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  1. Julie GT07CS

    With a heavy heart, we lost a great guy, ViciousJay

    I am so sorry to hear about Jay, may he rest in peace. We used to have so much fun on here!
  2. Julie GT07CS

    Monday Joke!

    :):):p:p:p:D:DHappiest of birthdays, sista!!!
  3. Julie GT07CS

    Thursday Joke!

    Yes, pretty much! It's beautiful out here.
  4. Julie GT07CS

    Thursday Joke!

    That made me LOL for reals!! Hiya Mary!
  5. Julie GT07CS

    Wednesday Joke!

  6. Julie GT07CS

    Tuesday Joke!

  7. Julie GT07CS

    Friday Joke!

    Hahaha, right? I bet you thought I was worm food by now!
  8. Julie GT07CS

    Friday Joke!

    Hiya sista Mary! That joke sounds about right for an avid golfer....
  9. Julie GT07CS

    Friday Joke!

  10. Julie GT07CS

    In Honor of Those we Lost

    RIP, Drew! Thanks for letting me know, Mary. He was always right there with a quip on your joke posts! It was bad enough losing BUMPSTICKS, now Drew.
  11. Julie GT07CS

    Friday Joke!

    OK, this one made me actually laugh out loud!
  12. Julie GT07CS

    Thursday Joke!

  13. Julie GT07CS

    Wednesday Joke!

    My gawd, I'm here one hour and already causing trouble!
  14. Julie GT07CS

    Wednesday Joke!

    NO! I thought maybe 10! I hope you saved all those jokes then you can write a book of them!
  15. Julie GT07CS

    Wednesday Joke!

    Ack, I have had knee problems, a surgery, daughter got married (I planned all of it with her input) and she then moved to NC. We bought a travel trailer a couple years ago and have been seeing America! Just got back from a 5 week, 21 state trip.It about killed me LOL.
  16. Julie GT07CS

    Wednesday Joke!

    Hahaha! I know, right? How are you, sweetie?
  17. Julie GT07CS

    Wednesday Joke!

    I see there are some changes on here, for the good. How many years have you been posting the jokes now?
  18. Julie GT07CS

    I see not much has changed since my last time on here!

    I see not much has changed since my last time on here!
  19. Julie GT07CS

    Wednesday Joke!

    I see you still have "it", Mary!! ;););)
  20. Julie GT07CS

    Major stock car races will include Horses as a pace horse

    Major stock car races will include American Quarter Horses as a pace horse. As part of a partnership with stock car racing, Quarter Horses will replace pace cars at major car races. Today, the American Quarter Horse Association announced a new partnership with the stock car racing industry...
  21. Julie GT07CS

    Seriously, it's Mary's (ssssnake) Birthday Today!

    Happy birthday to my good buddy Mary! SVTP wouldn't be the same without you! Thanks for all the jokes!! :banana::pepper::banana: :beer:
  22. Julie GT07CS

    Bottle Blown Racing Dyno Day October 22

    All Mustang & Ford Club Is Hosting A Dyno Day @ Bottle Blown Racing On October 22nd 2011 We Have Room For 15 to 20 Cars $50.00 cash for 3 pulls Bottle Blown Racing Saturday, October 22 at 8:00am at Camarillo, CA. 167 N. Aviador Street Camarillo, CA. Also includes food and drink at the...
  23. Julie GT07CS

    2011 Muscle Car Chick Shootout Dyno Day, August 20

    2011 Muscle Car Chick Dyno Day, August 20 AMERICAN MUSCLE ONLY/WOMEN DRIVER'S ONLY! Saturday, August 20, 2011 Bottle Blown Racing 167 Aviador Street, Unit F, Camarillo, CA 93010 1pm-9pm $50.00 for up to 3 pulls Limited to 20 cars, sign up with...
  24. Julie GT07CS

    My Mustang with the September 5.0 Magazine Babe of the Month

    Here it is! I have since bought the lower matching grill insert, looks way better, no bugs lol.
  25. Julie GT07CS

    Happy Birthday Jimmysidecarr!

    Happy Birthday, Jimmy! :pepper: So glad you are feeling good and are now knee deep in the Purple stuff! :thumbsup: Sorry it's way late. It's still your birthday in California! :lol: