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    Bassani off road x and catback for sale!

    I'm posting this for a friend of mine so feel free to contact Brian Anderson at 478-256-8732 for further details not listed here. This is a Bassani stainless exhaust. Off road x-pipe and cat back. Asking $600 for all of it together. Will fit 99 and up cobras with irs.

    Mystichrome cobra hood for sale!

    Posting this for a friend of mine. Feel free to contact Brian Anderson for more info at 478-256-8732. Mystichrome oem stock hood with blanket. Asking $500. I believe this hood has been repainted, but not 100% sure on that. Brian will give full details, so fee free to call or text him.

    03 irs for sale!!

    SOLD!I am posting this for a friend. Feel free to contact Brian Anderson at 478-256-8732 if seriously interested and for further info. This is a 03 cobra irs, brake to brake, everything included. There will also be a Bassani x pipe and catback listed in the exhaust section if interested...

    KB 2.2 for sale!

    SOLD!! Listing this for a friend that has several other items for sale as well. Please feel free to call Brian Anderson with further questions at 478-256-8732. Kenne Bell 2.2 blower for 03/04 cobra. Asking $2200. Pics to follow below.

    Mmr 5.0 stroker for sale!! New!!

    SOLD! I'm listing this for a friend of mine. This shortblock is brand new, still in the plastic. Never been installed. Please feel free to call Brian Anderson at this number for further info if seriously interested. 478-256-8732. Here are the specs with pics to follow. MMR 5.0...

    99 Proline built Lightning for sale!!

    99 Lightning with 54k original miles on truck. $18,000. Proline built stroker, Manley H-beam rods, Diamond pistons, stg 3 ported heads, 2.6 KB blower, Zex nitrous kit (hasn't been sprayed on new build, but is there if you need it), Stainless Bassani headers all the way to the tailpipes, JLP...

    Sonic Blue Whippled Cobra For Sale.

    Sonic Blue Whippled Cobra For Sale. Car is SOLD!! Posting this for a friend of mine David Floyd since he doesn't really have the time to get on here. This car was originally done by Injected Engineering for Jay Hawthorne and is absolutely beautiful. The link below...

    FS: 04 Comp Orange Coupe, 22k miles, $24k obo

    I'm posting this for a friend as he doesn't really have the time to be on the forums much. If you are interested, please feel free to pm me and I'll get you in touch with him to talk more about the car. It's extremely nice and a very strong running car with over 500rwhp. Here are the mods...

    Diablosport Predator

    Selling this for a friend of mine. Unlocked predator for 98-04 mustangs except for 03/04 cobras. $250 shipped. OBO. SOLD!
  10. F8LSNAKE

    Streetcar challenge, May 16

    Let's go racin guys. This Sat. at Macon National Dragway(Twiggs). They are having the streetcar challenge again and I need some competition. It's getting kind of old winning all these races. Who's gonna come out and drag my azz?
  11. F8LSNAKE

    17" aluminum cobra spare for sale

  12. F8LSNAKE

    1.5" aluminum wheel spacers for sale

    SOLD! These are aluminum 1.5" wheel adapters/spacers. The lug bolt pattern on these are correct however the studs are metric. I suppose you could run a matching metric lugnut or simply remove them and use them with extended studs as a spacer. $50 shipped.
  13. F8LSNAKE

    Factory cobra k-member and a-arms for sale

  14. F8LSNAKE

    UPR adjustable lower control arms for sale

    SOLD!!! These have brand new bushings installed in them from UPR. I swapped to fully solid mount and need to get these out of the garage. $150 shipped to your door. Shed some weight and get your car to hook! BTW, I've had a 1.45 60' on these with a 26x10 slick. SOLD!!!
  15. F8LSNAKE

    Bogarts for sale!!!

    SOLD, SOLD, SOLD.... These are Bogart Welded RT's. Fronts are 15x3.5 made to clear cobra brakes and have MT 26x4.5 et fronts on them. The rears are 15x10.5(special ordered)with a 6.5 backspace with new(only 1 pass) MT 26x10 et drags on them. $1500 wheels tires, centercaps, metal valvestems...
  16. F8LSNAKE

    F8LSNKE resets eaton record. 10.34@132

    -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Went to the track today for the Musclecar-Evolution track day. The air was great and the track was working. 1st pass I wasn't expecting the track to hook so good and I bogged the car. Here's the breakdown on that...
  17. F8LSNAKE

    F8LSNAKE, new eaton record 10.43

    Decided to hit the track tonight since we finally got some good cool air in. There is definately a little more in it as the track was just soso. I also have a little suspension problem to sort out which will be worth a few hundredths I think. I know it has some 30's in it if I can get my 60'...
  18. F8LSNAKE

    Full length headers

    Has anyone tried the Flowtech full lengths? I'm really just wondering about the fit of them and if anyone had any problems. Any other recommendations are welcome as well.
  19. F8LSNAKE

    July 27th, Mustang race at US19 dragway in Albany

    It's time for another one. July 27th. I won the last one in the 5 speed class and it was alot of fun, there is a class for everyone so come on out. We need more cars to come out so they will keep having this. Classes are a N/A street class, must drive the car to the track and be tagged...
  20. F8LSNAKE

    F8LSNAKE wins streettire shootout.

    Heres a vid and a few pics from the Macon National Dragway's streettire shootout. Rules were Dot tires, tagged, insured and all working street equipment. This race was heads up, pro tree run in a hotlap format. No cooldown whatsoever between rounds. I ran in the 6.80/6.90 range(1/8 mile) in...
  21. F8LSNAKE

    Mustang race at U.S. 19 dragway in Albany

    I'm gonna try and hit this one up. I've missed the last 2 that they had and want to see if I can do some damage in the 5-speed class. It is this Sunday the 1st of June and gates open at 12 and race from 2 till 8. Classes are a N/A street class, must drive the car to the track and be tagged...
  22. F8LSNAKE

    2nd annual "Bear It All Car Show" in Warner Robins

    I'm gonna try an make it to this, thought I would post it in case any locals on here are interested.
  23. F8LSNAKE

    F8LSNAKE runs 10.48

    Went to the track for the Musclecar Evolution Day and made it into the 40s. The track was soso, but nowhere near the prep when I ran last week. The DA was a very nice 80' below sea level, however there was about a 15mph headwind all day. Here are the slips and if anyone got it on video I'll...
  24. F8LSNAKE

    F8LSNAKE, new eaton no nitrous record

    Went Fri night and got close, but had trouble getting out of the hole with the new clutch. Ran [email protected]. I wasn't satisfied so I returned to the track on Sat since they were having a superstreet race and I knew the track would be prepped. The DA was a not so good 2300', but I still managed...
  25. F8LSNAKE

    F8LSNAKE runs 10.57

    Well, since I ordered my new clutch today I decided to go to the track and see if the old stocker had anything left in it. My 1st pass was horrible. Blew the tires off to a 1.92 60' and then proceeded to miss 4th and coasted to a 12.4 @ 80mph. I almost put my street tires back on and quit for...