superb.
  7. thndr8

    Touch-up before and after?

    I get great results with Dr Colorchip. I usually fill the chip, let dry overnight, and polish it down smooth with a buffer then apply ceramic coat over that. If you screw it up, use brake cleaner to clean it up and start over.
  8. thndr8

    Help, we're stuck in gear

    Fixed it. Unbolted the bell housing and slid the trans back one inch to relieve the pressure on the input spline. Went right into neutral...
  9. thndr8

    Help, we're stuck in gear

    No load. Driveshafts are disconnected and transfer case is in neutral. I've tried spinning the crankshaft to try and release some load.
  10. thndr8

    Help, we're stuck in gear

    1996 Bronco 4X4 with 5 speed. I'm trying to help my buddy get his daily back on the road. Slave cylinder went out so he replaced clutch and slave cylinder. I've been in and out helping him around my schedule. Everything is back in but he apparently pulled the shifter out with it in gear and...
  11. thndr8

    CQuartz application

    Getting ready to detail and fix all the winter damage to the car. First time I'll be applying CQuartz on my car. Kids and family doesn't allow me to do all this from start to finish so I'm doing this in stages. I'd like to put down two coats of CQuartz but I know I'll only be able to do one at a...
  12. thndr8

    Colorado ticket

    I'm in Illinois and was caught speeding 57 in a 45 in Colorado Springs. I'm guilty and will pay the fine. Does CO offer court supervision or online drivers courses to keep the ticket off my record? I haven't had a ticket in over 10 years, but the last time I did in IL, I was offered court...
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    Basement projects
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    Ta ta
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    bla bla bla
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    Cold air that clears strut brace

    Who makes a true cold air intake that will clear the factory strut tower brace? From the filter to the throttle body. 98 Cobra
  17. thndr8

    11" clutch upgrade install

    I'm looking at the 11" upgrade clutch p/n # FMM 7060-C46 for a 98 Cobra. Any impressions on this set-up. I've heard that I need different flywheel bolts and if so, any part numbers? The pics show the throw-out bearing but doesn't list it. Does everything else fit like the factory like the...
  18. thndr8

    What tranny fits?

    98 Cobra. Needs a new trans, T45. What years are interchangeable between the GT's and Cobra's and to bolt in with the mechanical speedo? :shrug: