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  1. matab14

    Troy Bilt Riding Mower Troubleshooting

    I had similar Troy Built with an issue like you describe. It ended up being a ignition module thing up on top of the motor under the fan shroud if I recall. Had to remove that whole top piece. There were 2 modules under there, one was bad and the other I guess was on its way out. Mower would...
  2. matab14

    Home security camera

    I went all in on Ring as well a couple weeks ago. Really like it so far. I'm running 3 outdoor cams and 3 indoor at the entrances of the house. Really like it so far and is super simple to use.
  3. matab14

    Age and current time with your employer?

    38 years old here.....Been with current company for coming up on 8 years. I run my own department and already bring in double what I ever thought I would when I first graduated college. I truly love what I do and the industry I work in is extremely solid. I will probably stay here god willing...
  4. matab14

    Wifi - Extender Guru's

    So as far as running said lines. Could they be above ground? I say this because there is a about 40 ft - 50 ft drop in the woods between house and garage. Both are at the same elevation so if I did string something through the woods I am wondering if it just rang along some trees then elevated...
  5. matab14

    Wifi - Extender Guru's

    Hey guys, long story short I live in the middle of nowhere. We finally had an ISP run some High Speed Fiber cables down a road on one side of my property. They mounted a box on a garage that borders said road. My house sits on an adjacent road to the south. They would not run the cabling down...
  6. matab14

    Ear Pod Recommendation

    Another vote for AirPod Pros. I never thought I'd spend the money on something like that, but after about 30 seconds use I could see why. The noise cancellation was unreal compared to any wired set I had previously. I've had them about a year now and use them probably 2-3 hours a day religiously...
  7. matab14

    Black Friday / Cyber Monday Deals | What did you Score???

    Bought some new MBRP exhaust for the Ram. Excited to get it put on.
  8. matab14

    Mattress time!

    Same experience here. Bought a Denver mattress probably 8 years ago now and it's been stellar! Price wasn't ridiculous either. I think mattress was around $1500.....I'd buy another one in a heartbeat tomorrow.
  9. matab14

    Riding Mowers

    about 7 hours currently with a 50in regular rider.
  10. matab14

    Riding Mowers

    I mow about 6-7 acres but i believe it does have the Kawi engine. 24hp I think. It's the HDX version with the my ride suspension too. Which I will welcome with open arms! Damn moles!
  11. matab14

    Riding Mowers

    Anyone ever had bad issues out of Toro Zmaster series mowers? Specifically a Z2000? Guy called me today and shot a pretty darn good price that I am thinking about going with......I just know of no one really that owns them.
  12. matab14

    Riding Mowers

    It's pretty much all yard lol.....Cheers to living in the middle of nowhere! I do normally cut it at around 4"in long. Especially the parts that are away from the house. Only about 2 acres of it is the actual yard around the house. I've considered a tractor as well, but I really like the speed...
  13. matab14

    Riding Mowers

    I am looking hard at the Toro / Bad Boy mowers currently. I mow about 6 acres and have been using an MTD 50" regular riding mower for most of the time last couple of years...…I borrow a A zero turn from time to time and it cuts the job in half time wise and works so much more efficiently...
  14. matab14

    Kentucky Guys

    Went to school in Murray, Ky. Its about 30-40 min south there of Paducah. Lived in Benton, Ky as well......both were really nice and kind of right there close to Kentucky lake (LBL area). Real estate was all very affordable and like someone else said, hop on Hwy 80 and you aren't but a hour and...
  15. matab14

    Thinking of taking my wife to Key West next year. Recommendations from those who've been there?

    My vote goes to Siesta / St. Arman's beach. Just beautiful as descbribed. Been a few times now and love the area. Way Way way less congested than Destin and whole lot more bang for your buck. Think we rented a house last year for a week for about $1100 all in. Destin / 30A area was double that...
  16. matab14

    How far can a new F150 Lightning pull a 6000lb travel trailer?

    I'm a numbers guy and I just have a hard time still seeing their even being close to a justification in how the uptick on the price of the trucks outweighs or pays for itself......At best it's wash in some scenarios, but even then I'm not sure you get there..... I do stay interested in new...
  17. matab14

    Everyone keep all 10 fingers after this weekend? Lol

    Im about 3 years in on DIY firework show. I built 3 racks this year for the mortars and fused it all together with great success.....For not really having a clue what I'm doing it went well and I'm not half deaf the day after like the past 2 years. I'd say we had about $800 in fireworks between...
  18. matab14

    Rivian's slow death has commenced

    This! Drove by it several times when it was still Mitshibishi several years ago. One of the guys that works for me has a brother that moved up to Normal to work there. He visited him recently and said it's an absolute cluster there. Said they have some type of new ERP system that has serious...
  19. matab14

    Boots: what are you wearing?

    I buy new pair of Irish Setters (Red Wing) just about once a year. Wear them daily for work and love them.
  20. matab14

    Do all the trucks annoy anyone else

    Same here This! I did this about 6 years ago and it's been the best decision I ever made. It sometimes is inconvenient living in the middle of nowhere, but the tradeoff is absolutely worth it!
  21. matab14

    Floor Liners/Mats for an F-150???

    Another vote for WeatherTech. Always had good success out of them and their HQ is only a few hours up the road just outside of Chicago. Pretty cool place to see right there off of I-55.
  22. matab14

    Need help with shades of Blue

    I voted Grabber and Velocity. I wish they'd bring back Azure Blue though. That was my favorite blue on a Mustang!
  23. matab14

    Good morning chain saw thread

    I bought a Stihl with a 16" bar on it a few years ago. Probably get used 3 or 4 times a year. Never lets me down though. Starts right up with months in between at a time. I used it about 3 weeks ago though and am starting to not feel near as young these days. Was plenty sore the next day!
  24. matab14

    Please educate me- Thunderbolt ports

    I use the Dell Precision Laptops for my department and have struggled quite a bit with the Dell Thunderbolt Docks connectivity and random power issues. They use what I believe is the same style connector you reference and will randomly just not work at times / sometimes just blue screen the...
  25. matab14

    "I just want to lay on a beach and relax" and other stupid vacations....

    I have to say I'm beach fan and do very little type of person. Something about the sound of listening to the waves roll in calms and eases the soul. Kids love the ocean too and living in the middle of nothing but corn field and soybeans it's always a pretty relaxing change of scenery. Two years...