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  1. army_man1014

    WTB: rear caliber

    Well today I found out my rear passenger side caliber has seized up. I rented the tool and all but still couldn't get it to compress. Is anyone selling a set of calibers. Thank you in advance.
  2. army_man1014

    P0148 and Hesistation

    OK guys, 6 months ago I had to drop my tank (2nd time) because I blew a fuel line inside the tank (I have the PPRV Delete). My mechanic fixed the issue. To cut down on the chance of blowing a line again he made a fitting out of aluminum and used small piece of rubber to connect the two pumps...
  3. army_man1014

    Mis-Fire/Bad Alternator

    Hey guys, I'm having this problem when I go WOT. I get around 5500 in full boost and the car backfires/hesitates on me. It happened a few times and i haven't gone back into full WOT. I thought maybe it was a bad battery after doing some reading on here, however, I just got back from Auto Zone...
  4. army_man1014

    P2165/1000 after clutch install

    like the title says. i did my RXT Clutch install. I noticed the Service Engine soon light was on right out the door of the shop. I figured it was the p1000 code since the car batt was dead for a little before i sent her to the shop. I plugged in xcal to see what other codes if any was thrown...
  5. army_man1014

    New Clutch set-up$

    im Ok guys Im going to redo my clutch set finally. The car has been down for like 18 months. So what do you think? -McLeod RXT 26 Spline Clutch -McLeod Steel Flywheel -D&D 26 Spline input shaft -Shims for shaft -I have a FORD Heavy duty TOB in garage Is there anything else you guys...
  6. army_man1014

    clutch pedal wont budge

    Ok guys I just got a new UPR adjustable cable, I installed it and my clutch pedal wont move at all. Its completely tight. Here is the thread I created a few days ago explaining what happened prior to me snapping my first cable...
  7. army_man1014

    fiore micro click adjuster/ UPR Cable

    Guys I just ordered an UPR adjustable cable, ran it and all. Now the top of the cable that attaches to firewall adjuster wont go in the adjuster...what can i do to fix this? Does that cable/adjuster suppose to work together?
  8. army_man1014

    Clutch smoking then cable broke

    hey guys last year before I left for Afghanistan I was out driving my 03. Well I noticed the clutch pedal was acting weird when i shifted. Then i started smelling something. So I pulled over, lifted hood and seen a small about of smoke come from tranny/clutch area. So i turn around and try to...
  9. army_man1014

    New clutch and supporting parts

    Hey whats up guys, Last year my clutch went out on me and ever since then she's been in my garage. I will be coming home from Afghanstan soon and want to get her back on the road for the few weeks I'm going to be home. My plan is -Clutch McLeaod RXT -Flywheel -Pilot Bearing -Throwout Bearing...
  10. army_man1014

    i think my clutch went

    I was driving like 3 miles to get my car washed and i shifted into 3 rd gear and it just felt different then other times. then i heard a loud squeal, it continued to squeal. i pulled over, turned car off. lifted hood and smoke was coming from the firewall area. " ok , i think my clutch is...
  11. army_man1014

    cab light stays on

    Hey guys, Im having a little issue here. I turn off all my lights and shut the door. now when i lock it with the FOB, it honks twice real fast, usually this means i left something on or have a door cracked. Well i make sure all my lights are off, doors and truck or shut and the darn cab light...
  12. army_man1014

    Ft. Dix and south jersey area

    I seen a maroon cobra today goin on post to Ft. Dix, just wondering who it is. I dont see to many of us around. Also i was leaving camden county college and seen a cobra. just tryin to see if maybe if some of the local guys wanna meet up one night in s.jersey area.
  13. army_man1014

    WTB: S/C Idler pulley bracket

    Hey guys i need this piece now since i broke off a bolt on mine and cant machine it out. Its the bracket in front of engine that holds the pulleys on. someone please have this part for me within a reasonable price, dealer wants $605
  14. army_man1014

    BF idler pulley question

    Hey SVTP, Before i get flamed, I did search and didn't find anything. I had a squeaky bearing so i wanted to change out the bearing for a new one at NAPA instead of buying a whole new setup. Well i took the bolt off that holds the pulley. When i attempted to take off the bolt that holds the...
  15. army_man1014

    Pulley squealing

    The last week or so I noticed something was squealing under my hood. I really couldnt pin point where it was coming from so today i decided to take off my belt and then the pulleys and clean and examine them. WEll my belt looks good but i noticed the noise was from the pulley below and to right...
  16. army_man1014

    Failed Inspection for DTC P1000

    well as all you guys know New Jersey is extremely strict about emissions and inspections. WEll today i took my car to get inspected. I knew my car was throwin code P1000. THis code just came up 2 weeks ago when i got my car tuned again. WEll it failed for this code and havin a military sticker...
  17. army_man1014

    HP by hermann tune and work[=

    Let me tell you this guy knows his shit.. I went to him yesterday with a problem that i been having for 3 weeks. he data logs it in 5 minutes and finds the problem So he drops the tank and there it is. I got a ruptured line in my PPRV delete. Well the line was totally blown in half and the...
  18. army_man1014

    HP by hermann tune..

    Let me tell you this guy knows his shit.. I went to him yesterday with a problem that i been having for 3 weeks. he data logs it in 5 minutes and finds the problem So he drops the tank and there it is. I got a ruptured line in my PPRV delete. Well the line was totally blown in half and the...
  19. army_man1014

    Car puttering, i can hear it thru exhaust

    So last week i posted on here that i thought my FRPS might of went bad or the FPDM. I didn't get a new sensor nor the control module box but yesterday i changed my plugs thinking maybe the gap is to big causing the car to putter well thats not it. I put NGk Iridium plugs in at .60 gap like i...
  20. army_man1014

    car booging down

    Well today is the first time i noticed this. but it seems if i get on her and i hit around 4000 rpms it just stops moving. She just bogs out and then if i get on her again she does it again. I don't know if it the fuel cut off or not, but its real annoying. im going to hook it up to the...
  21. army_man1014

    my first pass with the cobra

    Well I went out to ATCO raceway out here in south Jersey. I didnt wanna go full throttle cause i know how poorly these IRS can be, but once i got out there i couldnt help myself but i didnt come out of the hole hard though. here are the #'s PASS 1 R/T.- .442 60'- 2.302 1/8- 8.733 MPH-...