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  1. Mystic03

    Single Turbo Time, 76/75?

    we spoke on fb but if youre interested i have my old single cg fab turbo kit with gen1 7675dbb pte i have the merge pipe down pipe intercooler and cold side from turbo to ic im looking for a whipple/vmp for my terminator notch swap lmk
  2. Mystic03

    SOLD: Posi Ported Eaton W/ Dragon Port Matched Plenum and TB

    that is a killer price for what youre getting
  3. Mystic03

    Stockish Lambo 1/4 mile test

    im hard as a pole right now
  4. Mystic03

    WANTED: Egr vacuum line assembly

    i have that pm me
  5. Mystic03

    WANTED: testing the waters for a 2.3 whipple or vmp blower

    looking for a 2.3 whipple or vmp for my notch build starting the thread now so i can line up what blower is available i also have a cg hotside with pte 7675 gen1 dbb billet wheel for trade and cash ontop if needed
  6. Mystic03

    Where can I buy a 2.76 pulley that's actually in stock?

    i have a 2.8 upper 65 shipped lmk
  7. Mystic03

    For those with a stripped fuel hat bolt. What is the best fix?

    id just buy a new glenns performance tank lol
  8. Mystic03

    My turbo build so far

    yeah i had same issue lol but seems i went backwards with this twin setup unfortunately
  9. Mystic03

    My turbo build so far

    stout numbers man! i bet it hits hard in every gear lol
  10. Mystic03

    FOR SALE: turbo swap, lots of parts for sale

    i have a single turbo set up with turbo intercooler downpipes ect if youre interested and im in az so we could meet halfsies lmk
  11. Mystic03

    Post the little touches...

    nice! im just starting my twin build with comp 62/65s
  12. Mystic03

    Post the little touches...

    so clean! what turbos?
  13. Mystic03

    Thinking of switching to turbo setup

    im in this situation as im switching to twins due to 7675 hits so hard but also has a bit of a lag despite it being DBB billet wheel going a set of comp turbo 68/65s triple x bearing billet housings so well see if i piss in the wind or im happy with it lol
  14. Mystic03

    My turbo build so far

    you think going auto would make it a different outcome? i have the same issue with my single setup so im hoping these new twins will cure the boost loss between shifts befoer i go auto...
  15. Mystic03

    "I'll Be Back"

    i ****in love trump
  16. Mystic03

    Bleeding Hydro Boost after AN fitting conversion

    pretty easy to bleed the system just fire it up swing steering left to right untill it becomes easier and no noise/bubbles do it with it loaded (on the ground)
  17. Mystic03

    WANTED: Posi Port T.B & Plenum/Dragon

    usually the tb alone run for 4-500 that was a few years back lmk if you sell i may add it to my terminator notch
  18. Mystic03

    WANTED: Posi Port T.B & Plenum/Dragon

    good luck dragons are super rare to find took me a few years to gather a few
  19. Mystic03

    Smelling fuel car not starting

    better change your oil aswell
  20. Mystic03

    5-30 oil... What are you guy's using

    driven racing ls30