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  1. 50stangpower

    Lund NGauge Like New

    So this is locked correct?
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    WTB quad tip Borla S-Type

    Link and price?
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    What are these TF wheels worth?

    my opinion is that they have lost value since you cannot buy replacements any more. I love the wheels as well and have had a set on my car before. I lose interest in buying something with a HIGH damage rate that i cannot replace. I would think $1,500 would be fair
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    Jeep® | Grand Wagoneer & Wrangler 4xe | Reveal

    Lincoln is all new in 2018, and it really is top shelf. We have an 18 black label and I would put it up with any high end SUV, us it is HUGE. Almost as big as my f250.
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    Jeep® | Grand Wagoneer & Wrangler 4xe | Reveal

    Hey, We have that interior in our nav, yes its as nice in person on the video.
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    Looking for a new tuner local to Maryland (not remote)

    looks like JDM is SCT only?
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    Looking for a new tuner local to Maryland (not remote)

    Tired of the remote tuning life with Lund. Have had problems with one TOONER, but did get back with Lund Jr who did my first tune. Currently with 3 kids (young) I dont have days on end to remote data log and keep working out issues. I am looking to drop it off and pick it up done so I can just...
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    C7 Zr1 splitter breaks at 160 mph...

    Good Luck. the goal is to get you frustrated enough to give up and move on. Lots of companies are doing that these days, that way only the super persistent get through and its cheaper for the company in the long run. Just blame Covid!
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    Help with RXT and clutch slip

    Shelby uses ACE which does not have good reviews.
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    Help with RXT and clutch slip

    I am not sure what happened really. it has been on the car for say 3,000 miles. Always felt fine until my first post in this thread where I described it. It is frustrating as my car always gives me issues when I am busiest in life (another baby) so I have my buddys shop doing the work. Does...
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    Help with RXT and clutch slip

    Well goodbye RXT1000. What should I try next?
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    My new hobby which will most likely kill me...

    Where all your gear! A simple put can turn bad. I ride quads now adays but always wear full gear even if I'm riding for 5 minutes. I had a fall last year and I was only wearing my chest protector and helmet. My tennis shoes flew about 30' away (I couldn't find them) and 2 weeks later my back...
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    FS: Corsa Sport Quad Tip Axle Back 13-14 GT500

    Do corsa sports give any drone? Did you have a gt500 and did you have long tubes?
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    Help with RXT and clutch slip

    got your text, will do. its not a typical organic clutch smell for sure. I have never heard a problem with it yet, my first thought was these new tires dont like to do a burnout without water, no biggie. typically i like to heat my tires up before i make a datalog pull on the street.
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    Help with RXT and clutch slip

    Hi everyone, this post will be kind of long but i feel its important to give all of the info. 2013 GT500, NSR cams, RXT clutch, sticky tire Car has been sitting a few months from winter. Fast forward to Saturday morning and I just put new Bias ply ET street pros on my car to try. I went to do...
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    Post most recent pics of your '13-14 GT500

    17x10.5 and 18x5. 28 in the back and 26 up front. Thanks. I actually think I'm going to sell the car soon. It's been sitting to much since we bought some land.
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    For Sale: Corsa Sport axleback for 2013-2014 GT500

    Did you have long tubes and did they have any drone at all?
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    All Premium Membership Packages Will Now Come with an SVTP Shirt

    What ever happened to svtoa?
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    FS Kooks 3" O/R H pipe 2011-2014 with side exhaust stubs

    Wow, I thought I was the only one. I have this same setup, it is awesome. Good luck with sale
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    Kooks catted X pipe for longtubes

    I have one. Pmed you
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    Lol try e-85 and NSR cams. I'm at like 125 miles a tank or so! But it's worth it. I didn't feel much power from the cams but did notice the loss in lower end power, which is useful for hooking up on the street
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    WTB: 07-14 GT500 Valve Covers

    I have several pictures on my phone. PM me your number.
  23. 50stangpower

    WTB: 07-14 GT500 Valve Covers

    I have a nice set off my 2013
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    Fuel rail leaking

    I think it's a spare oring or its bent because the other side is perfect. I guess I'll pull it apart and if it's not an oring I'll buy some aftermarket rails.
  25. 50stangpower

    Fuel rail leaking

    Also how depressing, my car is filthy! We just bought a small farm and I officially have 0 time for any "hobbies" right now.