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    Windshield Weatherstrip Weal Question

    I am installing a new windshield on my 09 GT500 (coup) and I have noticed there is a windshield glass moulding around the old glass but new one I've bought doesn't have it. The only PN I was able to find was AR3Z 7603110-A , but some online shops advertise it as part of convertible.Dose it fit...
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    Headlamp Wire Assey

    Hello, My 2009 GT500 had been in a accident and I am rebuilding it now. Having some issue with wiring as my fuse/relay box+PCM and wire harnesses are smashed Dose any one have a wiring diagram for 2009 Shelby with HID? I have managed to refbuild power and engine ones but having some...
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    Need help on PCM swap

    2009 Shelby GT500 Could anyone please help me with advice? I've got a car accident a couple of weeks ago and PCM was crashed. I had a FRPP Whipple setup installed with Ford racing tune. Now I am trying to get PCM from another GT500 and just curious what options do I have here. The PCM part...