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  1. F8L BYT

    FOR SALE: 98 BAB Cobra - Built Coyote, Turbo, 7 sec street car

    Bump, Picture added for Forum rules
  2. F8L BYT

    FOR SALE: 98 BAB Cobra - Built Coyote, Turbo, 7 sec street car

    My apologies, I missed that. I will upload one tonight with that information
  3. F8L BYT

    FOR SALE: 98 BAB Cobra - Built Coyote, Turbo, 7 sec street car

    1998 Mustang Cobra Bright Atlantic blue 71k original miles Coyote swap – single turbo -True street car, power everything, factory cobra power brakes, power steering, Heat, etc. only thing taken off was a/c, Still have compressor/lines/condenser though if the new owner wanted to add it back...
  4. F8L BYT

    Been a long time

    I did the swap in the garage with a friend. I bought everything before I started the swap so it would go quickly. It probably took around 6 weeks mostly working on it on weekends. As for price,it depends. I've seen people do it for ~5k. I did a lot of different stuff, like tubular suspension...
  5. F8L BYT

    Been a long time

    Welcome back man! Hope everything has been well! I don't think you can go wrong with either direction you go, I was at the same crossroad a few years ago as well. Ended up doing the coyote swap and was thrilled with it. It was much faster than it was with the Vortech and stock B head engine...
  6. F8L BYT

    Coyote swapped BAB - Turbo Build

    Thanks man! I see you got yours done and all together! I hope to see it soon! Will you be at the SCT event may 5/6 in Indy?
  7. F8L BYT

    Video of my 9 second VMP supercharged '13.

    Awesome man! Saw that a few days ago! Car is very impressive! What kind of power did it make and what's the weight on it?
  8. F8L BYT

    Coyote swapped BAB - Turbo Build

    Fronts are 17x4.5 Weld Alumastar, rears are 15x10 (6.5bs) Champion speed series with the X beadlock, 28x11.50x15 MT ET street R bias ply. I am back and forth between Indiana and Tennessee a lot so it really depends the time of month. Car is in Indiana currently though
  9. F8L BYT

    Coyote swapped BAB - Turbo Build

    Well I wanted to go auto but I've reached my limit for this year haha. So the manual will stay for this year. It's a T45's actually so I hope it holds up. It's completely built, 26 spline and twin disc.
  10. F8L BYT

    Coyote swapped BAB - Turbo Build

    Actually never got to run it on spray unfortunately, It let go when tuning it. Thank you sir!
  11. F8L BYT

    Coyote swapped BAB - Turbo Build

    We have made some progress on the car but still have a lot to do but thought I would start a small build thread about what the car is going through right now. Coyote swapped it a few years ago and it ran exceptionally well, but us car guys know it's never enough. So last summer I added some...
  12. F8L BYT

    What did you do to your Cobra today?

    Mocked up the turbo the other day, Still a lot of work to do but it's progress!
  13. F8L BYT

    T45... How much can it really take???

    Well the t56 isn't an option, the plan is to go Th400 next winter. But I am kinda at my spending limit this winter since I bought a new short block, fuel system, and building a turbo kit. The trans is fresh and I put maybe 250 street miles on it last year breaking it in before the engine let...
  14. F8L BYT

    T45... How much can it really take???

    Alright guys, trying to gauge an idea from people who have been down the road with the T45 and what kind of power can it really handle. I plan on keeping my car around 700-750 about 90% of the time but occasionally turning it up to ~850-900. The trans is completely built the the T45 source...
  15. F8L BYT

    WTB LU47 injectors

    I have a set of LU47's I'm selling, only have like 5k miles on them
  16. F8L BYT

    Anyone Running a BW S475???

    Awesome! that's the exact one I'm looking at. Thanks for the info man! I think that will work well for now until I outgrow this 15+ short block. It's a 5" down pipe right?
  17. F8L BYT

    Anyone Running a BW S475???

    Awesome! So that's the standard turbo they run in their kits? Do you know what the A/R is on yours? That's good power! I'm not copying them, it will be similar based on the location of the turbo. My coyote is in a 98 cobra. Nobody makes a full kit for a swapped car. I'm running the CG fab...
  18. F8L BYT

    Anyone Running a BW S475???

    Okay so as of now, I am planning on building a turbo kit for the coyote. For now it will just be a 2015+ shortblock with 11-14 heads. I will build the short block down the road. I'm trying to determine a decent turbo to run that is cost effective but won't choke the coyote. Which has led me to...
  19. F8L BYT

    Well blown motor now what to do * Pics inside*

    So car always ran strong after the swap, but unfortunately tuning for the nitrous it looks like it went lean and the famous # 7 & 8 cylinders in the 2011 engine had enough. So I have been debating on the route I wanna go. The plan was to run nitrous this year and then get rid of it and turbo it...
  20. F8L BYT

    FS: OEM FR500 steering wheel

    If you know anything about these, you know how rare they are. I'm changing things up and have decided to sell mine. It's in perfect shape, no discoloration or cuts, etc. I hardly ever drive the car so there is no signs or wear on it. $400 FIRM
  21. F8L BYT

    What's your guess, first trip this year for the cobra

    First time out with the car this year will be Saturday. What are your guys guesses. Below time slips are with 3.73's and 93 octane. Car is coyote swapped with full exhaust, JLT, tune. This winter I changed from the 3.73's & a 26" to 4.30's & 28" tire and changed from the 93 octane tune to E85...
  22. F8L BYT

    Nitrous guys, HELP PLEASE!

    Well first off, I apologize if this has been asked before which I'm sure it has, but apparently the search function on the site is broke and google wasn't much help. Tried spraying the car last night but to no avail. I have a nitrous outlet plate kit, NOS TPS/Window Switch. It is getting 1.25v...
  23. F8L BYT

    Now this is Stance! New wheel setup!

    Finally pulled the trigger on the set of wheels I've wanted for a while! Really happy with how it came out! Figured I would share with my sn95 brothers! (sorry lighting sucked, only time I had a chance)
  24. F8L BYT

    Coyote Cobra's wheels finally showed up!

    It was a 7 week wait for the rears but damn it was worth it! Fronts I had the next day thanks to Carlyle Racing. Have a few more things to finish up and then it's back to the track! This is the only time I had the chance to snap a couple pictures, and being in the middle of the day the...
  25. F8L BYT

    WTB: 17/15 drag wheel setup!

    Looking to buy a set of drag wheels ASAP! Let me know what you have, Alumastar front and champion rears are top on my list but will consider anything! But please no SVE wheels. Let me know what you have! Cash in hand, if no bites soon I'll buy some new.