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  1. SlowSVT

    Are convertible Termis bad?

    The SN95 is already a "wet noodle" chassis, one without a roof off will only make it worse. Not a big fan of high hp and convertibles (I've seen 2 SN95 verts cut in half in an accident). I also like having a roof over my head especially with the speeds a Terminator is capable of. Take your time...
  2. SlowSVT

    Will the 2019 GT500 be a hybrid electric

    Thought I would resurrect this thread. From reading the tea leaves I looks like my prediction will come true, the GT500 will have some form of hybrid drive and perhaps 100% electrification in the next few years. I heard rumors of the 5.2 driving the real wheels while electric motors will drive...
  3. SlowSVT

    The Iron Coyote 'Werewolf' Engine Block from Ford Performance Is Here!!! |Exclusive First Look

    The only strike against the Boss 5.0 iron block was the 3.700" bore and it's ability to hold boost which plagues any engine with thin margins between the bores. CAT600 was running 25 lbs thru a Boss engine but is not something I would do. As for the block itself it's basically a Teksid block...
  4. SlowSVT

    Anyone else frustrated with Ford over the next GT500?

    They most likely traded torque for hp by extending the rev range. Squeezing 760 hp out of a 5.2 means the engine is closer to the limits where you can get reliability from the engine. Turning the wick up in any appreciable way in this engine will have you writing big checks if something goes wrong
  5. SlowSVT

    It's Official! 2020 GT500 Makes 760HP

    Based on how few Trinity owners modded their engines in any significant way and the expence associated with repairing that engine most will likely be left stock (not that 760 hp is something to sneeze at). It's going to be a phenomenal car all around regardless I would take it over the Camaro...
  6. SlowSVT


    57/42 weight bias is more than I expected according to the stats recorded on the sheet. With a 107" wheelbase, aluminum block and an IRS you would think the balance would be a little better. Regardless It will be an impressive car no doubt.
  7. SlowSVT

    After all the hype, who here is actually buying?

    The GT500 is going to cost 2X what a GT goes for just by adding a blower? Ouch!
  8. SlowSVT

    Dual heat exchanger setup

    LOL Troy I'll have you know I removed "zero" factory metal from the car. I stand by my words!
  9. SlowSVT

    Supercharged 5.2 discussion

    Like the Trinity engine I don't think too many people are going to boost this engine much beyond what the factory delivered I wouldn't count on seeing too many 5.2's topped off with a Whipple 3.4. Wadding that expensive plasma coated block by scorching a cylinder will bring a grown man to tears...
  10. SlowSVT

    My Man J (biminiLX)...

    Can he pull the blower off I wanna see the lower intake and IC? I have a hunch
  11. SlowSVT

    is adding weld on subframe connectors on a Convertible worth it?

    I would go directly to jacking rails on an SN95. Those spiny box section sub-frames won't stiffen the chassis (especially in a vert) like jacking rails which are substantially beefier. What most people feel in the way of stiffness is the drivers seat mounted to the sheet metal floor board is...
  12. SlowSVT

    Racing Seats - Super Light, Comfortable. What’s everyone running?

    While I can't stand the weight of the factory seats (driver's 60lbs/passenger 40lbs) I find them to be among the most comfortable seat I've ever been in. The look great and you can move around in them somewhat on a long drive. Racing seats tend to "lock" you in position and are a little more...
  13. SlowSVT

    Dual heat exchanger setup

    I've seen a number of people go to great lengths to shoehorn a large HE in front of their Cobra. Lot's of times that entails cutting-up the car which generally cannot be reversed and is something I am reluctant to do especially on this car. The surface area of the IC in relationship to the HE...
  14. SlowSVT

    Diy head cooling mod

    Here is a pic of the original Chicago LDC Cobra cooling mod kit What I didn't like on this was it just dumps the driver's side outlet into the factory outlet reducing the output (volume) on both sides in half. I preferred the Even flow kit with 2 independent feeds to the front crossover...
  15. SlowSVT

    Diff Bearing Caps, Torque Specs?

    Just pulling your leg For most cars it's a "questionable" mod including mine. If not, everyone would have them
  16. SlowSVT

    Its been awhile but here are my most recent mods

    Troy, I've been playing with other toys and haven't done much with the Cobra in the last 2 years but that is soon going to change. I spent time building what has now morphed into a Supermoto bike but it's now finished and having a blast with it. I cut that oil pan the welder warped so badly...
  17. SlowSVT

    Diff Bearing Caps, Torque Specs?

    Your torqueing that over Mark Williams steel caps right?
  18. SlowSVT

    Terminator Engine Blocks

    Yea I think he's confusing the Voodoo engine with a mod motor. Don't even think of running a 5.4 it's a much more involved swap than it appears. If I were in your shoes with your goals I would stick with the Romeo block you already have. Chances are all you need is to clean-up the cylinders and...
  19. SlowSVT

    Terminator Engine Blocks

    a 5.2 cast iron mod motor block? That would be news to me. Are you looking at a Boss 5.0 mod motor block which has a 3.700" bore? If I was looking for a new block I would consider a used 3V 4.6 aluminum block
  20. SlowSVT

    Terminator Engine Blocks

    That's what I would do. Iron blocks have some advantages over aluminum. If .010" cleans-up the cylinders take that route and hone for .0025 - .0035" clearance. If not go to .020". The bottom-ends on the Terminator motors are almost indestructible you won't due much better. CP or Gibtec are a...
  21. SlowSVT

    Demon Beats 1000bhp Camaro, GT500?

    Turbo Terminators are no joke! I rode in Juice46's and was the most frightening thing sitting in the passenger seat. It was somewhat soft leaving the line but once the impellor spooled the landscape in your peripheral vision just collapsed like getting sucked into a black hole! I'm like "dude...
  22. SlowSVT

    Its been awhile but here are my most recent mods

    Odyssey are great batteries lots of airplane guys use them (a friend of mine has just 1 that gets shuttled from airplane-to-airplane). They hold a charge "forever". This one looks a little on the small side. Troy hope your engine "lights" on the fist few attempts. I think this one will give-up...
  23. SlowSVT

    Demon Beats 1000bhp Camaro, GT500?

    nothing better then watching a 4 cyl car take down big hardware! The Hellphant crate engine stuffed into a garden variety Challenger is an attractive option. $20K for the mill, $4K for a T56 and $20-30K for a lightly used "striped down" V6 Challenger. Just think what you can do with the $50K...
  24. SlowSVT

    Demon Beats 1000bhp Camaro, GT500?

    Both the GT500 and the Challenger Hellcat/Redeye/Demon are aimed at the same customer who have a choice between owning a big stoplight bully or one that's a little more track oriented pick your poison! Both are phenomenal cars compared to what came before but neither will be perfect. Dodge is...
  25. SlowSVT

    Anyone else frustrated with Ford over the next GT500?

    I imagine your Therapist would think so Not liking the grill all that much