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    '13/'14 H/E Pump Mounted to Frame on a 2008

    After some research, I decided to replace the stock H/E pump on my 2008 GT500 (VMP/AFCO H/E and VMP oversize reservoir) with the one from a '13/'14. I had three choices for location. Stock position above the H/E, on the engine like the '13/'14, or on the driver side frame rail behind the bumper...
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    MGW Gen2! Yay! Synthetic ATF? Bah!

    Bottom line for those that don't want to read my whole story: I'm running an MGW Gen2 with Dexron III and I'm way past happy! I'm a little late to the MGW Gen2 evaluation party, but I feel you have to let the new wear off before offering opinions. Between February, 2008 and October, 2014...
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    A Skeptical Observation About Amsoil 5W-50

    This has nothing to do with opinions of Amsoil's quality. Just the following statement: AMSOIL Signature Series Synthetic Motor Oil is excellent for use in all types of gasoline-fueled vehicles. It is recommended for all domestic and foreign vehicles requiring any of the listed performance...
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    Shell Spirax for your TrueTrac

    Got a TrueTrac? If you have no patience for my deductions, here’s what you want right up front: Shell Spirax HD 80W-90 or 85W-140 gear oil. True Value Online has it. Let’s start with Eaton’s recommendation...
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    Thanks to BJ and Justin at VMP

    If I'm working on someone else's problem I'm Cool Hand Luke. My own problem? Not so much. Self inflicted problem? I beat myself up mercilessly. It was one of those that caused me to contact BJ. In very short order he and Justin had me straightened out. Then I apologized to my wife and took a...
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    Supercharger Gaskets Question

    With all the blower swapping being done I haven't heard anyone mention gaskets. The Ford shop manual says to replace them. They always want you to replace everything. In one of FRPP's instruction sets it says to put a small bead of black RTV on the existing gaskets. Lysholm just reuses them...
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    OK, What IS Air Filter Oil?

    Does anyone know what air filter oil is? I figure it has to be clear in order to have a decent color with dye. Mix motor oil and you'll get a funny off-color. My guess is mineral oil straight from the pharmacy. Whataya think? Steve
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    AeroForce Oil Pressure Sensor Install

    This was done on a 2008 GT500. It probably applies to the rest, but I can't guarantee it. Shelby sells an oil manifold for installation of gauge sensors. The oil runs through a tube from the oil filter mount to the oil manifold which is clamped to the power steering tube (I don't know where...
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    Oil Pressure Sensor Install Question

    Has anybody installed an additional oil pressure sensor and NOT used the Shelby "oil manifold"? If so, how'd you do it? Steve
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    My resonance done left me and I ain't blue

    Standard equipment on GT500s is a harmonic resonance from the rear axle. To combat this feature Ford hung 9.5 pounds of iron on the rear housing ends. To get rid of resonance, you have to tune out the frequency. I changed my R&P to a 3.73 and noticed no difference. When I put in my TrueTrac, I...
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    Got Clunk? Fix The Clunk From The Rear Of Your 07-09

    Nobody's mentioned this in a long time and there seems to be a second generation of 07-09 modders appearing. The two most likely clunks from the rear of the car are driveline lash and UCAs. This fix addresses the UCAs. If you installed a urethane bushed UCA from the aftermarket and used the...
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    My New True Forged Retros

    Well, I've had the car going on four years. I'm not a fan of thin spokes. The closest I came to a wheel I liked was a CS69. I've had them in three different finishes. I've seen True Forged mentioned in magazines, then in this forum. Curious, I went to their website. Lo and behold, there in the...
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