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  1. 03SVTscott

    Forum member Hot Rod Magazine Facebook article Nice article Tim. Congrats.
  2. 03SVTscott

    Battery Tender winter storage....

    Do most people use a battery tender when storing their car for the winter?
  3. 03SVTscott

    AM BAMA tuning

    Anyone have any issues with these guys as far as tuning goes ?
  4. 03SVTscott

    20% tint

    20% all the way around. Next up replace pulleys and belts.
  5. 03SVTscott

    New GT 500 to be TT V6? Thoughts.
  6. 03SVTscott

    2015 Hennessey Mustang.
  7. 03SVTscott

    Cobra finally lowered

    H&R Sport Springs. Factory Front top ISO in (bottoms out) and both top and bottom factory ISOs in the rear. I think it looks good, but the back is just a little higher than the front (obviously both ISOs in). What do you guys think.
  8. 03SVTscott

    Dealer totals GT 500 Interesting story "he received a settlement check for a little over $39,000. Now, Mastroianni says he paid $37,000 for the Shelby, and then $8,000 for performance modifications. He even paid over $2,500 in service...
  9. 03SVTscott

    San Antonio anyone been or live there?

    Wondering if anyone on here has been or lives in San Antonio. Looking for good clubs bars live music. Will be visiting there April 25-28.
  10. 03SVTscott

    Thoughts/opinions on wheel choices.

    So I'm thinking on purchasing some new wheels. The car is a black 10th. My first choice are the True Forged Mach 5s. I would want black with the chrome lip (unfortunately I don't think they are within my budget right now). My second choice are the Forgestar F14s in gunmetal. My last choice are...
  11. 03SVTscott

    Opinions Vary

    So I was just thinking about a conversation I had today with a coworker about owning a mustang/cobra. He said "so you paid a lot of money to have a car you don't drive". I said "I bought the car because I like to drive it when I can and I enjoy modifying it and taking it to car show which I do...
  12. 03SVTscott

    Thoughts on these jack stands I'm looking for something to make life easier in my small garage. Obviously there's limitations....What do you guys think.
  13. 03SVTscott

    Curious on how much I could ask for my

    Wife's 2004 bone stock white with parchment top convertible GT. Car has 54,000 miles on it and garage kept. Think I could ask 10,000 and get 9,500....what do you guys think? Is that reasonable.
  14. 03SVTscott

    More LaFerrari talk. Now there's this guy......Mr. Treynor is cool for posting on here, but this guy actually got to go to Italy....and purchase not one but two....
  15. 03SVTscott

    Ford's new line up.

    Thought this was a good video.
  16. 03SVTscott

    Merry Christmas everyone.

    I've seen what a few of you got for your terminators, anyone else gets car parts for Christmas? My wife got me H&R sport springs. Let's see how you spoiled your terminator this year. Happy Holidays!
  17. 03SVTscott

    H&R sport springs just arrived....look a little strange

    Just got an early Christmas gift...looks like the fronts are a blue color and the rears are this normal?
  18. 03SVTscott

    New DD Explorer vs Jeep

    Looking for a new daily driver. I can't do anything brand new but looking at 2011 and newer Jeep Grand Cherokees and Ford Explores. Anyone have any thoughts opinions on these two?
  19. 03SVTscott

    Looking for a Accufab SBTB and Gray Power Inlet

    I'm looking for a good used Accufab 2003-2004 Cobra Oval Throttle Body & Gray Power Air Inlet. Thanks
  20. 03SVTscott

    Anyone ever watch Mecum?

    Saw this go across the auction block 1969 mercury marauder 429 car for 8,000 bucks!! I thought that was a great deal.
  21. 03SVTscott

    The Smoking Tire Comments?
  22. 03SVTscott

    Inside Car Cover. What are people using?

    I have a cover I use, but looking for a better one. I know a lot of people like the California Car Covers...but which one? Cover will only be used in doors to keep dust off (never outside).
  23. 03SVTscott

    Coolant and Intercooler Tanks

    Just installed these today. They are from Moroso. Also installed redline hood struts as well.