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    '12 Wrangler JK Lifted

    Year: 2012 Make: Jeep Model: Wrangler JK Miles: 22,000 Transmission: 6-speed Color: Orange Crush Location: Georgetown, IN Price: $24,000 obo Stock options: Bluetooth with UConnect Radio controls on steering wheel A/C Power windows and locks Hard top with freedom panels 3.21 gears D44 rear axle...
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    This still amazes me...

    A new Isle of Man TT comp... xe0igW8jNyU#t=299
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    Acoustic manipulation

    Thought this was cool, not sure how to embed... Three-dimensional mid-air acoustic manipulation. [VIDEO]
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    1995 Cobra, white on black

    Hey guys I'm selling my '95 Cobra. It's Crystal White with black leather and has 133,xxx miles. I DO NOT want to sell this car, and don't NEED to sell the car, but due to health problems I really can't work on it or enjoy it anymore, and it's doing me no good just sitting. The car is rust free...
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    Dying light

    New game for next year, looks pretty good... J2TSCZqcjR0
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    Best wheel sealant for forged wheels?!?

    Just picked up some Weld RT-S wheels and wanna keep them purty. Can someone point me in the right direction for the best sealant? Also would like some opinions on what polish to use, thanks guys. :beer:
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    AFR enrichment question

    What is a 25% enrichment of stoich (14.64) and how did you arrive at your answer?
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    Street fight and shooting...

    It's a jungle out there... LCSybPltXDg
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    13yd old white boy beaten by 3 black kids

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    Which tires for my 17x7 front Weld RT-S's???

    I just ordered a set of 15x10 and 17x7 Weld RT-S, for the rears I have 325/50/15 Mickey Thompson ET Streets. What size should I go with for the fronts that won't be too low profile or too much sidewall but will go nicely with the rears? I'm thinking either a 225/50/17 or a 225/55/17, what do...
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    Bad Evo wreck

    Not much left of the car...:uh oh: Witness: Man killed in crash driving very fast down Gosford | Local & Regional News | Bakersfield Now - News, Weather and Sports
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    '95 White Cobra

    Off the market.
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    Need help on what BS, pad ht, etc. to order new Weld RT-s in!!!

    Hey guys I'm wanting to order a new set of the black Weld RT-S wheels for my '95 Cobra and I'm pretty sure I want to do a 15x10" with 6.5" in the rear and a 17" up front but I'm not sure what width, BS, or pad height to get?!?!? What pad height do I need to clear the Cobra brakes? I'm...
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    Will an 03 cobra fuel hat work in a 96 cobra?

    Hey guys will an 03 cobra hat fit a 96 cobra tank? I know they use different pumps but is there anyway I could use return-style pumps in the 03 hanger?
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    '03 Evo VIII - Fully Built AMS 800hp **salvage**

    please delete ***please disregard or delete***
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    '06 GG Evo IX SE

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    SCT XCal3

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    96-98 Cobra MMR sheetmetal intake

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    '98 BAB Cobra Vortech V2

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    8-10psi un-cooled safe?

    I have a Vortech V2-SQ running 6psi un-cooled, the rest of my mods are in my sig. My question is can I safely run 8-10psi un-cooled? I would add an FMIC and blow-thru setup but I don't think I'm going to be keeping this blower much longer, so what are the safe limits on my current setup as far...
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    '98 Vortech Cobra vs '05 Stockish C6

    Just a quick run I did with my buddy. My mods are in my sig, he has a shifter and catback. I shut it down around the :14 second mark. zMO5qHkNles
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    Rear-end question...

    Ok I recently had new seals, bearings, frpp carbon diff, moser 31's, frpp diff cover installed by a reputable mechanic near me and it's leaking. I spoke to my mechanic about this and he said chances are it's the pinion flange, which after spending about $700 on parts he neglected to tell me...
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    Which quadrant & adj.?

    Two questions... 1. Is Lethal Performance legit? I've heard some horror stories in the past, wondering if they've straightened out since then. I'm looking at placing an order and don't want to get shafted. 2. I'm wanting a Fiore adjuster with a quadrant, which would be the best package...
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    What's it worth?

    I'm looking at possibly selling my stock intake with composite IMRC's and controller that work perfectly. I did a search on what these are selling for and it yielded anything from $200 to over $500 for the intake alone. My question...if I do put it all up for sale what in your opinion is a...