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  1. 98 svt

    Hey guys I'm back!

    Yuppers I remember you. I went by "badass98svt" back then though. Still have my 98.
  2. 98 svt

    Catalyst not ready

    Not sure about commiefornia, but in MA, we are allowed to have one sensor "not ready" when we are up for a new inspection.
  3. 98 svt

    Serious question: Who lives where it's NOT turning into a shithole?

    My area isn't bad at all. I leave my cars and home unlocked. No murders, no shootings/stabbings, no catalytic converter theft, no high crime at all. Only thing that sucks around here is the condition of the streets, and all the traffic lights they have installed over the last few years.
  4. 98 svt

    Whats going on with auto insurance?

    Mine had steadily dropped over the years. Never an increase, unless I get pinched.
  5. 98 svt


    Pretty sure they dont sell them anymore. Spark plug non-foulers have been known to work as a cheap fix, or shut the rear O2s off with a tune.
  6. 98 svt

    dipstick with 7qt canton oil pan..??

    Not sure if it helps, but I run an MMR pan. I was told to use the dipstick as normal, and fill it til it reads normal. Ends up being 10 quarts in my case. Edit: My turbo oil lines add a bit to a normal 4.6 capacity too.
  7. 98 svt

    Wiper arm delete caps

    Link? I dont see them
  8. 98 svt

    Wiper arm delete caps

    Where did you get those SVT caps?
  9. 98 svt

    The "Black Ghost" scam

    Cliff notes?
  10. 98 svt

    19" wheels? Will they fit?

    I run H&R SS springs out back. I used to run all 4 but now I have coilovers up front. I always thought the ride was better than stock with the SS springs.
  11. 98 svt

    Widening Wheels

    I run a 305/35 18 on 10" wheels. A 315 would work for sure.
  12. 98 svt

    19" wheels? Will they fit?

    I've never seen a 19" wheel that looks good on any SN95
  13. 98 svt

    What did you do to your foxbody mustang today?

    Oooooh, I like that Mike.
  14. 98 svt

    Marijuana, what say you

    Those pussy sticks suck anyway
  15. 98 svt

    Marijuana, what say you

    I bet he hates coke too, but he loves the smell of it.
  16. 98 svt

    NWS Pics that make you :lol: every time you see them NWS

    This one is ****in' great
  17. 98 svt

    Fresher Than Fresh | This 1990 35th Ann. Thunderbird Super Coupe Skipped All the Dealer Prep

    I wanted that specific SC so bad back in the day. There was one around me locally.
  18. 98 svt

    Solar panels

  19. 98 svt

    Solar panels

    Would you like to invest in a timeshare?
  20. 98 svt

    Solar panels

    No no no. All you're doing is replacing your electric bill with a solar panel bill. It's a global scam. My neighbor sells it and I repeatedly tell him to "get ****ed" when he tries to sell it to me. His panels are 15 years old, not paid off yet, and he is upgrading them this summer. What an ass.
  21. 98 svt

    FOR SALE: Nos wipers

    I dinno, that's what he is asking. "500$" Not sure if that is the same as "$500"
  22. 98 svt

    FOR SALE: Nos wipers

    Neither. It's 500$
  23. 98 svt

    Egr monitor won’t run for state test?!?!? Photos included

    Is that a stick someone used to plug up a vacuum line?
  24. 98 svt

    Allen, Texas, Premium Outlet Mass Shooting

    Gun free zone lololololol